Shatusch coloring technique

Shatusch coloring technique

To refresh the image, give the hair of a healthy view, experts offer fashion techniques. One of these is the tent. Shatuch coloring technique allows you to transform appearance, while the hair looks natural, as if slightly burned in the sun.

What it is?

The essence of technology is to create a smooth transition of shades from the darker to light. It is possible to achieve this due to stretching. This allows you to make a hairstyle as natural, give hair well-kept species and shine.

So that the effect is impressive, it is important to choose the right shades. Especially this concerns girls with red hair color.

The tent does not hurt her hair like other methods of staining, because it gives the opportunity to rapid hair, and also when it the boundaries of the transition shades are blurred gradually, which is not too noticeable. For refreshment, the image should be re-stained after 3 months. In addition, it reduces injuries. Any intervention – stress for strands. Since the paint is not applied along the entire length and on some sections, then damage is minimal.

The popularity of technology is due to other advantages. With the help of the tent, you can not only give vitality to the hair, but also increase their volume. Native color becomes more pronounced. In the presence of seeds, such a highlight allows you to securely hide it.

Shatus is performed without the use of foil or hats, which allows you to give strands of natural species. This is achieved due to the interaction of paint with air in the process of staining. So that the hairstyle looked naturally, gradation shades occur gradually. Get such a result by applying paints to the combined strands. Roots remain intact, but if the owner does not suit her color, you can pre-change the main tone.

Shatuch girl with long or medium hair. For ladies with a short hairstyle, it is not recommended to use this technique, because it is impossible to transfer the brightness of the transition of shades. In such cases, such a melting is confused with Ombre. At the same time, the kare, painted in the tent technique, will make its owner younger and fresher.

Required tools

Specialists advise to stain in the salons from professionals, since the technology is not so simple. But having elementary skills and clearly following the recommendations of specialists, you can get a magnificent result and home. First of all it is worth deciding with shades that will be most profitable to look at the hair. For the procedure, paints with ammonia intended for lightening.

To achieve a short-term effect, you can try to attaint powder.

It is necessary to have at hand the following tools for performing a tent.

  1. Brush. Optimal width considered 3 cm. Preferred follows a tool made from natural materials. A plastic option can be used, but it is necessary to apply it with special accuracy, since negative use can adversely affect the hair structure.
  2. Capacity for breeding paint. For this, there are plastic or glass bowls. It is forbidden to put the paint into the metal dishes, since the interaction of metal with acid can change the properties of the coloring agent.
  3. Hairbrush with frequent teeth to create a good nose.
  4. Towel. It is not necessary to cover, but for drying strands after staining.
  5. Gloves and cape. Prevent unwanted pollution of body parts and clothing.
  6. Fixators. Since the paint will be applied unevenly, the strands are required to divide by special clamps or hairpins.

It is envisaged to draw the painting by hand, but this option requires professional skills. Manually hardly apply paint, so it is better to apply a brush for an independent connecting. And also be kept under hand shampoo, balm, mask to complete the procedure and hair protection after chemical impact.

How to prepare hair?

Before making the fastener, you should prepare the hair to staining. Start it follows about 3 weeks before the procedure. Preparatory measures include:

  • The use of nutrient, as well as moisturizing masks and balms to restore the structure of damaged hair+
  • Refusal of chemical procedures that may affect the final color+
  • Exception of mechanical impact before the procedure to prevent damage to strands+
  • co-creation of the above, as paint is bad for them, which is able to reduce all the efforts made to zero+
  • Do not use styling tools because they adversely affect the penetration of coloring substances inside the hair+
  • To avoid excessive influence of chemicals, 2-3 days before the connecting glut.

Properly prepared hair paints are less susceptible to harmful effects of aggressive elements, besides, it is easier to stain. If the main color requires correction, then it is worth it in advance, approximately 3 days before gradient staining.

    Some manufacturers offer special sets for felting, which simplifies the process of choosing paint and allows you to achieve the perfect result even at home. If the paint is used for the first time, do not neglect the precautionary measures. How to advise manufacturers, it is necessary to carry out a test for the absence of allergic reactions.

    Process of coloring

    Technique Shatus not easy, but it can be used at home. Specialists in the salons can paint hair without performing a wig, but it requires skill. Conducting dyeing at home, it is better to prepare each strand. Girls who have short hair should act on the following scheme:

    • comb all the hair+
    • transfer the whole mass of the hair forward, tilting the head+
    • Separate a part near the neck and put it+
    • Alternately hold the same procedure for the remaining hair.

      Instructions for holders of medium and long hair is slightly different. They need to do the following.

      1. Thaw hair. To get a more noticeable result, it is necessary to tie it closer to the forehead, but for a less pronounced effect – on the top.
      2. Split strands of 1.5-2 cm. They may differ in size so that in the end it turned out the most natural shade.
      3. Find all separated parts. From the denotoms and density of the nobody depends on how contrasting the colors will look.

      After the preparation of the hair should be mixed with coloring composition. For brown and brunettes, you can brighten the strands. To do this, the brightener is applied to the prepared nose and leaves for 10-15 minutes. Then you need to wash the hair with water and dry.

      Choosing an oxidizing agent yourself, it is important to correctly define the concentration to achieve the desired result. For dark-haired girls, you can take a 9% composition, but it is able to damage the structure of the hair, so the optimal option will be 6% oxidizer.

      When lightening the tone of the hair may seem yellowish. Extra tinting will help solve the problem.

      Further step by step instruction painting looks like this.

      1. The root zone is better to cover with a film. It will give the opportunity to avoid the appearance of spots from the roots.
      2. Short chaotic strokes to apply paint on the combed strands, neatly cutting. It is important to ensure that the remedy does not penetrate the patch, and it was laid mainly on the tips, otherwise the effect of burnt hair will not work.
      3. After applying the painting makeup on all the strands should be twisted in the harness. This can not be done, but with long curls it allows you to achieve brightness and contrast.
      4. The time is waiting, prescribed in the instructions of the paint manufacturer. Staining period should not exceed 40 minutes. If you need to get a more natural shade, you should reduce the term of holding the staining agent.
      5. To check the result resulting, you can use a wet wobble disk, with which wash the paint from one strand and evaluate the shade. If the color suits, go to the next stage.
      6. Wash hair thoroughly. If the remedy remains on the strand, the clarification will continue. Using shampoo, continue washing until the water becomes transparent.
      7. Apply balm or mask that minimizes the harmful effects of chemicals on the structure.

      Making the tent of himself on dark curls and wanting to get a brighter effect, do not hurry and try to achieve the desired effect from the first time. There is a risk to burn hair. It is better to spend several staining with interruptions of 2-3 weeks. During this time, hair rests and restore before the following effect.

      Recommendations of specialists

      To make the tent at home correctly, it is necessary to study all the information on coloring techniques in detail, as well as correctly select a shade and adhere to the recommendations of professionals. This will help to avoid many mistakes.

      1. Checked hair. The problem occurs when the time of staining or the use of poor-quality composition.
      2. The emergence of yellowness. Failure to comply with technology leads to the appearance of a yellowish shade, to get rid of which can be used with the help of a special balm.
      3. Sharp flower transitions, arising when applying paint on incorrectly combed strands.
      4. Hue does not suit. It happens if you paint hair by unverified.

      Some problems can only eliminate the master in the cabin. Therefore, when painting, accumulated stylists should be taken into account. We will analyze them.

      1. Girls with red hair peculiar to the presence of a large number of feomelanin, which complicates the process of clarification. Therefore, red-haired ladies should be entrusted to the procedure to specialists.
      2. Staining should be carried out on healthy, intact curls, as it will look dim on the weak tent and unnaturally.
      3. Repeated process should be done no more than in 2.5 months. Exceptions are dark hair with red and purple melting. During the month, paint becomes faded, so it must be updated.
      4. Blond hair should be pre-apply a moisturizing agent, which contains oil. This will make it possible to eliminate the brittleness after staining and the appearance of split tips.
      5. After painting try not to expose the hairstyle to thermal exposure (ironing, curls). And if you do it, then apply thermal protection.
      6. Provide proper care: shampoos, balsams, masks that will help restore the structure and give the hair of vitality.

      An important nuance is the protection of the roots from the ingress of paint. Reducing the roar indent is recommended only by the owners of short hair.

      Adhering to the described rules and tips, you can make a tent at home and get a stunning result that will last about 3 months. After the specified period, you can make a re-staining procedure with minimal harm for hair structure. At the same time, the hairstyle will look natural, but at the same time attractive.

      On how to make staining in the technique of the Shatuch at home, see the following video.

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