Women’s haircut to shoulders without bangs

Women's haircut to shoulders without bangs

Haircut to shoulders – the most convenient option for those who like the length of the hair, but at the same time I do not want to spend a lot of time to lay them and comb. Haircut options for such a length are very much, so even the most discerning woman will definitely find a suitable hairstyle. The average hair length never comes out of fashion, always relevant. Only ways of haircuting and hair styling change.

Who fits?

The main reason for the incredible popularity of haircuts on the hair of medium length is versatility. Such will make absolutely any woman, regardless of its age, a set, style. Rare lady will look no harmonious with hair to shoulders. In addition, such hairstyles are very practical: no need to spend a lot of time on the laying, most haircuts need only to dry them with a hairdryer. The absence of bangs also simplifies life – you do not need to regularly cut it, entangle, and stack.

Another undoubted plus haircuts to shoulders is the ability to create a lot of hairstyles on its basis. Locks can be worn out, collect in the tail, bundle, curl large or small curls, braid, lay in the shell. Women’s haircut without bangs to shoulders can be very different – and in shape, and in style, and by volume. Choosing the one that is suitable for you, you need to take into account many factors:

  • His style – young women who wear clothes exclusively in a romantic style, hardly asymmetry and torn hair ends will go+
  • The structure of their hair – owner of curly hair will not be able to turn them into smooth with “mirror” glitter with all the desire, how to achieve perfectly flat line niza hair+
  • Features of their appearance – type of face, head shape (for example, high-forehead owners are better to stay on hairstyle with bangs).

Those who have an oval form, you can choose almost any haircut, with caution, treating strands, descending along the face below the chin line. Such haircuts can visually pull the face and violate the correctness of the proportions.

But laryrs with round faces such hairstyles are very suitable.

They visually turn the circle to the oval and bring the form of the face to the ideal.

Girls with a face in the form of a triangle (or heart-shaped, as it is sometimes called it) will be advantageously looked with hair, a cascade. If the hair is curly – even better. But the direct probor is better not to wear, with a triangular form much advantageous will look late – it balances a wide top of the head and hobs it.

The same applies to girls with a square shape of the face – a direct probor will turn the face into two symmetrical rectangles.

The only type of person who should refrain from hairstyles without bangs to shoulders is an elongated elongated. The hair vertical will make the face even longer, and this is not the effect that in this case I want to achieve.

It is better to choose a bang and thereby bringing the facial proportions to the ideal.

Views and features

    It is better to choose a hairstyle simple, but at the same time exquisite. Well, if the hair will be tonsured in such a way that it will be enough to simply dry the hairdryer so that they “lay down” as in the cabin. Most relevant in the upcoming season:

    • strands scattering on shoulders+
    • Boose probors+
    • Care (classic)+
    • Bob on elongation.

    Those who wish a little (or a lot) fantasy, can be offered a shaved temple (or whiskey), asymmetry, artificially created negligence, creative staining. The ladies in need of additional volume can be offered a graduation, a variety of “ladents” and “cascades”.

    This will allow you to create a volume where it is necessary, where it is necessary, and avoid tedious stacking every time after washing the head.


    Karea, both with bangs, and without it – the classic of the hairdresser’s fashion. It loses relevance, then again acquires. Lines Kare must be strict, straight. The haircut is suitable only to the owners of perfectly ovals. Ladies with a round face can afford a kara only with a side probor.

    Very often it is to karek creative staining, for example, a top layer of natural shade hair, and the lower – rainbow. So, the classic acquires modern sound. Now in fashion is also a multi-layer Kare, especially well it looks at curly or curly hair.


    Unlike Kare, for Bob, soft lines are characterized, the length of the hair is heterogeneous, most often the strands near the face longer than the occipital. Bob is ideal if you need to demonstrate a beautiful neckline, in addition, he visually adjusts cheekbones, making them more convex.


    In essence, the cascade is the difference of length. However, hair is cut in such a way that the difference between the difference is not visible to the naked eye, as in the ladder, where the “steps” are clearly visible. Cascade is a smooth transition of length to give the volume of hair (for a sephanage in the ultrasound area). Ideal for thick and thin hair.


    The haircut of the ladder turns out when the hair is having a haircut that they form a step, that is, the difference of the length is clearly visible. The best ladder looks at curly hair – both data from nature and the resulting long-term laying.

    The image becomes romantic and very easy.


    The mysterious word “grunge” in the event of a haircut on the middle length means just the presence of light artistic disorder (of course, created by the skillful hands of the hairdresser). If you are working in an office with a strict dress code, grunge is hardly suitable for you, however, more free in the style of the style of grunge girls can be very much by the way.

    The main thing is to minimize the stamping facilities, otherwise the mess will turn into a non-heavy and unclear nest.


      This haircut in a classic version is performed on the average hair length from one ear, going down the perfectly smooth semicircle, and after also climbing to another ear. The form must be perfectly smooth and clear. The classic of the genre involves a semicircular short bang, but Currently, Sesson has undergone many variations and can be created without bangs. The haircut is very effective, it allows you to demonstrate expressive features of the face and a beautiful neck, gives volume and easily stacked, but requires a lot from your owner.

      • Not suitable for no harp, nor ladies with a wide face, only oval.
      • Requires frequent form correction, since the haircut must be clear geometry.
      • Will not give the opportunity to make the tail or turn the braid.
      • You need to find a wizard that can perform this haircut. Not everyone can do it perfect.

      Recommendations for choosing

      In the form of face

      Best for the face form correction suitable haircut cascade. It will soften the rectangular shape of the face, hobs a low forehead, and will also make an invisible fact that the hair is not in its best. Wide face visually narrowing “Lestenka”. “Steps” should not be big. Well “Lestenka” and girls with high cheekbones. But asymmetry will go to the square face.

        The haircut of an asymmetric form will greatly smooth the corners of the square, better if, on one side of the face, the hair will be up to the shoulder, and on the other – to close the uh’s lobe (you can also not close and closed. Lines of side strands are better a bit graded to create an additional effect of heterogeneity, “Radia”. Asymmetrical can be bob, then it will suit with wide girls.

        However, it should be remembered that even asymmetry in Bob remains soft and smooth, not assuming torn lines and sharp corners.

        By type hair

        Curly hair is best suited a haircut “Lestenka”. She will make a sack of volume, while light. Cascade is suitable for thin hair. It will give an additional volume on the top without long styling, and the hair will not look unlimited. The cascade will also fit girls with sparse hair, it will create the visibility of a denant. For straight hair, Sesson, Kara and Bob are suitable for. Kare can look good on curly hair, but the haircut must be multi-layered.

        All listed haircuts are relevant and trendy due to its versatility and practicality. In the current season, popularity is gaining Bob-Kare – as follows from the name, this is a combination of two haircuts. It can be combined with graduation, and with millipilization, and with creative staining.

        The cascade also does not learn its positions, everything is loved – and the owners of thick and heavy hair, since it is the cascade to “tighten” them, and those whose chapels are nehbust and not at all lush, just because thanks to this haircut and is achieved Volume and illusion of hair abundance.

        Multilayer Kare – another “hit” of the season, as it gives the opportunity to lay the hair very differently and fits most women. Due to multi-layered haircuts, an additional volume is achieved, but there is no effect of “home on the head”.

        Wizard Look in the following video.

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