Than clarify hair without yellowness?

Than clarify hair without yellowness?

Love for experiments over their appearance is laid in every woman nature. Special place in this “experimental hobby” occupy women’s attempts to change color, shape, length of their hair. This article will talk about hair coloring, more precisely, about its radical form – transition to light color.

At first glance it may seem that such a topic does not deserve such a thorough consideration, but those who dealt with such a procedure, and even more experienced hairdressers may assure that this is one of the most delicate and requiring special attention of the processes. The reason for this – hair pigmentation and its effect on the appearance of yellowness.

Causes of Yellow Shade

Yellow shade – the result of incorrect staining of hair and inattentive approach to this process. The appearance of yellowness is caused by pigments that are in the hair, in natural color, and are very different in terms of different lines of curls.

Especially persistent are pigments of dark and black hair. From here it follows that the brighter of the hair, the easier it is to produce lightening.

Consider briefly the most common mistakes leading to the appearance of unwanted yellowness.

  • Saving money for high-quality paint.
  • Errors when mixing and applying paint.
  • Refrigerated Clarification Procedure for Dark Hair. If you are the owner of exactly such a chapels, go through consultation with a specialist, he will tell you the least traumatic way to lighten the curls. Do not forget that for dark shades, the discoloration process should pass in several stages.
  • Damaged hair. It is very important to restore the hair before you brighten them. Dry, brittle, lifeless strands are not subject to discoloration.
  • Using tap water for rinsing. Water from the tap in its chemical composition (chlorine, various salts, rust) has adverse effects on curls, especially on the clarified.
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding period. In these stages of life, a woman occurs colossal hormonal changes that affect hair pigmentation.
  • Incompatibility of Krasika. For example, curls, painted henna, need to lighten in a special way. The results of mixing chemical and natural coloring substances can be very unpredictable.

Professional means

The most efficient means for switching to blond is a persistent hair paint, especially if we are talking about dark curls. Next, consider the various paints for lightening hair without yellowness from the most popular brands, as well as tint balsams, gels and other funds recommended by professionals.

This list of paints will suit women with rusia, light-chestnut and not very dark lines of curls:

  • Casting Creme Gloss L’Oreal. Soft on hair and efficient resistant paint carefully brightens curls. As a result, they look shiny, healthy and have no slightest hint of yellowing. Paint is presented in a large palette of shades.
  • Garnier Color Sensation Super Lightering. Does not contain ammonia and peroxide, gently illuminates for 6 tones. It includes fruit oils, rose essence, pearl and platinum pigment. Taking care of the hair.
  • Palette Phytolinium “Scandinavian blond”. Gentle, gentle paint. Caring for hair due to the content of orange oil and jojoba. Whiten by 4 shades.
  • Matrix Color Sync. One of the most careful paints for clarification. Because of its delicate composition, no more than 4 shades. Does not injure the hair structure and guarantees the absence of yellowness.
  • Blonde Ultime Schwarzkopf. There are many means for lightening the hair: balsams, sprays and t. D. Blond shades palette is represented in 8 wonderful shades.

To stronger clarifying means, in many of which ammonia acts as a clarifier includes the following drugs.

  • Kapous Bleaching Powder. Professional Clamps for Lightening, Available and For Use at Home. Contains ammonia and menthol.
  • Matrix Light Master. Clarifier powder. Contains ammonia. Disadvantage – very high price.
  • Revlon Professional Blonde Up. Due to the content of the pigment complex and the absence of ammonia, the curls brightly illuminates, not traumating them.
  • Ollin Megapolis Blond Powder. Brightens hair without damage, does not contain aggressive components, does not dry hair.
  • SYOSS PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE 13-0. This paint is capable of brightening hair for 9 tones. Contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Despite his composition, paints with hair concern.
  • BBCOS White Meches Bleaching. Lightes the curls of all shades, including very dark, not traumating them.
  • Igora Royal 10-4. Judging by the reviews of customers, always pleases with its effect. Is professional paint, but acceptable and for home use.

Less aggressive means are shading shampoos and gels. They do not cause any harm to the chapel. Accordingly, their effect is short-lived and the owner of dark hair cannot be used, while for women with light curls they provide an amazing opportunity to brighten the hair on a couple of shades.



Folk ways

In addition to modern professional chemicals of clarification, There are also folk methods, very efficient, original and absolutely harmless.

  • Lemon juice. Suitable for red and light hair, brighten up 1-2 tones. Prepares from the water and juice of one lemon. Sick lemon and add half liter of water. Rinse hair after washing this solution.

To enhance the effect, hold the hair under the sunny rays of 10 minutes.

  • Honey and cinnamon. Few people know, but these products have clarifying properties. Cooking the mixture is needed from 50 g of honey, 50 g cinnamon and 100 ml of hair conditioner. Air conditioner is needed for uniform mask. Wrap the head with polyethylene and on top of another towel. The towel is removed after 30 minutes, and the mask with polyethylene holds another 2 hours.

  • Kefir mask. Kefir is very useful for hair and can work wonders. For clarifying masks need 30-50 g kefir, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of vodka or brandy, teaspoon shampoo and half lemon. All ingredients are mixed and applied to hair.

The head should be wrapped with polyethylene and towel. Mask need to keep at least 8 hours.

  • chamomile. The simplest and most famous clarification means. A decoction of 2-spoons of dry flowers of daisies, which boil 10 minutes. The decoction is cool, focusing and used as a rinser after shampoo.

Rules of clarification

Before proceeding with the clarification itself, it is necessary to take into account the following points.

  • If you are red-haired (painted or natural), you must necessarily conduct a preliminary procedure of hair discoloration, otherwise the yellowness cannot be avoided.
  • Brunettes get blond curls even more difficult to: bring the tone to white color is quite difficult due to a large number of pigments in hair and lighten the curls for one procedure almost impossible, and very harmful. The best option is a gradual lightening of the chapels for several tones, once over time.
  • To avoid the appearance of yellowness, girls with light shades of curls are recommended to choose ash or platinum colors.
  • If the paint includes ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, then in no case cannot use metal tools for applying a mixture to the head, since a chemical reaction with sad consequences may occur for the result of staining.
  • Before painting, it is recommended not to wash your head 2-3 days.
  • With damaged hair, it is necessary to first be necessary to pass the procedures for the restoration of the chamelurs.
  • The components of the paint are mixed directly before coloring, in no case in advance. If all the points of instructions and the time of exposure of the mixture on the head are properly complied with – the result will please you.
  • To remove the coloring composition from the head, do not use chlorinated tap water. Be sure to prepare a lemon solution. To do this, add at least 1 glass of lemon juice to the water for rinsing.

Next, let’s talk about the very procedure for applying the clarifying mixture. The paint is applied first to the occipital region and only then on the forehead and whiskey. The mixture should cover the hair evenly and abundantly, from the roots to the tips. Time passes upon completion of the application of paint.

Pay special attention to the presence of lumps in the mixture. To successfully discolor or paint your hair, the mixture must be absolutely homogeneous, otherwise the color will turn out to be uneven.

The absence of yellowness immediately after dyeing does not mean that it will not appear for some time. Avoiding this unpleasant result of clarification will help different special care products for painted light hair. There are a great set of such funds today.

You can take advantage of traditional honey masks and rinsing of curls with lemon juice. After staining, especially if the paint includes ammonia, oxide or hydrogen peroxide, the curl recovery should be conducted.


          On the bottomless spaces of the Internet, you can find a large number of reviews both on separate paints and on the very technique of clarification, consider some of them. A huge number of positive feedbacks users leave polette phytoline preparations. Professional specialists note that this paint does not harm the hair and copes well with his task, pleased with the resulting tinge.

          Most of the reviews are devoted to the powdered Kapous tool, capable of illuminating the hair without the appearance of yellowness. The only disadvantage of the powder is a certain difficulty in the correct preparation of the mixture: it is impossible to deviate from the instructions. Otherwise, the result can disappoint. High ratings are obtained and preparations from the brand Schwarzkopf. They are distinguished by high quality and very effective.

          Garniere products loved buyers at the expense of their composition. The use of predominantly natural ingredients in which the famous fruit extracts include, – “highlight” of this brand, which allows you to get the perfect result.

          Separate mention deserve reviews, Concerning hair clarification using white henna. Many users say that white Henna burns hair and contributes to their falling.

          Lightening or discoloration of curls – a nuance-saturated procedure, especially for owner of very dark shades, so Before it is advisable to seek advice to the experienced master.

          If you still decided to lighten your hair at home, see the following video, in which this process is scheduled for steps.

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