Women’s haircut American short hair

Women's haircut & American & short hair

Look stylish and to be modern allows the haircut “American”, which appeared in America spread and became popular in many countries of the world, including in Russia. Professional stylist who is well-known female haircut “American” on short hair, can create a unique hairstyle, transforming woman and creating its unique image. In this article, consider all the nuances, features and techniques for hairstyles.


The hairstyle “American” is suitable for any length of curls, but it looks especially good on short strands. The task of the haircut is to create Increased volume on scalp and reduce strands from the temporal part and with a nape. It is suitable and romantic young girls, and stylish beauties, and confident business women.

Caring for hairstyle very simple, It is enough to wash your hair and dry the hairdryer without the use of special laying tools. Throughout the day, you will not need a lot of time to refresh the hairstyle, put in order the wild strands. The hairstyle “American” will appropriately look at teenagers in ripped jeans, and women in a festive dress.

Of the minuses, the haircuts can be noted that at home to make it hard. In addition, every month or a half hairstyle will need correction.

Selection of face and hair

Unlike many other haircuts, “American” is suitable for almost any type of person, you only need to follow several tips.

  • Women with rounded face The upper frontal part is recommended to do the volume and lengthen the strands going with the nape and from the sides, combing them to chin. Bangs advise to make oblique or refuse her at all.
  • Ladies with an elongated face Suitable a little shortened front part with a straight bang and with elongated front strands, taking under the chin.
  • Girls with a triangular face The upper part is adversely made volumetric, and the shape of the face is equalized by the length of the side strands.
  • Those who have oval licho, Such a hairstyle is very good, it will look organically.

As for the type of hair, there are also its subtleties here too.

  • For curly and wavy strands Choose a stepped nature of the haircut. This option aligns strands with waves, and does not give them stitching in different directions.
  • In the case of thick hair The upper part is born with scissors to give volume, and then gradually, steps, lengthen the side strands.
  • For thin strands When cutting the occipital part and side curls do not tend to smooth cuts. Locks have an arbitrary length, and the front zone has a steps and are combed slightly, due to this volumetric hairstyle. The haircut “American” is especially recommended by the owners of thin hair.

With any length of hair, the haircut “American” gives a hairstyle of a charming species.

On long and medium hair Hairstyle technology coincides. The raised top goes into the falling curls on the back of the head, and on the sides, lush strands are stacked with elegant negligence.

Classical female haircut “American” on short hair Made with bulk top and short strands on the back of the head and sides. Kosy or with torn edges of the bang gives the appearance of originality, whiskey is divided into a pointed form, to the ugrass ears or a little longer. Laid with little negligence hair create the impression of lightness and ease.

Implementation technique and laying

A set of tools for creating an “American” is not distinguished by the originality. It includes simple and milling scissors, comb, brushes, clamps set, water sprayer, hair dryer.

The technique of haircuts is pretty simple in performance, but for only the experienced master.

  1. Hair is divided into five strands: bang, central (on top of the top), then the head, and two side – in the temples.
  2. Each curl scrolls in the harness and fixes the clamp so that during the haircut of the zone were strictly designated and not confused. All plots will hate in its own way, and the execution technique on each site is different.
  3. First form a macushkin. To create a volume, it is cut with a cascade, each next layer is captured with the allowance. The height and volume of the vertex are modeled by the type of facial client.
  4. Strands on the back of the head, and then on the sides, formed by curls, to the level of the neck. The effect of multistage and calibration is created volume and puff. The neck visually becomes longer.
  5. Bangs strips Employed or cascade with shuttlefish, making up one whole.
  6. Scissors Common, volumetric branch of strands of bangs, macushi and nape. At the same time, the haircut acquires the air.

Such a phased method of work makes America’s cutting technology universal, in which it does not need to spend a lot of time to preserve the initial form. She fits all, regardless of age, and makes an attractive any woman.

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