Shatuch Blond: Features, Technology and Collecting Shade

Shatuch Blond: Features, Technology and Collecting Shade

In the modern world, new and improved hair dyeing techniques appear. One of these is the balcony tent, which is best done from a professional mast-colorist. It is thanks to this coloring technology that you can get the smoother transition from one light shade to another, even lighter. What is the shtusch blond, what his pros, cons and features, as well as execution technologies, learn later.


The technology of hair coloring called the tent is more reminded by the usual highlighting, however, when the first hair is painted not to the roots, but only partially. Are addressed, as a rule, only tips. As a result, the image of the girl is obtained as such as the sun kissed her. Shatuch Blonde is very popular with blonde girls and women of different ages. The turnover of the popularity of the Shatus began to dial themselves abroad, among many models, actresses and other stars, and already came to our country.

Today, the tent is performed on any length of hair, as well as on any of their type, except for strongly damaged.

With the help of a qualitatively executed tent, even the thinnest hair can be visually made more dense and voluminous. It is important to note that with such a staining technology on light hair, there must be completely absent and contrasting transitions from one shade to another. The tent involves a soft, barely catchy transition from one color to another, that is, its smooth stretching, as well as the game shades.

Advantages and disadvantages

Whatever technique for staining the chapelurs is used before contacting the beauty salon, It is very important to explore all the positive and negative sides.

  • Shatuch Blonde can hide essential flaws on the face, Adjusting his oval. The tent is performed on short hair, medium length curls, long, as well as on haircuts with bangs. With it, you can very skillfully disguise the resulting roots.
  • With the right selection of a light shade The fastener will be very profitable to beat the image, Namely, the shade of the skin, the color of the eyes and even the future makeup.
  • Smooth light transition perfectly looks on smooth long hair, on curly, as well as on slightly twisted. And the styling on such curls is very easy to do, even without leaving home.
  • Thanks to the tent and correctly selected multiple shades smooth the transition from the roots to naturally burned strands oxOS. Moreover, not only bright white shades can be used, but also golden, leaving in brown.

    Regarding the shortcomings, we note the following.

    • Sentush, like any modern staining, It is considered a fairly expensive procedure. This is due to the fact that in our country there are very few professionals who really know how to fulfill such coloring, as well as in the fact that only professional lines are used when painting. The average price of the shtusch blond – considerable and depends on the length of the hair, the qualifications of the wizard used as paint and toning.
    • Shatuch Blonde is not recommended to perform blonde ladies with weakened hair, smashed and laid. Since such painting can escape the hair even more. Before you go to such a procedure, it is best to make several reducing procedures for the chapels. Especially professionals recommend the course of restoration masks.
    • Perhaps the last disadvantage of the junction can be attributed Subsequent expensive care for him. This is due to the fact that the blondes have to regularly toning their hair, otherwise they begin to turn yellow, then the shade becomes gray in general. This is due to the rapid flushing of painting pigment. Of course, home care in this regard is not always enough, with the result that you have to spend money on beauty salons.

    Despite the fact that the fastener can rush on average 6-8 months, if the line between colors is becoming visible, in any case will have to make a stretching color and its update.

    How to do?

    To date, different masters make stratum staining, applying various technologies. As a rule, before painting, it is always made a lush batch to achieve when lightening the smoother transition between several shades.

    • When performing a connecting rod, hair is divided into major zones, of which there are still more subtle strands of hair, and then painted.
    • Most of the masters, when performing this staining, do not use foil, for example, when creating Ombre.
    • With the coast, staining from the ends to about the middle of the hair is made in the form of the letter V. The root zone is not affected, which allows you to wear this staining for a longer time compared to the usual.
    • As a rule, paint on previously clarified hair is withstanding no more than half an hour.

    Of course, this complex staining is best not to do at home, especially if there are no practical skills in this matter. However, if you still have a desire to experiment, then When performing the procedure, it is worth considering a number of moments.

    • To begin with, it is very important to choose the right paint. She can be amateur (of those that are universally sold on the counters of supermarkets) and professional. Whatever paint is chosen, it is very important to read the instructions for its use, as well as all the details of the next mixing of the ingredients. It is recommended to test the test for allergies to the selected paint, especially if the painting is carried out for the first time.
    • After cooking clarifying mixtures should be covered with neck and shoulders with an unnecessary towel or capes, as well as put on protective gloves. It should work solely near the mirror.
    • Well combed hair should be divided into several zones, tie them with a rubber band or fasten with clamps. It is best not to use metal clamps that react with an oxidizer of paint.
    • Staining is best started from the occipital zone. To do this, we should take a thin, separated strand of hair from the total mass of the zone, carefully painting it. At home, paint should also be applied in such a way that the letter V or tick has been identified. Similarly, you should be punished all other zones and leave for a certain time specified in the instructions. The main thing is not to redeem the paint, otherwise you can harm the hair.
    • After time, paint should be washed, Wash your head shampoo and air conditioning for already painted hair. Drink with towels and hair dryers.

    Technique Shatus is presented in the following video.

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