Shatuch on black hair: features and selection of shade

Shatuch on black hair: features and selection of shade

To change your appearance, women often resort to hair coloring. Today there are a lot of different coloring techniques: coloring, mahimesh, bailing, ombre. Shatusch – a modern popular way to emphasize the natural beauty of curls.


    In essence, the sludge is one of the species of all known timing. And the tent is called California Melting due to similarity with the effect of burnout under the California Sun. Sentush is the clarification of the curl not from the start of the roots, but from the middle. Ring below, the color becomes more intense. As a result, after painting, the color of the roots may differ from the color of the curls for several tones.

    Color and tone of paint for the fastener are chosen as close as possible to natural color, but sometimes the difference in tones can be colossal. And also some for the fastener choose a purple, pink, red or blue color, but in this case there will be no effect of burnt hair in the sun.

    Pros and cons

    Like any staining techniques, the tent has its advantages and disadvantages. Pros:

    • The minimum harmful effect of coloring agents on the hair, as staining is performed immediately along the entire length+
    • The effect of burnt hair looks natural and does not create a type of wig+
    • Sentush visually increase the volume hairstyle, making it more attractive and expressive+
    • With such staining you do not have to tint the roots monthly, because they will grow imperceptibly+
    • If you have a small gray, then the sludge will hide it without any problems.

    Unfortunately, this technique has cons.

    • Hair that has already been stained or staining does not need to expose the tent technique.
    • Shatusch will not look at the short length. For this method, long hair or medium length are suitable.
    • After staining, the sludge remains at a very long time. If you are tired, you will have to completely repaint my hair into your natural color.
    • Another minus – the high price of the procedure.
    • Shatusch is a time-consuming procedure, it is quite difficult to make it yourself. That is why the sludge to do better in the salons.

    How to choose the right color?

    Choosing a colors for the tent – the most important stage in its creation. From the selected color depends on the final result and quality of the procedure itself. Before choosing, you need to remember: for a qualitative result, you should choose the color approached to your natural color.

    Selection Rules:

    • Women with black hair It is necessary to stop your choice on the coloring means of a cold shade, which are just a few tones lighter than your natural color.
    • Dark Rusym We advise you to select blonde colors with golden overflows.
    • People with ashes Lightly color with light blue or with other shades are not bad. To enhance the effect, you need paint without ammonia and a small amount of oxides.
    • Light Rusym Great shades are well suited. But if the natural color of the hair of a cold shade, then choose cold colors for several tones lighter.
    • As for blondes, then, alas, the tent is not your option. Blondes better choose other types of staining. For example, armor, bouquet.

    For dark-haired women

    Brunettes Shatus can be done on hair of any length. But it is worth considering the fact that the result depends on their length. Pretty unexpected result may turn out when painting curly hair.

    Shatuch on the hairstyle under the boy

    With such a length, the sludge is better not to use, since the effect is simply not visible. On a very short haircut you will not work evenly distribute the paint throughout the head of the head and make smooth transitions.

    On short hair

    Short length is also not very suitable for this technique. Exception is the staining of the contour around the face. With this option, the quality of the fastener depends on the skills of the masters. Only with due execution the effect of burnt hair will look natural and beautiful.

    On middle length

    Everything is much simpler here, as you can not share your hair on certain zones. And also if you have bangs of suitable length, then it can be stained to create a common one-piece image.

    On long

    This most appropriate for the sludge length. On long curls you can make a lot of interesting options. On such hair, different types of gradient will be perfect. And the asymmetric haircut in the form of a cascade or graduation will perfectly emphasize the effect of the fastener. Do not forget about bangs: Staining is better to start with the level of its length. Thus, you will simply get an excellent result that will certainly attract the views of others.

    On Visey

    Staining curly hair always looks pretty interesting. Such an effect is achieved with different location of each strands of hair. Because of this, it is possible to clearly see the gradually amplifying tones and color transitions. As well as the fascus on the curly hair is made faster than on direct. This is due to the fact that the curly hair has a greater number of pores, and therefore the coloring pigment absorbs into the hair with greater speed.

    On straight

    Shatus on straight hair will give the effect of ease. When conducting the procedure, it will be necessary to add and properly depart accents. They can be made by gain and reduce color saturation. And also can not do without a wad.

    It will help to hide the possible shortcomings when creating an effect and increase the volume, which is an important component of the Shatus technology.

    Staining at home

    Shatus – a pretty expensive procedure in any salons. Therefore, the output for many can be independent staining at home.


    At this stage, the most important is the choice of paint. Paint is better to buy from professional manufacturers, such funds are somewhat more expensive than ordinary, but they will not have such a strong impact on hair. And also do not forget to prepare hair to staining. About 2 weeks before the procedure, use the hair with balms and make health masks.

    Special accessories (foil, hairpins, packages, invisible) To create a fastener not required.

    Stages of coloring

    Coloring is better to produce dirty hair: the fat layer will protect the hair structure from paint, the risk of cross-section and hair loss will decrease, and the coloring agent will hold better.

    • Cooking paint According to the instructions that are specified on the package.
    • Tie the tail. If you want to punish only tips, we make it closer to the top. If you want to paint most of the hair, then make the tail on the pattern.
    • For high-quality staining Make a nobody Near the tail.
    • Light movements We score your hair in the area of ​​Nacho and Tail.
    • Then a thick layer put paint on the tips In order to give them more intensive color.
    • Expect about 40-45 minutes so that the paint absorb.
    • Wash thoroughly Water hair using balm.
    • Dry hair With a towel or hair dryer.

    More Stages are shown in the following video

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