Thermocrathine: what it is and how much does it hold?

Thermocrathine: what it is and how much does it hold?

Each woman at any age takes care of the state of their hair. Environmental impact, stress and other negative factors negatively affect the curls – they become thin, dry, brittle, sequencing. In addition, the problem exacerbates popular means for laying – Hair Dryer, Crying, Iron, Curl. Salon and home regenerating procedures will help to return the beauty and health of curls. Treatment of thermoceratin continues to conquer love among women – consider it more.

What it is?

Classical ceratation is the application of a special composition on strands, which is based on natural keratin. This substance penetrates deep layers of hair, leaving a significant part on its surface. As a result, a special protective film with light glitter is formed. To enhance the activation of the drugs that are part of the drug, the hair before starting the procedure is treated with a hot iron – High temperature positively affects the absorption of keratin. Therefore, even in the treatment, it is not necessary without thermal impact. Unlike thermo-coratin recovery that does not require additional heating instruments.

Cause – in a unique composition. The substance is connected to the special thermoactivator, as a result, the necessary heat is formed, due to this, deep penetration occurs and the rapid absorption of useful elements.

Thermocratic recovery is a medical procedure that fills the entire lack of valuable components, saturated with keratin hairs, amino acids, vitamins. In addition, the damaged layer of the cuticle on the outer surface of the curls is restored, scales are not allowed, and after a healthy shine and smoothness of curls appear.

According to professional hairdressers, thermocratic is suitable for:

  • straightening curly / curly strands+
  • Restoration of damaged hair after frequent thermal exposure, as well as staining, washing of coloring pigment+
  • Return of shine and radiance+
  • Getting rid of fragility, dull, split tips.

Women note that after the rehabilitation procedure of the hair, it becomes soft to the touch, a beautiful shine appears, especially in sunny weather. By the way, in this way it is possible to extend the effect of staining – the color remains saturated and uniform. Treatment of hot keratin demonstrates a good result both in the cabin and at home.

Modern professional haircases allow you to carry out a safe, efficient home procedure – the main thing, to act according to the application instructions.

The work of masters in the cabin includes several stages:

  • Washing the scalp, hair deep cleaning shampoo (it is distinguished by a strong effect – removes skin fat, dirt, cosmetics residues)+
  • Application of the drug+
  • washing special keratin shampoo+
  • Drying, laying.

Pros and cons

Keratin is essentially protein of natural origin, which has a beneficial effect on the scalp – especially on the structure of the hairs. Already after the first session of the restorative procedure, the woman notice the positive effect. So, it is worth highlighting the main advantages of hot keratin:

  • Reduction of electrification, fluffyness+
  • Fixing, save color after different types of staining+
  • deep nutrition, moisturizing+
  • harmless straightening+
  • Restoration of the structure of the damaged hair due to the abuse of a hairdryer, catching, iron+
  • good thermal protection (especially in summer – with strong impact of UV rays)+
  • Seating split ends+
  • Smoothing of scales+
  • Cumulative action (saves the necessary stock of vitamins)+
  • Improving the appearance of curls+
  • Safe at home+
  • Compared with classic keratin, the cost is significantly lower.

Unfortunately, this service can lead to negative consequences, so first of all it is necessary to determine its type of hair, consult with a specialist or familiar master, as well as follow the recommendations set out in the instructions for the use of the purchased fund (if you are going to conduct a procedure yourself).

    The disadvantages of little – from them stand out:

    • Increases the fat content of the roots – as a result of which the hair is quickly dirty (with a fatty type, the problem can only be aggravated)+
    • The effect of the drug takes the curls – there is a frequent fallout (with alopecia and other similar problems the procedure is contraindicated)+
    • The risk of manifestation of an allergic reaction to components included in the composition – especially for formaldehyde.


      The Russian cosmetology company ESTEL is engaged in the production of professional hair care products. So, the special set of estel thermokeratin is the best in the Russian market. It offers a safe rehabilitation procedure at home at a democratic price. In addition, drugs are absolutely harmless, so you should not worry about “unpredictable result” or “spoiled curls”.

      The thermocheratin complex from “Estelle” includes 3 main components.

      • Keratin mask (300 ml) – Provides resuscitation to each hairs from the inside, gives additional nutrition, saturation with utility substances.
      • Thermoactivator (200 ml) – forms the required amount of heat for the strengthened protein action.
      • Keratin water (100 ml) – is the so-called fixer. Contributes to the preservation and accumulation of valuable elements.

      Hot keratin not only gives beauty and natural glitter hair, but still has a healing action.

      Before applying the recovery complex from “Estelle” at home, be sure to read the instructions attached in the product box. Since bottling fluids have a strong effect, it will not be superfluous to check the cosmetics on an allergic reaction.

      Step-by-step description of the use of estel thermokeratin at home.

      • First of all it is necessary to clean the scalp and hair with a special keratin shampoo of the same brand, rinse with warm water.
      • Retreating 1-2 cm roots, apply mask (300 ml), slightly massaging head. Enough to hold about 10 minutes. Mask does not require washing.
      • Up on top of the applied composition, use the thermoactivator (200 ml) for 1 minute.
      • Next, both components are washed off with warm water. Experts recommend to carry out such a manipulation of 2-3 times, after that you can experience some film on the strands – this is normal.
      • Upon completion, keratin water (100 ml) is sprayed, which does not require flushing.

      How much is holding?

      The duration of the effect after applying hot keratin of the ESTEL brand is about 4 weeks. The result depends not only on the type and status of the curls, but also from subsequent care. In addition, incorrectly performed work can lead to poor consequences.

      Be sure to follow the recommendations from the instruction. You can also use the tool to the newly painted hair.

      Care after the procedure

        Subsequent care – an important stage in preserving the effect of the salon or home rehabilitation procedure. Common Error – Some women continue to use shampoos / balms for daily washing, however, such funds are able to wash the entire protein, as well as destroy the protective film on the surface of the strand. That is why it is important to use special means, which includes valuable protein.

        Professional masters advise paying attention to shampoos without sulfates and parabens. The range of companies often have a ruler for care after treatment with thermo-coratin. By the way, shampoos are sold in large volumes, so slowly spent.

        In addition to the basic means, the mask is perfectly manifested in combination with keratin water – judging by the reviews of girls, such a duet (2-3 times a week) creates real wonders with hair – does not lose weight, makes soft and silky.


        Reviews for salon procedure, as well as a set for thermo-coratin recovery Estel Termokeratin Very diverse. Most of women notes an amazing effect after the first session. So, the cabin workers before the procedure spend a consultation, where the initial state is determined, hair type. An important factor is the type of coloring or other thermal manipulations. The higher the degree of damage to strands – the more keratin services will need.

        Other customers complain about strengthening hair loss, root fatness. Such results, according to hairdressers, are associated with an incorrectly designated type or initial state of strands – this service has been contraindicated from seborrhy, alopecia,. As for home use of the complex, girls are watching very good results – the main thing is to clearly follow the instructions for use, as well as in advance to develop subsequent care.

        Affordable price plus economical consumption (according to the buyer, one set can be enough for 10 procedures – depending on the length of the champions) make complex professional care to real salvation for damaged hair requiring additional nutrition, softness, shine, and the main thing – protection.

        Review about thermocratic from estel See next video.

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