Shatuch on dark hair medium length

Shatuch on dark hair medium length

Among modern techniques of fashionable hair, it is not easy to choose the one that is suitable for you. All of them differ in the principle of execution, the number of tones used, the degree of hair clarification and other characteristics. In this article, we will consider such a kind of coloring as the fastener, and specifically: the use of this technology for dark hair dyeing.

Some believe that dark hair cannot give such beautiful overflows like curls of shades blonde. In fact, thanks to the use of innovation in the hairdresser’s art, even brunettes can get the effect of sun glare on her hair. “Fishka” Technique Shatuch is precisely in this. It’s just a find for dark-haired beauties who do not want to expose their curls to complete lightening, especially since it is not easy to achieve perfect results in this matter. This is especially true of girls of exotic blood, which from nature have rigid blacks like Smin curls.


To begin with, we will tell about the sludge as a technique as a whole. It is based on the distribution on the strands of several related shades – usually four. At the same time, the most dark tones fall on the roots, and on the tips – bright. Master has relative freedom – he can retreat from the roots at different distances, take more or less hair. You can fix the result after four months, while the re-visit will take no more than an hour. It is convenient, considering that it is not necessary to carefully track the root growing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pluses of coloring are a rather impressive list. Here is its main advantages:

  • The distribution of colors is not clearly delimited, so the result looks very natural and harmonious+
  • With a natural background, there is no need to touch the roots often+
  • Neatness hairstyles+
  • Effect of additional volume+
  • Regarding short performance (hour)+
  • Masking seeds+
  • gives the beautiful effect of burnt strands.

    The cons of this technique are relative and someone may not seem not flaws, but rather its features:

    • not suitable for too short hair+
    • If the main color is noticeably different from natural, then refreshing the color will have monthly+
    • High price in salons.

    How to determine the tint?

    To choose the most suitable color, the colorist must take into account your natural color, the structure of the curls, the presence of color and the features of your previous dye, if the shade of hair is changed. Check out what color accents advise hairdressers:

    • If the hair has a rich black color, then you will fit the strands of chocolate and walnut tones+
    • Brunettes, whose hair is a little lighter than in the first paragraph, you can experiment with copper, caramel, nut, wheat, golden+
    • dark redhead girls will be good with strands of beige, bright red, copper, gold and salmon colors.

    Holders of hair of the above colors It is recommended to use the mesh oxide – 3-6% for thin hair, and 9-12% for hard.

    Consider separately ultra-modern vendors for dark hair.


    Gamma of such colors includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee with milk and the like. They will look good at the carrageless women with light skin.


    Red, red, purple and their shades are most successfully suitable for dark-haired beauties who want to be transformed at the expense of bright accents in the hairstyle.


    Best of all this option will decorate tanned brunettes. With light skin, it is recommended only to blue-eyed women, otherwise the image may turn out too dull.

    Technique coloring

    Make a tent on dark hair in two ways, we will tell about them further.

    With nach

    The more bright effect you want to get, the more you need to free hair.

    • Hair divide on strands with a thickness of 1.5-2 centimeters. Paint is applied ranging from the nape, and the rest are fixed by clamps.
    • Every strand is worst from the roots and cover the composition, but it is done like superficial – so that the color lay highlights. Short neat and rather intense strokes should not touch the roots. As you can see, make such staining is not so easy – this is a whole art. Therefore, kovarists who know their business so appreciate, and it is usually possible to get to them only on recording.
    • When each strand is painted, you need to wait on average about half an hour, time depends on paint and a specific case.

    Without shoes

    This method of staining assumes the option using combustion brush, which is simply dipping paint and spend on hair. With the seeming simplicity of the way it is better to apply experienced specialists. Generally, without combing, making a sludge more difficult.

    The general principle remains the same as in the previous version, but since the strands are not performed, then you need to do the effect of brush smears yourself.

    For this, the master tries to apply each touch so that at the beginning and in the end it was less bright and most merged with the rest of the hair.

    Care after the procedure

    Shatus – sparing method of staining, but also it is able to spoil hair with frequent use. Therefore, after visiting the hair salon, special care is needed.

    • That is why even making coloring, it is important to choose a good shampoo and air conditioning. Purchase these two tools from one series designed for hair with melting. Many firms have a ruler for not fully painted, but colorful hair.
    • Do not neglect additional maternity care products. Optional to buy expensive means from suite cosmetics, you can make spa treatments for your hair from improvised products. Traditionally, they use honey, eggs, kefir, herbal infusions, fruits. In addition, homemade cosmetics are considered more useful than produced in laboratories.
    • Use smaller, use the puffers and iron, and when washing, try to adjust the water on the warm mode, and not hot.
    • In hot weather, cover your head with hats, bandans or caps, try not to be under the scorching sun without a headdress. Sea water in the first days after painting is undesirable, and, in general, it is better to clean the hair under a plastic hat, so that the color does not lose your brightness too fast.
    • After your hair decorates a stylish tent, it is not bad to pass wellness procedures like mesotherapy. For larger shine, you can make lamination or keratin.
    • You can use silicone tools capable of protecting hair from external influences, especially if they are prone to fragility.
    • If you are going to try to make a tent, it will be useful to carry out a small training. 3 weeks before the procedure do not paint the hair, pamper their useful masks. And even drink a course of vitamins of beauty and reduce to a minimum thermal exposure to iron and hair dryers. Trim better before the procedure, and not after it. The day before the visit to the salon, do not wash your head, it will help to achieve a better result.

    Who fits?

    Choosing one or another method of staining, a little based on the pictures you like from the network or examples of girlfriends. It is important to take into account the features of their hair, such as their general condition, structure, natural color and preferences in hairstyles. Find out what hair will perfectly decorate the color in the stratus style.


    Optimal for dyeing is considered medium and long hair. On them glare and overflow shades, really will play. Reveal all the rich color on the haircuts shorter will be difficult. Of course, there is nothing impossible for experienced hairdressers, and they can try to do it, even if you have a kara or an elongated bob, but the result will be not so spectacular. And Harscon’s owners, for example, have to stop the choice on another coloring technique.

    As for the bangs, it will not hurt to paint the stratum on the hair. Usually it just remains unchanged, and the strands themselves begin on her hair where its length ends. The only thing hairdresser can make it a couple of barely noticeable strands into two tones lighter.


    Wavy hair is simply created for creative colors that are based on the game Glavkov. The main thing is that the hairdresser managed to tighten the chapel during the procedure. And it is also necessary to take into account that they are usually more porous structures, and this affects the time of exposure of paint and selection of oxidizing agent concentration. You will need and good care products for curls to truly shone their health, and you could demonstrate them in all its glory. If you fell into the hands of an experienced colorist, you may not doubt that he knows all the subtleties of the process, and you can safely entrust his curls.

    Straight hair is also suitable for creating a tent even in the everyday version without curling, and if you twist them for a solemn event, the result will be very impressive.


    The magnificity of the champions does not play the roles, this type of staining is suitable for dense, and on rare hair. The latter will look just gorgeous thanks to the use of several colors immediately. Hairstyle will seem volume and expressive.

    Dyed hair

    As we have already found out, the natural color of the hair will only win by painting by strands. But most often girls who wish to try creative methods of coloring, have repeatedly stained their hair. In this case, a number of moments will have to be taken into account.

    • No need to do it on the hair painted by bass or henna. It would seem that natural paints are less harmful hair, and there are only advantages in their use. But these natural dyes can respond inadequately to the synthetic composition, and as a result you risk getting strands of green or simply incomprehensible color.
    • After coloring in shades of black or even dark blonde, hair will have to brighten and use tint.

    Beautiful examples

    This photo shows that professionally performed coloring the fascus can decorate not even too long hairstyles like a kara. Moreover, the hair is smooth and do not curl, the effect of glare and burnt strands is evident. And most importantly, you can not be afraid of the rustling of the roots, because after that the hair will not look worse. On the contrary, the result will become even more natural.

    Platinum strands look very exquisitely in this embodiment. It is ideal for light-eyed girls with very light skin color “Winter”. The main thing is that the general view of the hair is quite healthy, and they looked well-keeled, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the effect of “solar bunnies” in the hair.

    In this example, the game of contrasts of tips and roots allows you to achieve a wide variety of charming effects. Hairstyle looks not just shining – it resembles flames. A model haircut of several layers can be laid in different ways depending on the mood, and this will bring a variety of your daily image.

    For lovers of brighter shades, you can advise such an option in the style of the tent. And she is also good for young girls who appreciate individuality in everything and want to create their own unique memorable image. The hairstyle is overflowing with different shades of the cherry and red, and the exquisite curling gives it even more charm.

          Shatuch on black and brown hair is an opportunity to update the hairstyle without changing your habits. With this method of the chapel, not only will be visually healthier. The hair will actually acquire strength and glitter due to the fact that it is necessary to update the result, which means they will have time to recover before the next painting. The effect of burnt up to the Sun strand to the face of all women, he gives the image of freshness, playfulness and makes a highlight. Such staining gives you the opportunity to be fashionable and at the same time look natural.

          About how to make a tent on dark hair of medium length, look in the following video.

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