Shatuch on straight hair: features and selection of shade

Shatuch on straight hair: features and selection of shade

In the modern world, new and improved hair dyeing techniques appear. One of these and is the famous tent, which is performed on the hair of the most different lengths. With the help of equipment, the fascus can be created unique transitions between light and dark hair, as if they themselves burned out of the scorching sun on the paradise island. We will further consider in more detail that the ftiver is on direct curls, you will get acquainted with its features, pluses, minuses, a choice of shade and admitted to interesting options from stylists.

    What represents?

    The technique of staining chapels Shatus is considered relatively new, but despite this, it enjoys great popularity among representatives of the beautiful sex of all ages. It is often choosing many Celebriti, as well as ordinary secular beauties. For a long time, it was only available to the stars, but gradually entered the masses.

    Sentush – it is such a staining that allows you to get a soft transition from one color to another, that is, from the roots to the tips with the effect of burnt strands. This technique is performed on hair of different lengths, the main color is also irrelevant, since the fastener is equally well suited and blondes, and brunettes.

    The tent is considered a more gentle procedure compared to conventional staining and even aqueous.

    Character traits

    The stratum coloring technique is partially reminded by highlighting, however, with the rhinestone, the hair is not painted up to the roots, which means that with time the color does not grow so noticeably. Moreover, the tent procedure is more sparing, since it uses exclusively professional coloring and tinting formulations that are not harmful.

    Staining in the tent technique is relevant for any type and color of hair. It can be straight and wavy hair. Moreover, if the curls are very thin and naughty, with the help of this technique they can even add a little volume.

    When staining in this technique on the hair there are no bright and contrasting transitions, since smooth stretching color is made. The result is natural and soft for perception.

    Pros and cons

    In whatever technique, the curls are not painted, you can always find benefits and disadvantages, about which you just can not be mentioned.

    • Sentush Looks great on straight and wavy hair. This is connected with a smooth transition from one color to another. Hairstyle will delight your owner, regardless of lighting.
    • Thanks to the use of the tent, you can smooth out the transition from the abnormal hair to naturally burnt out, pick up a beautiful shade of blond.
    • Using a variety of styling, you can emphasize the staining of the tent in the best form. At the same time, it is not necessary to constantly turn to hairdressers. You can align curls with iron, and twisted with the help of a conventional curl without leaving the house. The effect will turn out to be stunning.

    As for the shortcomings, It should immediately note the high price on the procedure of this modern staining. The price depends on the length of the hair and their state, but on average the sludge costs 4-7 thousand rubles. The final price depends on the choice of paint, tinting and the work of the master.

    It is worth noting that Shutush not recommended to do on weakened and repeated hair. To begin with, such curls are recommended to restore and give them to relax for some time before making staining again, especially if we are talking about strong lightening of dark curls.

    As well as the minuses applies expensive care of painted hair in the subsequent. This applies not only to the salon care, but also home. In order for the fastener to look well-groomed, regular toning procedures will be required, and the color stretch is often adjusted, since the hair is growing with time.

    All this, of course, requires time and serious embezzlement.

    Stylists tips

    Before you go to perform the hair tent in the salon or engage in painting yourself, We recommend paying attention to the advice of professional hairdressers and stylists.

    • Do not save on this procedure, otherwise the result will be very deplorable. It is better to trust experienced professionals from the proven beauty salon. Sometimes it is better to pay more at once, than to contact other wizards for the correction of the result.
    • Strong painting experiments are categorically recommended, since the tent and any painting of this type should perform a specialist with certain skills in working with this technique. Moreover, with such staining, not amateur, but professional means.
    • Choosing a tent, you can use not only one shade of blond, but also a few. The effect will be luxurious, especially on straight and long hair.

    Girls with thin, rigorous and lounged hair is best to give preference to weak oxidizing agents and paints, in which a small ammonia content (from 3 to 6%). Such means are caused by the smallest damage without the weakened strands of the hair. But the ladies with dense and strong hair can be used stronger oxidants, up to 12%. However, it is this question that should solve a specialist who will perform staining based on the structure and current hair status.

    Options for a note

    Before you decide to perform the fascus on straight hair, we recommend paying attention to the already ready-made interesting options that can be taken as the basis of your future staining. To begin with, consider the style solutions that the famous stars choose.

    • With a luxurious tent and an ideal transition from dark to bright on the expanses of glossy magazines, you can often meet famous angelVictoria »S Secret Lily Oldridge. Straight long hair model looks very advantageous with a golden rent, which that and it sparkles from the flash cameras.

    • Jessica Alba Also regularly performs stratum staining than in the best light emphasizes its straight long hair. As an additional volume stylists, the stars sometimes use false hair to tone the clarified ends. This same technique can be used at home.

    • Sisters from Clan Kardashian Also often experiment with their hair, choosing modern staining techniques. For example, the most famous from the sisters – Kim very often tints the ends of their dark hair with a warm shade blond. A smooth transition from a dark color in golden-sandy looks especially profitable on perfectly straightened hair. The fashionista Chloe Kardashian also loves to complement his blond shade with sunlight strands.

    • Straight short or straight long hair always looks winning if the shade of blonde successfully harmonizes with dark color in hair roots.

    If we are talking about blondes, the color for the tent should be chosen by several tones with a lighter native, and if about brunettes, then you can focus on the shades of the dark walnut, caramel or chocolate.

    Unusual ideas

    Sometimes you want something original, some bold hairs experiments. It was then that experts recommend toning light hair color at the ends. Bright and colorful options perfectly look at straight and slightly twisted hair.

    • Colored Shatus, Of course, not suitable for everyone, but sometimes you can experiment. Very exotic and inexpensive, it looks like a transition from dark color in redhead on well-straightened long hair.

    • Coal-black hair with a light rod can be protonated in blue or purple color. This variant of staining is very popular among young girls.

    • Lightly blond girls with golden or sandy tent can protonten the light shade in pink. This variant of staining enjoys great popularity in the past few years. He has repeatedly chose Kim Kardashian and the domestic secular lioness Victoria Bonya.

    • Short straight hair can diversify ash fascus. And if they are quite thin, this shade will add to them additional volume. Especially winning ashes shade looks on a haircut of a square or elongated bean.

    Learn more about how to make a stratum on straight hair, you will learn from the following video.

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