What is the different coloring from the timing?

What is the different coloring from the timing?

Staining hair is a popular way to change your own image. There are many different techniques for changing the color of individual strands, including highlighting and coloring. Each of them has its own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages.

Characteristics and distinctive features of methods

There is a big difference between coloring and meling – these two techniques are very different among themselves not only by execution, but also by age restrictions, the complexity of execution, the cost of work of the Master.

Under the decoration in the field of hairdressers, they understand the allocation of individual strands, followed by their lightening with a special composition. Masters try to make a soft transition, so not always the clarified curls of the same sizes. Among the main distinctive features of the art under consideration – the permissible size of the painted curls. Discoloration should be no more than 40% of the volume of all hair.

This technique looks bad on black curls, because they have a lot of natural pigment and alone almost impossible. After dyeing, the hairstyle looks unnatural, strands are obtained by red.

When placing there is no sharp transition, in contrast to coloring, in this and the advantage of technology. Modern designers are increasingly flying away from contrast and tend to smooth color change.

Hair discoloration in this manner does not take much time, you can independently do it at home. This is an amazing and inexpensive option for those girls who have premature gray, but they don’t want to fully color hair, because they are so harder. Taking advantage of the technique can any beautiful sex representative that does not want sharp changes in the image. Light shades will allow you to look younger, they attract attention to themselves, hide age-related changes.

Coloring is no less popular modern hair coloring technique that allows you to make an image bright. Optionally use causing shades, today there are enough options, as natural colors can be combined with each other.

Coloring is better defined on young girls up to 25 years, curls are painted in any color. It is almost impossible to paint the hair yourself, since the technique is considered complex. It will be necessary not only to allocate the right strands, but also to apply paint.

If a woman has a dark natural hair color, then the curls are often highlighted to achieve the desired shade. Professionals learned to make corresponds to several shades, while in general the image looks very harmonious. This is the perfect option for asymmetric haircuts and ripped hairstyles.

Differences between two technicians are enough to not confuse them. Melting assumes only discoloration of hair, while coloring – complete staining in the desired color.

According to the intensity of exposure to curls, highlighting is less harmful, transitions are softer, while when coloring the main goal is to achieve clear contrast.

Use simple hair discoloration can be used at any age, while coloring is better to avoid older women, because it gives up visually. You can not always choose the right symbiosis of colors, so the coloring procedure is desirable to entrust the professional.

What to choose what is better?

Depending on the effect that the girl wants to achieve, it is worth making a choice towards one or another technique. On short and long hair and highlighting, and coloring looks wonderful.

If the main goal of a fair sex is a hide to hide the emerging gray, age, then the perfect option is the discoloration of the curls. Melting looks good on light hair and on dark blond.

Often girls try to look bright, in this case on dark hair will look good. Short haircuts are best suited to use this technique, especially if they suggest several levels. With a combination of different colors, unusual transitions are obtained.

It is very important to achieve naturalness if highlighting is used, so depending on the natural colors of the hair use special shades, for example, copper, honey, wet sand and others. The main work of the master is aimed at turning out the effect of solar overflows on the curls. It should look like high-quality, made professionally highlighting.

Coloring allows you to achieve a visual increase in hair volume, especially if the haircut is asymmetric. The image after the selection of the correct shades is obtained bright and unique.

Each girl requires an individual approach, because that one approached one, can spoil the hairstyle. Take into account everything, including the color of the woman.

Considering both techniques, it is impossible not to allocate their advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages of highlighting can be called:

  • Additional visual volume, which is extremely important on thin hair+
  • it allows you to look younger+
  • smooth transitions require correction less+
  • you can hide high quality+
  • spending less time to paint.

There are technique and disadvantages:

  • can be used when staining only 40% of the curls+
  • not suitable on dark hair+
  • expensive procedure in the cabin.

As for coloring, then from its advantages can be allocated:

  • Creating an unusual image+
  • can be used on any color hair+
  • When changing the method of laying, the color rendition changes+
  • Good visual volume.

Of the minuses:

  • Coloring is stronger than highlighting, injures hair+
  • Frequent correction is needed+
  • It is even more expensive in the professional salon+
  • takes a lot of time when staining.

How to care for hair after the procedures?

Any painting, unless natural ingredients were used, negatively affects the structure of the hair. There are several hair care techniques that help restore the health of curls, save their color and shine.

After painting the cuticle hairs are open, the resulting moisture is lost, they become dry, lifeless, quickly lose color. From the girl you need to constantly moisturize and feed curls, use less alkaline shampoos. Damaged hair is very easy to determine as they:

  • porous+
  • With sequential ends+
  • broke with combing+
  • dull+
  • Hard.

Correct care after staining includes:

  • Natural drying of hair without using a hair dryer+
  • It is impossible to comb with wet+
  • Do not cross the exposure to sunlight+
  • It is worth minimizing styling using iron and curls+
  • Regular use of pleasant serums, masks based on natural ingredients, including oils.

When caring for painted hair, the main task is to eliminate damage caused. Since the painted hair is weaker, when wet, you should not wipe them hard with a towel, just get enough. Combing after washing also increases the likelihood of hair damage.

Heat from a hair dryer reveals the hairproof, cuts them. If you need to quickly dry your head, it is better to use it at the lowest temperature. Silicone serums will help protect against such a problem. They smooth the hair rod and act as a barrier, holding back moisture inside.

Protein procedures are a recent invention for hair treatment. They are indispensable for those who have after dyeing are badly damaged. Such treatment prevents fragility, restores curls after structural damage in the bulb.

Air conditioning is directed to high-quality hair moisturizing. The procedure allows you to achieve the desired shine, the hair becomes soft, silky.

Be sure to use masks with oils in the composition. Olive oil is the best for hair because it contains vitamin E and several other essential nutrients that have a positive effect on the curls and scalp.

Vitamin E improves the elasticity of the hair, makes them soft and shiny, prevents their loss. Oil deeply feeds hair bulbs, stimulates hair growth, strengthening them from roots. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, olive oil also helps to alleviate the symptoms of dry or sodium scalp.

You can combine olive oil with banana, honey and egg. The latter in the nutrient mask are a rich source of proteins, fatty acids and biotin, which stimulate hair growth, restore damaged strands. Honey and banana make curls soft and shiny. This is a great remedy for split tips.

Amel or Indian gooseberry will be wonderful ingredients for a mask activating hair growth. They help improve blood circulation in the scalp, strengthen hair roots. Some use the Indian gooseberry to prevent the premature appearance of the seeds and cut hair loss. Castor oil restores the natural pH of the scalp, thereby increasing the health of the skin and reducing hair loss, contributing to their further growth.

Beautiful examples

Excellent example of highlighting when medium-sized alternate curls are distributed throughout the head. Thus reaches the required volume, while the clarified hair looks natural.

        On brown curls, it looks good in direct testing a few thick bright strands from above. But they should not be pure white, because then the contrast becomes too obvious, it is better to use the shade of coffee with milk.

        Very spectacular on an asymmetric square with a natural black tint, purple and red strands will look. It creates a very spectacular and bright image.

        On the long curls of the color of Bordeaux will look good for staining from below a lighter fiery tint. To achieve the necessary effect, the transition must be from the middle of the length to the tips as smoother as possible.

        How to make hair coloring, look in the following video.

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