Shatus: Features and Recommendations for Staining

Shatus: Features and Recommendations for Staining

To have a beautiful hairstyle, it is enough to take advantage of the fashionable technique of stratum staining and for a half a year to forget about paintings. The secret of this full color is in a healthy condition of the hair, the presence of certain skills, as well as in the thorough study of the process itself.

What it is?

New fashionable staining appeared thanks to the Italian hairdresser and Aldo Coppola stylist. The method received its name due to similarity with a very expensive and rare wool – Shahtoosh. Specificity of coloring really allows him to attribute it to the most elite type of luxury. Specialists with each other call this method “Sun kiss”.

Indeed, the ability to change hair painted in this way is impressive. Thanks to the peculiarities of the process strands with the effect of burnt in the sun, that in fact is A variety of timing with eating color cascades.

In contrast to the usual election of strands, Painting the tent is carried out in an open way, without the use of foil and other devices. The result depends entirely on the skill of the stylist or its own abilities together with a rich fantasy. For the best result, the hair is painted in small strands, be sure to retreat from the root zone, leaving it almost untouched. Border Graduations are drush due to the beginnings that are made before applying paint. Very nice and fresh look long hair painted on this technique.

Soft flower overflows are carried out with gradual transitions: from dark – roots, to brighter – closer to the tips. Select several color solutions that are used simultaneously, combining, varying and applying in accordance with style and mood. Deepening color with a smooth transition to radiant strands gives hair vitality and volume. They look alive and natural, while maintaining their natural properties.

On bright curls, the so-called is superb Reverse Shatuch, with gradual lightening of more dark saturated strands towards roots. In the root zone, hair remains intact. This method is suitable for both girls and women.

Masters advise using dark hair staining. At least this method was invented for this. But in light strands, you can achieve a stunning effect. This method includes several coloring methods at the Californian Melting Technique, Ombre and Ballwear. Only unlike them, hair looks natural and natural.

Advantages and disadvantages

When performing a complex specificity of the execution of staining in the tent technique exist The following positive properties:

  • Painting in the style of the tent quickly changes the image+
  • Staining occurs easily and quickly (if you have the necessary relevant skills)+
  • The result holds for a long time, and the re-painting will be needed only after a few months, which is very economical+
  • The technique is considered the most gentle and soft, keeps the roots of the hair and is suitable for the coloring of curly naughty curls+
  • The hairstyle of painted hair looks good and in the loose, and assembled+
  • Hair look flawlessly, seem more voluminous, thick and shiny+
  • The strands successfully hide growing gray hair, in the color game the boundaries of their and painted hair are lost, providing natural hair growth+
  • Painted curls in any light look like a winning, as if small lanterns are highlighted from the inside+
  • With properly selected color accents, you can not use the forceps and the styling curling+
  • The tent is created to emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings, gently illuminating the contours of the female face, presenting it in the most advantageous light.

    The indisputable advantages of this coloring technique, of course, won in comparison with an expensive procedure in beauty salons. But this is perhaps the only drawback of technology. And her You can not apply if gray is one third of the entire volume of hair. For the procedure requires special skills. If there are no such, the result of staining can be quite unexpected.

    To preserve color lines, eaves and color coordinates, including saturation, it is necessary to adjust the format of the hairstyle about every four months.

    Differences from other coloring techniques

    From the classic of highlighting the technician is characterized by a system of color stretching: the roar zone varies noticeably with the rest of the hair, and Smooth transitions give curls 3D effect. As a result of the hairstyle, it looks very elegant and noble. In general, the technique of the tent is similar to trendy ombré and bouoxide, based on color.

    • Ombre It consists in full staining of certain strands of hair, almost without a transition, and during the slate, separate strands are painted from among the same ends, but. Gradient in this case different. Shatuch is not difficult to distinguish from Ombre.
    • Complex soft staining is used in the technique Bally: All hair is painted completely, and the transition effect is ensured by the paint application feature. Than blurry and imperceptible gradient, the professional work of the master.

    To whom it is suitable?

    As mentioned earlier, the tent equipment was created mainly to highlight the dark strands. So they acquired the lightoscopic effect and favorably reflected the light. But this does not mean that blond women can not apply it for painting strands. Just there are some nuances of such a procedure. For example, The use of potent paints with resistant pigments, that in itself is not.

    However, the modern industry produces a lot of harmless paints for brown and blondes with strengthening and caring ingredients. Therefore, blond women and girls can successfully “stress” their hairstyles.

    Women with a lot of gray hair should be abstained from staining in the tent technique, as in this case there will be a lot of paint, which is already completely different coloring technique. Ladies with short haircuts this method is also not suitable. It is impossible to achieve the smoothness of the transition of color on the hair limited length. Staining this species will look in this case at least ridiculous.

    The hairstyles on the type of Pixie, Kare or Bob also fall into the rank of exceptions. The desired color effect will not be achieved and all the works of the wizard may be in vain.

    When choosing a color scheme should be given Preference natural colors: gold, pearl, nut, wheat, batistov and their shades. Sedoviasm Beauty should choose sparing non-ammmonary hair dye shades with silk.

    The choice of one or another hair paint should be coordinated with the total type of appearance, as well as taking into account the characteristics and individual nuances of each woman.

    How to choose a suitable shade?

    Staining technology and combination of correctly selected paint in the aggregate give the same effect for each hair type. Errors can not be allowed, otherwise the effect will be the opposite. Colors should be chosen in one gamma. Exception is intentionally contrasting solutions. But in this case, border combinations should be avoided. For example, combinations of gray and red strands.

    When performing color color, diverse variations are allowed. But in this case, the golden middle should stick.

    Rainbow Shatusch It is suitable for all types of hair, any length and complexity. It does not need to lighten all curls, but only to make an additional color. In the process of coloring discoloration separate strands, which are then filled with a color pigment, flushing over time.

    After washing, the curls acquire a characteristic classic appearance of the connecting tent, which makes it possible to easily make a hairstyle in more restrained colors. Masters of hairdressers are advised when choosing one or another paint to proceed from the female appearance color.

    • Winter type Dark hair and relatively light skin with any color eye. Colors of this group: Cold and warm shades of brown, green and blue.
    • Spring Type Appearance is characterized by a skin of a warm shade with peach or pink and blond hair with reddish shades. All colors with yellow shades are suitable for it.
    • Women Summer colorota have light pink skin and blond hair. They are suitable colors of a cold palette: from blue – to ash.
    • Autumn type appearance implies reddish hair, brown eyes and peach skin. Here will be relevant warm gamma of natural natural colors and shades: red, yellow and copper.

    On blond hair

    The hair of this color is sufficient Wheat-blond shades, with the inclusion of straw, pink, ash and sandy strands. Blonde hair is very good for creating a burnt effect. Drinking with sunny wind, pearl overflow sand and lunar shine, they literally come to life, being the main decoration of their owner.

    On dark hair

    The main colors of dark hair for this technique – Walnut, chestnut, chocolate, caramel, oak bark, bronze, all honey and coffee shades And other colors. In combination with light skin and eyes, these colors successfully change appearance for the better. The autumn type is suitable all warm natural colors and shades.

    The darker the hair – the brighter and the richer should be colorful. For example, on black hair use Coffee and amber shades All masters. And also look good burgundy and eggplant tones, ruby, purple and purple strands. Winter-type women come cold clean colors.

    Coloring on blond hair

    Blonde hair owners need to choose platinum, snow or dairy shades. On light hair, gilded or silvery splashes are beautifully looking, as well as the shade of the lime honey and white clover. Special glow will give mirror pearlescent halftone. Successful colors selection guarantees the effect of staining.

    For a good result, choose shades at least in three color versions, close to natural hair tone for several shades. A well-selected color creates the necessary volume and the texture of both separate strands and the whole hairstyle as a whole.

    The basic rule – the result must comply with the main idea.

    Color staining of strands

    Trendy flow did not disregard both creative amateurs. Combinations of green, red, purple and blue strands flashed not only on fashionable podiums. Stepping into everyday life, the color sludge became available to every woman who wants to make his way truly impressive and bright. And in fact, why not shine, like a bright “star”, if all the possibilities are open to this.

    How to paint hair?

    No special complexity in painting hair in the technique there is no. The only thing is to refrain from any aggressive impact before and after the procedure. Chemical curling or curl straightening should be avoided, otherwise the result of staining on damaged hair can be completely different. To carry out a successful procedure, you need to adhere to some rules.

    • Choose paint Only quality producers. In this case, withstand the palette in several close shades.
    • Draw painting follows a special brush made of natural materials. Brush size, its width must be at least 3 centimeters.
    • Capacity for staining must be made of glass or special plastic. In no case for these purposes it is impossible to use metal or food plastic.
    • Speak Lockoons Before painting, follows a special calculus with wide teeth. If necessary, you can fix long curls to the shoulders holding clamps or hairpins.

      Important! The technology does not require the use of a special hat or foil, as the hair under the paint should remain in direct contact with the air.

      Traditionally use two ways to dyeing.

      • With nach. In this case, the hair should be pre-fulfilled from the roots before applying paint. Make it like this: Locks are divided into parts – no more than 2 centimeters, and the rest are fixed on the head of the clamps. Start with the occipital part. Take the curl, it is started at the roots and immediately apply paint, while I don’t need to impregnate the entire curl, but only to apply paint to the surface, starting with the ends.

      Hair must be painted carefully, intensively and accurately to achieve smooth color transitions, with a darkening of roots. All strands are processed by the same layer layer. Paint is kept differently, depending on the type of hair – on average from 10 to 40 minutes. Then the hair is well washed with flowing water without using any detergent. Color pigments are fixed with Special rinsers.

        • You can paint the curls by the connecting tent without preliminary starts. The method is almost the same as in the first case, but it is best to carry out color in the salons, at the workshops of professionals. They, as experienced artists, mix the right palettes of flowers, applying them according to spectral hair type.

        In the areas of fusion of pigments, a special technology that creates a harmonious color transition should be applied. As a result, the color glare on the hair looks as natural as possible and natural. Lightened hair is necessarily toned after drying.

          Painted hair require special care. Paint weakens hair, so they need to be regularly signed by means restoring the structure. There are some rules of care, To know which every woman must know with painted hair, namely:

          • Hair needs to be washed using gentle products containing special compounds that retain color + modern industry produces a huge amount of diverse shampoos and rinsers for painted hair+
          • Do not forget about masks from natural ingredients: egg yolk, honey and goose fat+
          • After washing your head, you need to periodically irrigate herbal irons and healing champs.

            Important! Ideally selected hair care products will help keep hair alive and bright.


            According to the reviews of the happy owners of beautiful curls, made in the Shatus technique, you can paint hair yourself. It is worth paying attention to the following nuances:

            • To begin, it is necessary to prepare curls in advance to the upcoming changes, for what to carry out a course of strengthening therapeutic wraps + and the ladies with healthy hair should not refuse themselves the pleasure of pleaseing precious strands with nutritional and moisturizing elixirs+
            • Before the staining does not need to wash your head at least 3 days, so as not to wash off the protective film+
            • You can also clear and paint the occipital and dark areas of the head + for the effect of severe staining or lightening should not be labeled the curls too much+
            • When using the clarifying compositions, the strands after the procedure should be treated with a toning balsam + paint need to be distributed by intensity by paying attention to the scoke+
            • When applying paint should not be done too much digging from the roots, otherwise it will soon have to repeat the procedure+
            • If there is a timing before painting, it is necessary to align the total tone of the hair by staining in the base shade+
            • The tent is created for climbing hair, so the owners of direct curls follow a larger effect to shook strands in any available way+
            • For better effect, you should choose cascading haircuts for long and half-hearted curls + tent in this case looks in the most advantageous light.

            This is perhaps the main thing that you should know when using this trendy dyeing method. The most natural and spectacular image can be tried to achieve on their own, but it’s better to trust a professional. There are no special secrets, it is enough to have some common skills in hair painting and thoroughly explore the technology of the Shatuch.

            Master class on staining in Shatuch technique View in the video below.

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