Shatuch on blond hair: description and fineness of staining

Shatuch on blond hair: description and fineness of staining

For several years now, the shtusch on blond hair does not leave fashion. With this painting, it is possible to effectively emphasize the beauty of the chapels, refresh the complexion of the face and give an additional curl volume.

What it is?

The fastener is one of the variations of highlighting, which allows you to create a stylish transition from darker tones on the chapel: as a result, the original effect of the burnt out of the sun. Traditionally, the pair-three of light tones close to themselves – due to their combination is created barely noticeable, but very beautiful overflowing on curls.

Usually in such a technique, spars paint over the entire length, but the roots are not affected, so when the hair is growing, the boundary between relatives and painted areas remains aesthetic and attractive. Technique looks spectacular on short, medium and elongated curls, curly and straight. Several seasons, the tent used exclusively brunettes, but not so long ago the stylists offered quite interesting coloring options for blondes.

Shatuch on blonde hair is sometimes confused with barwiseing and armor, they have a lot of common – they are all based on the contrasting tinting of roots and tips. However, the tent is considered a more gentle procedure, since only a small part of the chapels is addressed here, in addition, for blondes in most cases, non-ammmonic dyes are used. Such coloring is optimally for the young lady, who want change in appearance, but at the same time they are afraid to spoil the hair.

Sentul on the owners of a light shock looks very natural, he is completely not striking. For comparison: Ballozh and gradient are more effectively on dark and blond strands, and the broncery is also applied only to black and dark brown hair.

Shatus has other advantages in comparison with other colorful techniques:

  • Looks as natural as possible+
  • makes natural hair color deeper and rich+
  • Spectacular masks gray.

However, this staining has its drawbacks. Sentush should not use blondes with dry lobby tips – In this case, the procedure will only worsen the situation, and the hair will be more reminded by a beam of straw than spectacular and stylish sacks. If you are firmly intend to resort to such a way in color, then be prepared first to treat the hair with special masks, balms and oils. And, of course, the grains of the tips are better to concentrate before manipulations.

The tent is very complicated in performance, it is almost impossible to make it at home – it will remind the most simply highlighting. It is better to turn to the experienced master in a beauty salon, where they can not only competently pick up a shade, but also correct it to the curls, so as to achieve a stylish effect of burnt hair. The tent is not made on ultra-screw hair – the minimum length of strands in this case should be until the middle of the neck, if the hair is shorter, the result will turn out to be untidy and low-attractive.

How to choose a suitable color?

In order to correctly pick up shades, it is necessary to take into account the main tone of the chapels, and the color of the woman, and only after that pick up a suitable color for your shock. Among the most fashionable trends are such shades as:

  • pearl+
  • caramel+
  • ashen+
  • beige+
  • walnut+
  • Wheat+
  • golden.

Women of spring color treeds should give preference to warm tones – honey, as well as wheat and light golden. Cold colors are not suitable here, especially when staining at home on their own. The autumn type will be blonde tones, and Better to give preference to cold shades.

Winter color is quite far from the classic blond, but if all the same women seek to become blond beauties, they will be solely cold colors, so to color the gluttony, they are better to use ash, platinum and pearls.

But for summer, stylists recommend both cold and warm tones, so here you can apply all the color gamut suitable for light hair.

When choosing a color is also worth taking into account some limitations:

  • If the skin has a pronounced blush or prone to redness – pink, salmon and coral shades are better not to use+
  • The owners of pale persons are not worth painting strands in golden shades+
  • Women in 40 are not suitable platinum and ash colors, they emphasize even the smallest wrinkles and visually add a few unnecessary years.

Hair dyeing of different lengths

As already mentioned, the tent is a complex technique, and the perfect result is possible to achieve only in the cabin in the hands of an experienced master. However, if you are absolutely confident in our own, you can try to make the fascus and at home. In this case, the blondes have an explicit advantage – staining neravical, perhaps, all errors are quite easy to fix. To carry out such a color, you should prepare everything you need, namely:

  • Lightening paint+
  • Tonic primary color+
  • Comb+
  • gloves+
  • Brush or sponge for painting paste+
  • cape to protect shoulders and clothes.

Pay special attention to the fact that Paint can be not only liquid, but also made in the form of powder – precisely these compositions prefer professional stylists. However, to color the house you can stay on more affordable, but no less effective paints – L’Oreal and Garnier – they created a special series for Ombre, which can be used for staining in the tent technique.


For short hair coloring first, all the hair should be divided into small strands, after which it is possible to collect each special climb clips. Each assembled bundle is pretty worried so that the hair sticks out, after which the coloring pigment is applied with smashes and uneven smears. Usually on the roots Majut the darker shade, in the middle of a little lighter, well, and the most pale makeup covers hair tips.

Paint on short hair needs to be kept not too long – 20 minutes is enough to get the most natural effect. After weathered time, the shop was washed with running water with shampoo and, if desired, tint tiles.


Middle-length curls are almost no different from coloring short strands, the exception here is that not all the hair is treated, but they choose separate strands of a small thickness in any order, after which they are also combed and smeared with short strokes, without affecting the area near the roots.

Similarly, approximately 50% of the curls are processed, after which the hair is rinsed well and covered with a toning balm, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off again.


At home, long hair is painted in the same way as medium, but here, as a rule, they collect not several small beams of hair, but one big tail on the top of the top, carefully combing it and cover paint. In the salon conditions, the sludge on long strands do without a wig. Step by step such an technique looks like this:

  • For a start, the wizard chooses several locks from all the shocks in an arbitrary order and fixes them in one bundle+
  • Prepared brightening paint is applied with brush or hands, less often using a rounded comb to avoid uniform distribution of the paste, the intensity of the clarification is determined in any order+
  • The composition is maintained on her hair from 10 to 40 minutes, after which the paint is washed off with shampoo+
  • Professional tonic are applied on the hair, which give the desired shade of the hair so that it is harmoniously combined with the color of his native strands.

Separate attention deserves staining of bangs. In most cases, when performing coloring, the fascus is left in native color, but it should be borne in mind that asymmetric or oblique bangs are best combined with such staining. They look great together with painted strands, visually lengthen and ennoble face. The image is obtained feminine and extremely elegant.

Regardless of the length of the hair, all the ladies who intend to master the tent on blond hair at home, you need to stick to a number of conditions. Paint should be applied to dirty strands, it is advisable to wash your head no later than a day before painting – in this case, the skin fat protects the hair rod from the aggressive effect of coloring components, and the hair preserves after staining its healthy and well-groomed species.

When all the paint is completely skidding from Locks, definitely apply balm air conditioning on strands – this will allow you to painlessly dissolve the curls that have been greatly combed. After coloring, use only special shampoos without sulfates – they wash the paint from the chapels.

Blonde hair more porous than dark, so they suffer quite strongly in any aggressive environment. After dyeing, take a rule once a week to use regenerating masks and other leaving complexes to support the luxurious view of your foresters.

If you have noticed that your guard has become too breaking – give preference to silicone-based shampoos and balm – they create a protective shell around the hair and remove from section and excessive dryness.

Head after staining should not be washed too hot water, it is also recommended to minimize any thermal exposure – use iron and cliffs for laying, and the hairdryer is better translated into the cold mode.

Beautiful examples

We offer you a photofact that demonstrates a wide variety of coloring options in the technique of fascus on white and light-blond hair – Let’s hope that they will inspire you to change their appearance and become a good tip when choosing the optimal color and method of staining.

  • It looks very aesthetically stratus in cold colors on long and medium strands – this option is ideal for white leather and light eye owners.

  • Warm shades are good for girls with middle tone leather in combination with dark eyes.

  • The tent looks harmoniously on long curls, and it is equally beautiful both on direct and curly strands.

  • For a long time, the tent on short hair did not, but today girls with such hairstyles can also shine in the lovely staining. However, there is a small restriction – for the ultrashort of the chapels such a coloring is still impossible, the minimum length of the hair should reach the middle of the neck.

  • Best tent looks on the owners of the middle kara and asymmetric or elongated bob.

  • Shatusch is a technique that is optimal for those women who value a natural look, but at the same time they have time to bother their own kel, and I wanted to make something new onions in your bow, give an appearance to the wint. Such technology has no age limit, painted hair is perfectly looking at schoolgirls, and on the ladies of elegant age.

  • It is no coincidence that this kind of coloring gave preference to famous stars of cinema and show business.

About how to make a fascus on blond hair, look in the following video.

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