Thin curls: species and characteristics

Thin curls: species and characteristics

Important elements of the image of each girl are not only clothes, makeup, but also hairstyle. Beautifully laid hair – it is already half of the success, which is why it is spent a lot of time on laying. But in order for hairstyle to look beautiful and stylishly, it is not necessary to run into the salon for helping the professional. Today, thanks to a large assortment of instruments of small household appliances, such as a fluff, even naughty hair can be turned into perfect curls on their own.

There are many manufacturers and even more models of the hairpin, each of which is characterized by parameters and the final result.


Thin hair curler is an electrical device that is characterized by a diameter of forceps, which can be from 9 mm to 25 mm. From this parameter depends the magnitude of the curls, as well as the duration of the effect.

Using modern thin curls for curls, you can make small curls, corrugations or spiral. It all depends on what type of device is applied, and they are the following types:

  • Classic+
  • In the form of cone+
  • In the form of a triangle+
  • triple+
  • with two working surfaces+
  • with a spiral nozzle and others.

Since the strength of laying and health of the chapels depend on the material of the coating of the forceps, each manufacturer tries to use high-quality raw materials. So, the coating of a thin curl happens:

  • Ceramic – It is quite safe, does not harm and does not violate the structure+
  • Teflonov – gentle for hair, but quickly erases, and in case the Teflon coating erased, it is no longer recommended to use such a curl (the usual metal, burning curls is located under the coating)+
  • Turmalinov – This is one of the best coatings, which was developed quite recently, durable and safe, but it is worth noting that the device with it is much more expensive than two previous.


To date, there are many companies that are engaged in the production of a ward for curling and styling hair. Of course, some brands are well known to all, as their products have long been presented on the market, and there are few people about others. But we all know well that the popularity and demand of products is not connected with the fame of the manufacturer. It’s all about quality and security.

Bearing in mind the foregoing, we want to offer a list of brands whose products are recognized worldwide is characterized by quality and reliability. So, the most popular producers of thin wool are:

  • Rowenta+
  • Philips+
  • Bosch+
  • Braun+
  • Remington.

Products of the above brands are sold in almost every store where electrical household appliances have. But there are such firms that can be bought exclusively in branded and specialized sales points:

  • Babyliss+
  • Veleva Paramount+
  • Valera.

These three companies are engaged in the production and sale of professional badges, which are later used in beauty salons.


Each of the above manufacturers has many different models in its assortment, and this is not surprising at all, because today there is a curling forceps are very popular among fair sex representatives.

In order to familiarize yourself with the most popular models of thin badges for creating beautiful curls, take a look at the table:



The resulting effect

Characteristics of the Poycle



Natural curves of large diameter.

Ceramic coating tongs that are quickly heated, curls are checked well.

PHC 9490


Classic Locks.

You can use for various hair, equipped with 9 heating modes and a special display.

CF 3345


Classic thin curls.

Crying quickly heats up, comfortably lies in hand. The tip is thermally insulated.

CF 3372


Used to create large strands.

Characterized by fast heating, the presence of 9 laying modes, automatic shutdown function.

CI 5319


Large curls with a diameter of 3.2 cm.

Does not harm hair, quickly warms, equipped with ionization function.

Vav 2280 E


Used for professional laying.

Titanium-turmaline coverage, automatic shutdown, thermal insulation.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a curls for curls, need to take into account a number of moments.

  • Material of manufacture. Earlier in the article, we described in detail the possible coating options.
  • The ability to adjust the temperature regime. It is desirable that this feature is available. This is due to the fact that everyone has different hair. For example, to screw the thin and weakened strands, a sufficiently low temperature, but for thick and hard curls will need a high temperature regime.
  • Diameter nozzles.

If you are the owner of long and durable hair, it is desirable to achieve an effect to use a thin nozzle of 9 mm. So the curls will be stronger and not promoted.

Terms of Use

    In order for the curls to be beautiful, and the effect of using forceps was long, It is necessary to follow the rules:

    • Before starting winding, hair needs to be washed and dried+
    • In order not to overcover the curls, it is advisable to apply a cosmetic thermal protection+
    • Do not screw one strand for a long time – enough 30 seconds+
    • so that the curls keep longer, take small strands+
    • It is impossible to comb the curls while they are hot.

    If necessary, after the screw, lock the hairstyle. This guarantees a long effect.

    About how to choose a hair flux, look next.

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