Women’s haircut American : features, nuances of selection and laying

Women's haircut & American & : features, nuances of selection and laying

The birthplace of the female haircut “American”, as you can guess, is the United States. She is suitable for women and girls who love cheeky and short haircuts. In addition, such a haircut is universal – it is quite relevant both in an ordinary atmosphere and at the celebrations.


This haircut is characterized by a cheeve, volumetric crown and shortened strands on the temples and the back. A kind of mischievous silhouette in the form of a droplet. But at the same time, the haircut looks elegant and comes to any atmosphere, corresponding to any selected style. Technique performing a haircut “American” depends on hair length.

Short haircut sequence next.

  • Visually, hair is divided into areas – Mc, occipient and temporal.
  • At the bottom of the head, the hair cut the hair with a typewriter, and in the upper part of it creates volume, compatible with the strands of the layers and forming the “ladder”.
  • Strands are captured diagonally and re-truncated.
  • At the temples, the strands are formed by stretching the tips to the face or be cooked under zero.
  • In the classic “American” ears, as a rule, open the layer-by-layer haircut, but there are many options when the ears are hidden by side curls.
  • Makushka cuts into the last turn using layer-by-layer haircut.
  • Strands are filled with scissors. At this moment it is selected whether the haircut is symmetric or asymmetric.
  • The desired volume and length of hair on the top of the top is determined, since the result is already visible.
  • After drying hair, you can slightly lay them with a hairdryer or tongs. And you can leave light natural care.

In the case of medium through the length of the hair on the back of the head, you can leave strands in the form of a cascade. Then the possibility of forming a variety of hairstyles.

Consider now the sequence of the Amerikhanka’s hairstyle for long and medium hair.

  • It is advisable to wash your head or just how to wet your hair and diligently combing them.
  • Split hair on radial probes.
  • Select a central strand and cut it at the chin level using scissors for branch.
  • Capture the adjacent strand of the hair, shifting it on the other side through the sample and cut to the middle of the central strand to which she lay down. Repeat these actions in a circle, shifting strands through the sample and forming a “cap”.
  • The rest of the hair cut into the selected length all over the perimeter of the head.
  • Makushki divided into wide strands, each of which is horizontally to proper and profile.
  • To form an additional volume on the back of the head, twist from hair harness and from the middle of its length to make cuts in three places from top to bottom.
  • Make laying a hairdryer with a special nozzle or using car workers for a brash. Stacking start with a nape, moving towards the top.

The description of the haircut “American” is pretty simple, but not every hairdresser can make it. But the experienced master usually sees the desired image of the client immediately. Therefore, it is enough for him to say only the name of the haircut, and then it will only be left to wait for the result, which will definitely please the novelty and naturalness.

Advantages and disadvantages

The haircut, as already noted, is universal – suits almost any image, age and occasion. For a modern working woman, it is important to spend less time on the laying – in this undoubted advantage of “American women”. However, with thin rare hair, it should be more abundant to use gels for laying to secure the desired hairstyle. With quick hair growth, you need to follow the form of a nape, do not give it to “take away”.

Masters in this case should be visited at least once every three weeks to adjust the shape, especially in the work area.

As for self-fulfillment of the haircut at home, then the “American” is too complicated for this. Set and observe the desired length and the direction of the haircut on your own master’s extremely difficult. Even the assistant is unlikely to help (if she, of course, is not a hairdresser), since a whole set of special tools is needed for haircuts. Scissors will need two species – ordinary well-sharpened hairdressing scissors and special melts. You will also need a brushing comb (round brush), a hairdryer, a pulverizer and clips to podkat the strands.

To shave the nape and temples need a special machine.

The general lack of short haircuts – their short-life, “American” – no exception. To correct even the most unpretentious haircut, you need to visit the hairdresser at least once a month and a half.

Interesting options

In the world of the style you can find various “American” options – on long and short hair, straight and curly, with bangs and without it. The style of “American” allows the choice of bangs of any form – straight, oblique, torn – and thanks to such a latitude of the views “American” often becomes similar to representatives of related styles.

For example, one of the varieties of a short “American” looks like a classic haircut “Bob”. Tyra Banks illustrates this case. The shape of such a haircut resembles a “cap” on a small leg.

On the hair of the average length “American” often resembles a “Cascade” haircut, when the sides and on the back of the head, individual strands are laid in a special way, giving the selected style romanticity or extravagance. Hair is graduated, acquiring volume and light natural negligence.

And even long hair can be laid in such a way that they will have the form of “American women”. True, it is impossible to call this image of a classic haircut, but why not.

How to pick up?

When choosing a shape of a haircut should not worry that it does not fit your age. “American” looks great on young girls, and also has a reputation as an ideal haircut and for 50-year-old women, and even for older age.

To determine which type of this haircut you feel better, first of all we must take into account your face and hair type. So, we select a haircut as follows.

By type and length of hair

For curly hair “American” – a real find. It turns the pinching curls into elegant curls, beautifully and naturally lying by waves. Thin hair possessors This haircut will please the acquisition of volume. And for short haircut type hair is almost no.

The short haircut “American” can be formed similarly to the classical haircut “Bob”. Another option is possible – with open temples and forehead or shortened bangs.

On the long and medium hair “American” resembles a cascade haircut. The desired style is created by laying on the back of the head and temples.

 By type of face

With an elongated face, it is not necessary to make the top of the top, as well as combed the side strands to face. This is visually even more lengthens face. But in this case, the oblique or straight bangs are very suitable.

But if the face is triangular, the volumetric top is hairstyle very recommended. At the same time, the elongated curls on the sides corrected the face form.

Oval form face – perfect for any type of haircut. You can diversify the shape, length and volume of pleasure.

As a rule, with a round the face of “American” wearing are not recommended, because the volumetric crown in this case does not help correct the face form. But you can experiment, refusing bangs and stretching the elongated side strands to the chin.

How to stack?

“American” is good because it allows you to create any image at any length of hair. Secret – in laying. With short hair, the laying does not require high time – you can even get along with a hairdryer, and you can use some hair styling gel if you want to increase the volume on the top.

Romantic style on medium length curls will require a little more effort, especially in the evening. But the result is worth it, and with the dress looks great.

On the back of the head and temples, the curls can be hit either to straighten, pulling them out, for example, to the chin, or, on the contrary, bending a little up, giving the image some playfulness.

For daily laying, you will need:

  • Fen+
  • Comb, preferably on a long handle+
  • Comb for Brashanga+
  • Means for laying hair (gel or mousse).

Stage order Next.

  • Wash your head, preferably using a rinsing balm.
  • Good combing hair.
  • If there is time, slightly dry the hair naturally. If there is no time to dry a little hairdryer to a slightly wet state.
  • The first is stacked by bangs in the selected direction.
  • Take the ottoman’s church or a special brush nozzle on the hairdryer and dry the top from the top lock. Separating alternately strands, moving the comb from the bottom up, get the desired volume.
  • Lower strands to dry with a conventional nozzle or ridge. At the same time, they can also be pulled in the desired side. You can use the installation tool in the drying process.
  • You can focus on the bottom of the hairstyle, highlighting cascading strands. For this, a small amount of gel is applied to their ends.

Haircut “American” – a good option for wedding hairstyles. To attach vessels on it, you should make a batch on the top, and the rest of the strands are bothering back. To hold the hairstyles better to use studs and hairpins.

Beautiful examples

“American” in different versions like many western stars. See how this haircut in Jessica Simpson looks wonderfully. Slightly suspended, such a hairstyle nevertheless corresponds to a business, elegant image. It will be appropriate in any circumstances.

We do not see the environment in this photo, but we can easily imagine a secular event, and a homely atmosphere.

No bangs give nobility romantic image Jennifer Aniston. The haircut here resembles a cascade, and elongated and slightly twisted to face strands create a gentle, unprointent touching fler.

If we talk about how “American” looks like on older women, then the wonderful example is Sheron Stone. Naughty short haircut with a somewhat elongated bangs emphasizes natural charm sheron.

On curly hair, haircuts have a haircut at Meg Ryan.

      As you can see, the haircut “American” is not in vain loved by many women all over the world. Versatility, naturalness of laying, the ability to experiment, ease of care – all these advantages allow you to allocate an “American” in a sea of ​​directions and styles.


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