Thermal protection for hair straightening is ironing: types and tips for choosing

Thermal protection for hair straightening is ironing: types and tips for choosing

With regular hair straightening, the problem of their damage under the influence of high temperatures is very acute. Questions about where to find the best means to protect with hair straightening at home, continue to be relevant. The need to apply special compositions in salon conditions is not even discussed. For home use, you can also find suitable means to reduce risks when using ironing and hair smoothing. Their features, varieties, the rules of choice and application worth considering as much as possible.

Why Need Protection?

To understand why you need thermal protection of hair from ironing, it is enough to study the impact that turns out to be strained when contacting a hot surface. Used to straighten fixtures can be heated in the contact area with curls up to 230 degrees.

It is important to remember that every hair consists of a hardened protein – keratin, destroying under the influence of thermal exposure. The outer layer that protects the shells firmly adjacent to each other, is called Cortex, it is it determines pigmentation, affects the color gamut of strands.

When contacting the source of heating, there is evaporation of moisture from a keratin rod, it is deprived of fatty lubrication. Hair becomes brittle, dishes on the tips, loses his shine. When using protective means, the probability of damage is significantly reduced. In addition, the Cortex remains protected, since scales are not disclosed in thermal exposure.

An additional purpose of thermal protection means is the weight gain – they become more obedient, they are easier to fit, longer preserve the shape of hairstyles.

Types of funds

Existing types of thermal protection cans can be divided into several categories, according to the method and features of their application. There are compounds used exclusively when laying hair. Protect them strands immediately before contact with hot iron. Washing tools are used as a component of integrated care, these include balms, shampoos and air conditioners.

Their protective effect is based on regular, systematic strengthening, restoration of hair structure.

As a rule, in addition to the washes, it has to be additionally used Incommunicable compositions. They are applied on dry hair, ensure the saturation of strands with vitamins and other nutrients. This category of thermal protection is represented by serums, fluids, oils, sprays. Alcohol compositions are designed for fatty hair, oil-based oils are focused on ensuring the heating of very dry strands.


To the category of washed means for thermal protection, it is customary to, used in everyday hair care.

  • Shampoo. Compositions with thermal protection properties provide soft cleansing, remove excess skin saline. When choosing funds, you need to make sure that there are hydrosaccharides and xylose. In the complex, these funds control the closure of hair scales, help to form a special protective film on the surface of the hair.

  • Balm. Funds with enveloping structure are the best solution for complex hair restoration after thermal exposure. With the right choice of composition you can noticeably reduce the effect on strand of static electricity. Thermal protective balsams need to withstand on her hair, like masks, not less than 15 minutes, distributing along the entire length. Then the result will be impressive.


Among the means that do not require washes, the compositions differ in the intense feeding effect can be distinguished. They envelop hair, protecting them from the negative effect of high temperatures, help restore damage to the keratin layer. The most popular forms of the release of the immentable thermal protection should be considered Read more.


Such means are applied to wet hair after washing the head, distributed over their entire length. This option is recommended for use on climbing, naughty hair, as well as with high pendants of the chapels. Creams are well absorbed, without weighting hair, make it easier for combing and gliding iron.

With constant use, they give the same effect that salon keratin rectification.


Sprayed on dry or wet hair, serves a kind of booster between the hair rod and the hot iron platform. Helps prepare hair to the straightening procedure. As part of most thermal protection sprays there is keratin. The texture is worth choosing, based on the type of hair. Than they are greasy and thinner, the easier it should be the composition.


This is a special category of funds, used on very dry, severely damaged hair. The heat protection oil includes keratin, providing the restoration of the hair structure. Such formulations are usually not applied for the entire length, distributing it exclusively at the tips. Oil facilitates straightening of naughty, curly hair.

For laying

Means facilitating laying and simultaneously protecting hair from negative thermal exposure, are considered the best choice for hot straightening lovers. Among the most popular options here can be distinguished by a foam, providing stable fixation, fluid-shine and sprays. The principle of action of all options is the same – they form a film that prevents the evaporation of moisture on the hair, and have a pronounced fixing effect necessary to preserve the results of straightening.

Rating the best

Considering the best thermocrustics intended for use with straightening iron, You can highlight the products of the brands below.

  • L’Oreal. The company produces funds from different classes focused on providing high-quality hair thermal protection. Here are ABSOLUTE REPAIR and NUTRIFIER creams, serum Steam Pod. High efficiency, a variety of output forms help choose a suitable heat protection agent for different types of hair.

  • Schwarzkopf. The brand produces a thermal protection line Schwarzkopf Professional, which allows laying at temperatures up to 220 degrees. Means are noticeably smoothed the hair, give them a well-kept look, but do not restore the grains. Also, companies belong to the Gliss Kur brand, producing oil-spray for thermal protection when laying. The composition is highly efficient, recommended for applying hair.

  • Matrix. The brand is considered rather popular even in a professional environment, but its thermal protection compositions cause ambiguous impressions. Of particular interest is the HEAT Resist series – shampoo, air conditioning, smoothing lotion, with comprehensive use with other means provide faster hair restoration. Spray and cream for laying and fixing the hairstyle Design Pulse more fixes the stacking than it protects it from heating. But at low temperatures, it is quite effective.

  • ESTEL. Russian brand has professional and amateur means for thermal protection. The Airex line presents a spray for light spraying with silk proteins suitable for dry or wet application. Thermal Protection – Another line of Estel compositions. Spray this series also helps reduce hair porosity, has a slight locking effect, suitable for use with an iron at temperatures up to 200 degrees.

  • Kapous. The brand has a professional lines of the Mermo Barrier salon thermal protection, providing a slight spraying composition on her hair. Among other things, the tool facilitates gliding iron on her hair, removes the gun.

These compositions are suitable for non-professional applications, focused on maximum simplicity, ease of application. The price category varies from the average to the budget, which allows each buyer to find a product to taste.

Choice rules

Understand how the rules are selected thermal protection for hair from ironing, helps a detailed analysis of all important points. Among the most significant criteria, individual features can be distinguished: the type of scalp, the presence of inflammatory processes, allergies. In addition, the value is dry or fatty hair, their density, and even the structure. Take the right solution to help useful recommendations.

  • Normal hair and healthy head leather allow you to choose heat protection from iron without restrictions. It can be air conditioning, washed with water, or spray that does not require removal after pulling. Incomplete compounds are better than others protect hair from thermal exposure. They are characterized by lighter consistency, well absorbed.

  • Very dry hair, injured or sensitive head skin do not tolerate alcohol exposure. They are selected thermal protection on a fatty, oil basis. The optimal form for applying – sprays and foams, easily distributed over the surface of strands of different lengths and evenly enveloping them.

  • Normal hair or fatty roots and dry on the tips need to expose intense therapeutic effects. Means for therapy are used non-intensive, in the form of intensively moisturizing sprays and natural oils without a mineral component. If the ends are very dry, often break, during their treatment you need to abandon the laying of the iron. After recovery when pulling strands, you need to pay more attention to the tips and only a small part of the composition allocate all over the length.

  • Greasy hair It is better not to lose the thermal protection, applied without flushing. Here you can use shampoos, balms, air conditioners. Oil insgusable compositions In this case, only accelerate the contamination of strands and will not allow to get a long saving of beautiful hairstyles.

  • Thin, devoid hair, require the use of immentable tools with very light texture. Fluids or emulsions will be appropriate here. They do not lose weight, retain its volume and will help to provide sufficient thermal protection.

  • Curly curly hair It is recommended to prepare to lay the iron with the help of washes. Evenly distribute the composition in the form of a spray or serum along the entire length on dry curls will be much more complicated. The choice of washed thermocrusts is better to do in favor of thick and dense product consistency.

Considering these tips, it is possible to find the optimal thermal protection agent for hair care before laying iron.

Features of use

To make a safe hair pulling procedure at home, it is worth considering certain tips to increase its efficiency. Before you start using a specific composition, you must have to study the manufacturer’s recommendations attached to it. Not all thermal protection products are suitable for use with iron – some are heated with a hairdryer.

It is necessary to take into account the optimal temperature range and the way of applying the composition on strands – it can mean their pre-moisturizing.

Read a little carefully. Need to take into account the influence intensity. For use with iron, only heat protection agents that have the highest degree of protection are suitable. It is impossible to apply incommable compositions for dirty curls – Pre-wash head is a mandatory part of the care. For the summer period, you need to choose compounds containing UF filters.

Review reviews

Rate how thermal protection helps to protect your hair from cutting, helps buyer reviews. Not all of them notice the real effect of the use of special chemical compositions. In addition, if the laying is performed regularly, it will not be possible to get 100% defense anyway – Hair will need special care and full-fledged recovery. It matters, according to ordinary consumers, and its own hair type. Dry requires much more intense feeding composition, for fatty will be enough easy spray.

Reviews about thermal protection means for straightening strands as a whole make it possible to understand that With regular use of iron, their use is simply inevitable. It is noted that the most effective are the compositions relating to professional or premium products. But the means of category mass market often do not justify expectations.

Thermal protection means are not the components of the care on which you need to save, and when buying it is better to give preference to goods of brands, which have proven themselves from the best side and have the highest consumer assessments.

About what is needed thermal protection for hair and how to use it, look in the following video.

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