Supra for lightening hair: choice and use

Supra for lightening hair: choice and use

Sugra, more known to consumers as a white henna, is an effective means of lightening hair to 7 tones. However, the composition has nothing to do with the real henna, so when used, some features of Supra and the subtleties should be known.


Because of the powdered consistency, the Supra is often referred to as white henna, but this “genuine” name should not be misleading – the drug effectively illuminates the hair, but at the same time absolutely does not spare them.

The clarifier consists of two components: Ammonium carbonate and vegetable supplements. Alkaline components are etched from strands of coloring pigment, and vegetable – make this process softer. It is worth such a means is quite cheap, it acts perfectly, But the resulting color is more technical It contains unwanted yellowness and needs additional tinting.

Depending on the composition of Supra and original hair, the resulting shade can be reddish (especially when the hair, dark from nature, painted black), as well as yellow or ash-white.


Mix two types of white henna:

  • Kustar – It has a rather low cost, about 50 rubles, is implemented in the cosmetic departments of supermarkets and housekeeping stores+
  • Professional – It is much more expensive, from 200 to 2000 rubles, the final cost depends on the concentration of the oxidizing agent, the presence of softening components and the brand of the manufacturer.

Let us stay more on the mechanism of action of Supra. The main synthetic component of the substance is ammonia, additives can be introduced to accelerate the reaction with the hair rod to the composition – persulfates. The reaction is launched when connecting suicon with hydrogen peroxide or stronger oxygents, which are usually offered at a concentration from 6 to 12%.

In professional compositions, these components are included in one set, in handicrafts – two different, in which case their pre-connection is required.

The handicraft preparation does not contain any softening components, But silicon salts are introduced into the professional white henna, biologically active additives obtained from Indian Acacia seeds and some types of saccharides and amino acids that protect hair from chemical damage.

Under the influence of Supra and peroxide from the hair, melanin is washed – the main coloring pigment, it is because after staining the curls become lighter, But at the same time dry and brittle. Paint this type can cause serious damage to hair, so It is very important to accurately follow all the instructions, and at the end of the manipulations on the change of the koller as soon as possible to start reducing care procedures.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of white henna:

  • Ability to clarify at home+
  • Fast result+
  • Ability to bleach strands to 7 tones+
  • Wide price segment.

Only one can be noted from the disadvantages, there is a traumatic impact on the hair, so women with thin and brighter from nature curls, as well as the owners of weak, depleted strands after frequent staining and chemical curling, better to give preference to other ways to color.

However, for the sake of justice, we note that when choosing a qualitative means, as well as when the instructions for use, it is safe to brighten up safely, it is still really even independent at home.


Supper is used both for complete staining and torturing individual strands, in addition, the use of a drug for washing a unwanted shade is widely demanded.


Lightening strands white henna can easily do on their own. The mixture is applied to the lap of any degree of pollution. The sequence of actions in this case looks like this:

  • The contents of the bag are shrinking into a porcelain or glass container (plastic, as well as enameled, can oxidize, so do not fit)+
  • Powder is diluted with hot water and stir up to homogeneous consistency+
  • The resulting composition is evenly distributed on strands+
  • To achieve a larger effect, it is desirable to wear a warming cap – usually women use the package and additionally wrap their heads with a towel+
  • The clarifier is kept on her hair from 15 to 45 minutes, after which they wash off without using shampoo.


When grabbling, special attention should be paid to the consistency of the clarifying composition. It is desirable that he had a thickness sour cream, otherwise the solution will begin to flow, and the effectiveness of the clarification will decrease. However, if the procedure is planned in the fresh air, especially in the hot season, it is better to make a mixture a little more liquid so that it does not dry under the rays of the scorching sun.

Oxidifiers with a concentration of 3% or 4.5% take torture, as The lower this percentage, the slower there is a reaction, which means that the cleaner will be cleaned. The difference in the use of Supra for staining and highlighting is reduced only to the appliance technique and the volume of the drug.


Sometimes after dyeing hair, the result is very different from the expected, so women resort to paint wash, while high efficiency showed white henna. But keep in mind that in the case of weakened and brittle strands, there are some cases when they simply have been rehearsed right near the roots when applying a clarifying composition. If you want to quickly get rid of the inesttic color, it is better to contact the services of professionals who can competently pick up and dilute to the soup so that its harmful effects on the curls are minimal.

Usually for washing combine 1 piece of Supra, 1 piece of shampoo, 1 part of warm water and 2 parts of the oxidizing agent. All components are mixed in a homogeneous mass and smear on the curls with a sponge, stretching the hair with fingers at the same time. After the above time, the composition washed off, use balm air conditioning, and 2 days later, the curls are subjected to tinting and repainting.

How to lighten dark strands?

Supra is an effective tool, but it is incapable of wonders, so the owners of black strands will have to be lit into several stages, and it is desirable to use a professional composition.

The procedure is carried out in coloring techniques, But repeat 2-3 times with an interval of 10-14 days. In the interruptions, special attention should be paid to restoring procedures – the use of masks, oils and serums for hair regeneration.

Staining of dark blonde hair is much less traumatic – even if the procedure is incorrect, then flaws and flaws will not be as noticeable as on black curls. In this case, there will be quite one-time impact.

Care after discoloration

Supra is a pretty strong tool that makes her hair brittle and weak, strands often begin to fall out, and the tips flamm down, which in general makes the look of the chapels dim and lifeless. After discoloration, it is necessary to use balm and air conditioners designed to care for weakened strands. For combing it is better to use a brush or comb with rare teeth. Wet strands, in general, do not need comb – in a wet state they are very vulnerable and are quite easy to pull out, so wait for complete drying.

Fully eliminate the use of the hair dryer, as well as iron and bad – they only worsen and without the painful condition of the hair. If there are no alternatives – do not forget to use heat protection drugs. In order to quickly return healthy radiance and glitter, you should use leaving masks. They can be purchased in specialized stores, but you can use folk remedies.

By the way, it is absolutely optionally to make complex mixtures, you can use monorcepts. High efficiency has such products like honey, olive or ray oil, avocado, yolk eggs, also banana and cream.

Make up the masks are quite easy. Consider a few simple recipes.

  • Five tablespoons of honey melt on a water bath and mix with 20 ml of rapid oil, add 1 egg yolk, mix everything and apply on hair. For greater efficiency, you additionally wrap my hair with a warming cap. The mask is left on his hair 25-30 minutes, after which they wash off with a detergent and apply balm.
  • In equal proportions, mix the ray, castor and olive oil, warm the mixture and warm flashes on the hair from the roots to the most tips. The time of action is not limited, if you wish the mask, you can leave on my head even at night under a plastic hat.
  • The crushed ripen flesh of one avocado is connected with 1 spoon of honey and 2 spoon of olive oil. The fruit must be ripe, check it is very simple – you only need to press on the peel, and if a dent is formed, you can safely use it for cosmetic procedures.

Sugra is a very effective tool, but its use requires special care when applying and caring for curls after discoloration. Try not to abuse white henna.

The maximum allowable amount of use per month – three, but preferably less, Otherwise, a great risk is thoroughly spoaling to the hair and, instead of beautiful curls, get an untidy lap on the head.

In the next video you are waiting for technology clarification of the hair with suprole and painting in the cabin.

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