She paints Henna Seeding or not?

She paints Henna Seeding or not?

Henna – natural dye, which provides only a favorable effect on the scalp and hair. But despite the fact that after staining, the hair acquire a bright shade, everything can be faced with gray.

Pros and cons

Henna is capable of painting high quality, but not in all cases. It is ideal for those women who do not want to resort to the use of chemical.

Powder from natural ingredients can be used both on dark and light hair. From a natural shade will be largely dependent. Painting is made independently at home because it is very simple to apply.

There are several types of henna: it differs with each other not only the place where it grows, but also possible shades, the intensity of pigment, resistant to hair. There are Iranian, Indian product. Such paint does not contain any chemicals or other synthetic ingredients. It is manually produced by collecting the leaves of special plants, subsequently with drying and lag in powder.

Woman using henna for gray hair can discover that after dyeing the health of her hair improves. If necessary, add other natural components to the mixture that allow you to change the shade.

Usually, the fair sex representatives that use the henna for gray hair can regulate the color force themselves. Unfortunately, Henna sometimes looks unnatural on gray hair, and in this its main drawback. This result may be associated with the color or quality of the dye or hair type. Some believe that when using Henna, it is necessary to scroll through the curls several times to achieve the desired result, but not really so simple. Most women underwent the composition, too quickly sheeps him or dries, which should not be, because he does not paint gray.

Of the main advantages it is necessary to highlight a number of characteristics.

  • Henna color has many advantages compared to chemical. It gives beautiful color hair, fills them with power, mineral complex and vitamins, as a result, the long-awaited shine appears, the structure changes for the better.
  • Henna makes hair strong, thick, does not damage and does not break them.
  • This is one of the best air conditioners, which gives the hair a beautiful view, helps to increase the volume.
  • It is difficult to imagine better products from dandruff. Henna positively affects not only hair, but also on the scalp. Such natural paint solves the problem of hair loss. You can mix powder with Mustard oil and apply to curls for one hour.

    Despite the fact that there are few significant flaws in a natural dye, they still have.

    • There is never a guarantee of what color will result in the end. A lot of factors affect the result, including when harvest was harvested, weather conditions and where the plant was cultivated. Henna storage conditions also affect the result of staining.
    • If you wish, it’s hard to extract natural coloring pigment from hair, you have to wait until they grow up and simply make them.
    • Some girls inform about dryness after using henna, but such cases are rare. If the hair is dry, the use of grass makes them even more dry, so it is best to apply the composition on well-moisturized hair.
    • Sometimes the plant in contact with the skin of the head can cause an allergic reaction, although it happens and infrequently.
    • After using the paint based on henna curls can become straight, that is, attractive curls straighten up.

    Which henna is better to use?

    If there is no need to face hair, but they need to be considered, then you can use a colorless hu. It does not affect the shade in any way, but it will help to strengthen the hair onion, will save from the split tips and dandruff, will make the curls stronger.

    Colorless is made of crushed leaves of Indian Lavsana. In this plant there is no coloring pigment, so you can safely add powder to masks so that the curls become shiny, grow faster.

    Color henna, which is even cheaper, is greater popularity than the previous version. It not only possesses healing properties, but also staining curls in different shades of red and copper.

    There is another third option on the market – clarifying. Its feature is that the curls after staining become a few tones lighter. Great solution for blondes, but use such powder only in combination with hair oil.

    Technique coloring

    Henna is applied to blond hair, brown, black and even blondes. Properly applied, it allows you to achieve a beautiful brown. The product that gives red tump is best working on gray hair, as it ensures reliable impact on the structure of the hair. When applied, the mixture will give the curls a natural reddish tint with the addition of solar orange ties. Staining technique is simple and understandable, so paint is often used by home. It includes a number of consecutive steps.

    • At the first stage, you will need to mix it with water so that it turns into a paste. Best of all, if the liquid is slightly warm, it will make it possible to quickly release the coloring pigment. Product comes in packages, their quantity depends on hair type. With a length to shoulders, one bag is enough if the curls are longer, it is better to buy two packs or even three.
    • Henna is easily coloring any surfaces, so it’s better to wear old clothes and cover the floor.
    • Add water to powder in small quantities, mixing well. There is no accurate amount of fluid, you just need to achieve a consistency of thick sour cream.
    • Before applying the skin around the hair growth line, it is advisable to lubricate with oil or cream, then the pigment does not approve, and you don’t have to rub the hnu from the forehead and ears. On the hands necessarily wear rubber gloves.
    • Before painting, be sure to wash and dry curls. Hairdryer do not use, you can just get into the towel well. Paint will be better lying on a slightly wet hair.
    • It will be necessary to divide the curls on the part so that it is more convenient to cry. The mixture is applied evenly along the entire length, already painted can be hooed with clamps so as not to be disturbed.
    • The mixture is left for one or two hours on the head, you can longer if you want to achieve more intense color. The head must be first covered with polyethylene, then wrapped in a towel. Only so the mixture will not dry, and throughout the time the pigment will be absorbed into the hair.
    • After the hair is just rinsed under running water without using shampoo. It is not necessary to apply it and then within a few days.


    • Apply the powder better on wet hair, it is desirable to add to the mixture of oil, since the henna dries curls, you can pre-apply argan on the curls+
    • Adding sugar makes pasta smoother+
    • In order to get a deeper, rich hue, it is worth using fresh powder+
    • After painting it is worth using air conditioning.

    What can add?

    In the traditional version, Henna gives a very beautiful, red-orange shade, but he does not like it or suits it, so women learned to change the tone using other natural additives. To paint does not overheat the already dry of the nature of the curls, there are several drops of rosemary oil or carnations in it, good shine gives lemon oil. So that the coloring pigment is better to hold on dark gray hair, it is not bad to use cocoa.

    Egyptians have sought a dark deep shade with high-quality steep tea welding, which poured powder instead of simple water. To improve the recreation effect, you can take a rope of nettle.

    The more coffee in Henna, the more chocolate will get a shade on the hair.

    Brown can be achieved with cinnamon and carnations. But the red wine makes the color more rich and not a red, and fiery. For the same effect you can use and saffron.

    On the contrary, to smooth the color intensity, from ancient times, lemon juice and egg were used, which were added to the henna powder.

    Subsequent care

        Even painted henna hair requires subsequent care. First of all, it will be necessary to tip the roots regularly, since gray will be visible when the root zone is growing. The staining process is no different from the standard procedure, simply the first paint should be applied on the roots, only after that the rest.

        Be sure to continue to use moisturizing masks, because they will allow you to make curls softer. Sometimes after using the henna, they become dry, tough, the thing is that the grass dries curls.

        For air conditioning soaked the henna powder overnight in fresh black tea. Before use adds 1 st. L. oil or ½ eggs and apply on hair. Leave for an hour, then wash off.

        When dandruff apperaction, the use of a powder of colorless henna once a week will help get rid of this problem. It will be necessary to soak 2 hours. L. Fastellic seeds in 4 st. L. Cottage cheese for the night, next morning crushing, add 2 st. L. Henna and 1 st. L. Lemon juice. The mixture is applied to the scalp and wash off after 45 minutes.

        Master class on painting hair henna See next video.

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