Shatus with bangs: Features and secrets

Shatus with bangs: Features and secrets

Beautiful sexes, creating a stylish image, use creative ideas not only for manicure, makeup, but also hairstyles. Fashionable fascus with bangs. It is considered the most original type of painting that comes on strands of any length and easily performed at home.


The tent is a modern staining technology, due to which the hair acquire a deep color. It is also often used to hide the seed and the results of unsuccessful painting. To date, the tent is very popular with girls who hold fashion trends and wish to create a beautiful transition from dark roots to light tips. The advantages of such staining include:

  • minimum damage and gentle effect+
  • Natural view hairstyles in independence from the method of laying+
  • Low cost compared to coloring and timing+
  • No need to re-paint when rooting+
  • Ability to give additional hair+
  • Short procedure time.

As for the shortcomings, they are not, except for the fact that the tent, like any kind of painting, requires careful hair care. The main feature of this technique is that it is very delicate and cheeky after its execution remains not painted. For the implementation of the procedure, do not use foil and cap, it differs it from highlighting. The paint is applied to the selected strands, retreating from the roots, and its exposure occurs on open hair. As a result, selective glare, creating an unusual shine.

To maximize the effect of the hair burnt out of the sun, it is recommended to use at least two shades.

The tent of the ideal is suitable for those girls who have to look for a compromise between the treatment of split tips and risky staining. Thanks to the correctly performed color transitions, which are gradually from the dark, moving into bright, hairstyle looks impressive. This technique can be applied both short and medium length curls. Long hair in such design can be simply laying, collecting in a bundle, pigtail or tail.


Style Painting Shatus, as a rule, choose a fair sex representative who have a haircut with bangs. Shades for dyeing are used as close as possible to natural, while bangs are left unchanged. To date, distinguish the following types of tent.

  • On dark and black hair. Brunettes are recommended to paint strands with a small elongation, and bangs to cut asymmetrically or extended. Shatus in this case is carried out only on tips. To save a single image hairstyle, some masters on bangs allocate several separate strands, it gives naturalness and uniqueness.

  • On blond hair. In this case, special attention should be paid to the selection of shades, which depends on the skin color. Speall ladies best give preference to golden colors, girls with light skin with a great choice will be the ashes fastener. Colors need to be selected on 3 tones lighter. For painting blond hair well also fits honey, amber, caramel and wheat hue.

  • On blonde hair. Thanks to this coloring technique, the hairstyle acquires solar, warm glare, and the skin color is perfectly refreshing. Bangs can be how to paint, so leave in a natural tone. It directly depends on the length of strands and the type of Chelinka. Usually, the straight and short bang does not touch, and oblique and elongated treated.

Since bright curls have a thin structure, the non-ammian compositions should be selected for their coloring, and the dominant color to create tonic.

  • On red hair. It is always necessary to look expressively and bright with beauties with redhead, so you can refresh the hairstyle with the tent, made in red colors. To do this, strands along with bangs preliminarily brightened, after which bright and deep shades of red are applied. Such painting on red hair will require a rare adjustment.

Shatus can also have different execution depending on hair length. So, on too short haircuts, the effect of burnt strands looks not very attractive, because for the design of the equipment lacks length. Shatus in this case is recommended only for extended and classic kara. At the same time, the transition of colors must be made not contrasting, but soft.

In short haircuts with the tent, it is allowed to highlight individual strands of the face and bangs, which should be oblique.

As for long and medium hair, such an equipment on them looks as expressive as much as possible and natural. If a roll is present in the haircut, then you can get a harmonious image of painting, retreating from the root length equal to it. Interesting will also be the fascus with staining of several strands, paint in this case is applied to curls above the bang length line.

To create a tent of long hair, you can use up to 5 different tones that must be harmoniously combined with each other.

Technique implementation

The process of painting strands using the Shatus technology is considered simple, but it requires a certain skill. In the event that Viznitsa has no time and money to go to the beauty salon, you can perform such a procedure at home, following the following instructions.

  • Initially, it is necessary to divide the hair into five equal parts: bangs, side, temporal and occipient. Locks are fixed with clips and are additionally divided into 2-3 strands. After that, the nosch, retreating from the roots by 10 cm. Thanks to the combination, airspace is formed and the paint will not penetrate the root zone.
  • Then the dye is preparing, which can be used as paint or brightening powder.
  • The coloring composition of negligent movements is applied to the combed strands and grows.
  • After 40 minutes, the paint was washed off with warm water and carefully handle the curls keratin and air conditioning. In the case when powder was used for painting, the procedure completes toning. At the same time, natural dyes such as natural coffee, henna and bass.
  • After that, it remains to dry your hair and give the original type of hairstyle using the laying.

About how the stratum staining occurs, look in the following video.

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