Short hair haircuts

Short hair haircuts

The original short hair haircut is the best solution to eliminate issues with the creation of a memorable image. With it, it is easy to correctly adjust an overlooking chin form or remove focus on wide forehead. Balance the features using the correctly selected short hairstyle is much easier. In addition, women’s haircuts with volumetric paint possess the magic ability to subscribe to the age of their owner. It is not surprising that even recognized Hollywood style icons is easily forgiven with hair length.

There is a lot of ways to completely change the shape of the haircut, simply removing extrany strands and slightly upgrading the draft. Recent innovations offer Combine the work of the hairdresser with original creative staining, illuminated, highlights and original accessories. The contrasting bang gives the work of the Master Completion, emphasizes attention, adds the squeezing and brightness.

For bold natures, stylists this year are ready to offer a short cascade that does not require complex styling and significantly increasing the volume of hairstyles.

Who goes?

Deciding to radically change the image, many women fear that haircut for short hair may not give them the desired result. And indeed, such hairstyles are not all.

But if it is correctly selected, the attached volume and length is correct, and the rear view does not open too massive neck and shoulders, such a fashionable experiment will be quite appropriate.

Definitely worth trying this option hairstyles The owners of the right oval face, girls with big eyes and pronounced cheekbones. The easiest way to choose a haircut slim girl. But also when rounded the type of face and some pomp’s figure a good wizard will offer a haircut capable of completely transforming an image without spoiling it.

Volumetric short haircuts or hairstyles should obey certain laws. They keep the shape well and are almost universal for execution on any type of hair.


Classic, which entered into fashion while legendary twiggy. Haircut in which Makushka remains longer than the temporal area and the back, gives the female squeezing and very hooligan species.

Unlike short male hairstyles It has a clearly pronounced bang that allows you to vary the laying options. Haircut can be carelessly rocked in the spirit of rock and roll or smooth, creating an image of an exemplary girl.

In any case, Pixie has such a charm fact that it is capable of decorating and a very young parties amateur, and a kidden lady.

A distinctive feature of the haircut is Its variability. Over the years of its existence, Pixi managed to adapt to both round form of a person, adjusting it by underscounted by the forehead height, and to oval or square faces.

The only restriction on which is worth mentioning – the presence of hard, highly curly hair. Here to ask a clear form will simply fail.


Female haircut bob – One of the best options for creating incredibly elegant images. Her just adore Hollywood celebrities, especially since even the thinnest hair this option makes hairstyle. Beautiful styling here you can do on the wavy, and on straight strands. Does not matter and hair density.

If with the age of the pricing volume, the volume went, the bob will quickly correct the case.

Very romantic female haircut without a clear probor, but with a bulk population and open neck, has a lot of obvious advantages. It does not require complex styling and allows you to vary the images, then turning you into carefree nymph, then forming an appearance of a strict business woman.

To underline the volume, the occipital part of the head can be optted or scored using styling.

If the task consists not only to add volume, it is worth considering the creation options that are capable of solving the task of disguise the unnecessaries. It will easily cope with this Bob with a-shaped silhouette and oblique bangs having the same length as the front edge of the hair framing.

Another variation – Bob-kare, combines elements of Bob and Kare. Strands allocate evenly. The guide of the lower edge is the contour of cheek. The head is coated shorter than the hair on the sides, Mandatory element hairstyles is bangs.


A classic solution for those who want to give volume hair is a haircut. Today it is done not only on straight or smooth hair. Turning a popular French style hairstyle to universal weapons against stereotypes, it is happy to wear owners of curly curls.

The presence of bangs is also not necessarily, but in this case the formation of a clear probor is required – direct or bevelled side.

Care has options With the same length of the strand and version “on the leg” With hair weight shaving and overesthaoting line. The second option is suitable for thin hair, allowing them to add them volume. The haircut is most often performed with closed ears, but there are options and options to the tip of the nose, in this case the luges can remain open.

Kare on a straight sample or with classic bangs has a cunning feature to increase the volume of faces in the cheek area, if strands are painted in light tones. But there is nothing to fear brunettes and browns – their image from such a hairstyle will only benefit.


Simple haircut, which, at the expense of his step, gives the appearance of freshness and youth. The multi-layered strand forms the volume even on very thin hair, the length can also be arbitrary – until the middle of the ear, before the chin or the bottom edge of the neck. The haircut can be performed both without bangs and with its formation. Finished hairstyle does not require long and complex styling and goes absolutely all types of face.


When choosing hairstyles for thin women with long neck, you can pay attention to the haircut “Cap”, especially spectacular looking on dense and heavy hair. The bulk volume here comes to the area from the top of the middle of the ear, behind the hair is longer than ahead, thanks to which a beautiful and lush hairstyle is formed. The haircut is well held and allows you to vary the execution – add asymmetry or bangs.

On thin hair it is possible to use layer-by-layer impressions of the desired structure.


Short version of the cutting of Sesson – the best solution for owner of a sharp cheekbone or accented triangular chin. The magnificent and bulk version of hairstyles with it can be obtained on the hair of any thickness, and the modern fashionista of this man-made miracle of the famous stylist named Vidal Sassun.

Graduated hairstyle With a smooth transition of bangs in the side lines of the silhouette Looks incredibly effect. Moreover, a multi-layer haircut requires well-verified geometry, and there is hardly the most stringent requirements for the hairdresser here.

Since Seisson named British Stylist, it was in a foggy albion that this option was hairstyle not so long ago survived his second birth, gaining popularity among creative and freedom-loving natures. With proper execution, the haircut not only adds volume, but also herself takes a beautiful form without laying.

How to choose the appropriate option?

Original seasonal novelties and classic shortened haircuts always look attractive on the magazine gloss pages. But when choosing an optimal solution for real life, the easiest way is the consultation of a personal stylist or just a good master. But there are a number of moments about which to remember every woman.

The first one is the choice of length. Since most often short hair is made on thin hair, devoid of volume, it is worth choosing options that can adjust this flaw.

Graded, textured, asymmetrical and multi-layer haircuts – exactly what is needed in a similar situation.

Ease of laying also matters. The perfect option is a haircut that practically does not require additional effort. It is necessary to take into account and change as strands grow. If you end the ends to save the clarity of the circuit will have too often, it can quickly boring even the most patient fashionista.

The color decision plays an important role in the perception of the image. If, in addition to the haircut, it is planned to staining, it is worth considering that Experiments with color can make hair with coarse and hard.

The choice of shade may affect the appearance of the appearance, make it more expressive or too vigorous kitchev. Better stick to the golden middle.

Masives and face type. There is one general recommendation here: When descending to the maximum volume it is worth using highlighting, with which any, even the most capricious or short hair will look more impressive and magnificent.

When choosing a shape of a haircut it is worth considering a few moments.

  1. Triangular face With pronounced cheekbones and beveled chin, cutting hairstyles up to the middle of the neck, kare or bob-kara, allowing to curl lush curls if necessary.
  2. Heavy lower jaw and wide foreheadForm rectangle. For owner of such a person, a laminated haircut with a complex circuit or asymmetry will be the best choice.
  3. Oval – Universal Option. The owners of such a person can afford the most bold experiments – from the laconic French Seisson to a graduated kare or spectacular pixie.
  4. Round form requires correction with the help of an extended bang before the chin, with which you can beat the laying differently. Ultrashort “Hedgehogs”, and Bob or Kara will be appropriate here.

When selection of haircuts Be sure to be guided by the presence of time on laying. If it is not, you should not choose a form that requires regular maintenance in careful form. Better pick up negligent and bold image.

Recommendations for laying

The subtleties of hair laying largely depend on their type.

  • Hard and coarse hair. Here the best solution will be asymmetric haircuts length before the chin – Bob-Kare or Bob, as well as undercut with a shaved temple or immediately two sides of the head. Long bang will give a haircut variety, will help vary options and laying methods.

  • Thin strands tend to flush, they are soft, brittle and quite disobedient. Lack of volume here can compensate for complex multi-layer and asymmetric haircuts.

Achieve the desired effect will help and smooth styling in a classic style using a round brush and a hair dryer. When dried, strands are simply raised by the roots.

  • Not sufficiently thick hair need proper registration. Spectacular pixie haircut with elements of creativity will allow you to hide this flaw. Bangs can be born upstairs by adding volume or casually dissolve.

Also, the textured with cream or waxing strands, for curly curls is suitable.

  • Very dense hair. The volumetric mass falls badly into the hairstyle, sticks out, and looks inactively. The simplest solution here is the ultrakorty “Hedgehog” or the boyish “Garson”. You can also make a bulkbob, providing ever sticking strands with a neat and well-kept species. Speecually on thick hair looks like a square with milling.

Examples of laying

  • For asymmetric haircuts with elongated strands, framing the face, laying with elements of negligence and disorder. Wet hair is dried with a hairdryer, stacked by a rounded brush for giving shape. Then the individual strands are stacked in artistic disorder, mousse, gel or varnish are fixed.

  • Carding beach-style styling is still in fashion. To create it, it is enough just to dry the clean hair with a hairdryer with the addition of mousse in the root zone. Then it remains to make a few curled strands with the help of a curling and fasten their fingers to impart carelessness.

    • Short haircuts mastering masterpiece allows you to demonstrate growing hair. Texturing techniques revive the short hairstyle of Pixie. As the length increases, the combed elongated strands at the top of the face are removed back, opening the forehead and giving the volume with the whole hairstyle.

    • Thrown to Kara Kudri are stacked by textured waves, creating the effect of naturalness and ease.

    With how quickly and easily give the volume of haircut on short hair, you can get acquainted in the next video.

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