Women’s haircuts with shaved population: what are and how to choose?

Women's haircuts with shaved population: what are and how to choose?

Shift hairstyles is the easiest, fast and universal way to change the image. Last time women’s haircuts with shaved population are extremely popular. They allow you to refresh the image, give him a highlight and make it possible to stand out from the crowd. In the article, we will look at the options for haircuts and those who are most suitable.

Pros and cons

Women’s haircut with a shaved population immediately attracts the attention of people. It is extravagant, unique and satisfied popular. But before you give your tribute to fashion, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages hairstyles, because the hair will grow quite a long time.

The main visible pluses of such a haircut for women are the following.

  • Following trendy trends. For several years, this hairstyle has been at the peak of popularity and judging by the statements of fashion experts to take their leading positions is not going to.
  • Such a haircut looks a boys, allows you to visually throw off for several years, and she also looks pretty bold.
  • You can make such a hairstyle regardless of the original hair length, their type and thickness. When choosing a faithful format, it will always look stylish and modern.
  • You can easily hide the shaved site if you wish and need to easily hide from prying eyes – dismissed your hair or tagting a beautiful handkerchief or bandage.
  • This embodiment is suitable for almost any facial oval and for women at any age – the main thing, choose its correct format.

But how in any other case it did not cost and without flaws.

  • There are a number of professions, which the dress code does not allow to make such a haircut, which means that it is not all will not always be able to become its owners.
  • Women with too complete facial oval and chubby cheeks such a hairstyle will only add completeness in the field of face and neck.
  • In order to repel the long curls later, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.
  • Such a haircut needs regular upgrades, otherwise it will look slightly, eaten and ugly.
  • The purity of the head, the absence of dandruff and regular staining of the hair will have to be given several times more time than usual.

If such potential difficulties are not frightened, and the dress code allows you to sharew the head, then such a haircut option is exactly for you!


There are several options for such a unique and fashionable haircut today. You can easily select an option hairstyle for girls with long hair or short stacking. All varieties in any case fashionable, topical and immediately stripped.

On long hair

The owners of such curls should be prepared for the fact that now care for its new success will have to be given 2 times more time. But at the same time, it is girls and women with long strands who can drastically change their image, practically not shortening the length. For them, hairdressers stylists have provided the following options.

  • Low shaved population. This option is suitable for those who want to try a new haircut, but it is afraid to be disappointed in it. Here everything is simple – the master shave 2/3 of the occipital head of the head, and all other curls remain the same length as they were before.
  • Shaved occipital part with pattern. Here the master does not just remove the bulk of hair, but also with the help of nozzles under zero, there is a beautiful pattern of varying difficulties on it. It can be geometric shapes, flowers or butterflies, and some hairdressers can even make inscriptions.

Such haircuts are convenient and practical – if the curls are dissolved, then unnecessary people will not be able to see. However, it is necessary only to brake the high rusher’s tail, to make a braid or just a beam – all the changes will notice everything, because it is the lack of hair on the back of the head will be the main highlight.

Huge popularity is gaining a haircut in which the hair is shaved not only on the back of the head, but also on one of the temples. Such a new hairstyle will be hidden already impossible from strange eyes. Especially relevant and brightly looks on dark hair or on curls painted in bright monophonic colors or in the technique of ambr.

Holders of long curls to steal hair with both temples and the nape is not recommended – this option is hairstyles not all, and it looks not always well.

On middle length

Here already space for fantasy more. Yes, and girls with curls of such a length hide their new haircut already, it is unlikely to succeed. As in the case of long hair, shave either just the back of the head, or then it creates various patterns on it. To create an even brighter and liberated image, some strands or the head of the head are cleaned with colored crayons, curls are decorated with various bright accessories that help concentrate attention precisely on the shaved part of the head.

Scrolllex (namely, it calls the haircut in which the heads, whiskey or both zones are shaved) on average hair – this is an opportunity to shorten under zero or to choke the head, leaving a length of 1-3 cm hair on it. It all depends on the wishes of the client and from the skill of the hairdresser himself.

Ideally, such an option is hairstyle looks perfectly in combination with such haircuts like a ladder, a kare, cascade, asymmetric bob.

On short hair

The shaved population in combination with such a long curl always looks the most advantageous. It is stylish, relevant, bold, youth and unusual. At the same time, it doesn’t matter, thin or thick you have hair, curly or straight – such a hairstyle will always look gorgeous. Most often, stylists offer to combine it with the shaving of one or at once two temples, as well as with the creation of patterns on the occipital part.

In this case, the length of the bellped hair can be adjusted – it can be like a haircut in the specified zones in almost noise and a little visible transition from the main length to the short part.

The best screeks looks in combination with such hairstyles as PJ, Pixie, Bob.

But regardless of the length of the hair, choosing a haircut with shaved population, girls and women need to be ready to close attention to themselves. After all, the main task is so hairstyle – attracting attention and release from the crowd.


Previously, we already wrote that just a shaved occipital region – it’s boring. Therefore, hairdressers often create drawings of various species and shapes on it. Most often you can meet the following.

  • Geometric figures. The triangle pulls the neck line, the turn, on the contrary, makes it more elegant and smooth.
  • Stylistic patterns of various types. This is beautiful, and unusual, here the scope for fantasy is simply unreasonable, the only limitation is the skill of the stylist.
  • Figures images. It can be stars, butterflies, flowers or even images of animals or insects.
  • Often hairdressers create patterns not only on the occipital region, but also on the temporal area.

That is, even one and the same haircut, but with different patterns can change the image every time, and if you change the patterns of the patterns with changing the color of curls, then each month you can create your new, absolutely unique and unique image.

To whom will go?

If you tanned the idea to make such a haircut yourself, first you need to get acquainted with the fact that it will be suitable for you. It is necessary to determine the condition of its hair. They must be healthy and well-groomed. Otherwise, all flaws will become only even more emphasized. We must not forget about the age and style of clothing. So, girls and women preferring a romantic or even a vintage image with such a haircut will look awkwardly and inhartic.

Field of activity. An important factor, because a bank worker or a teacher with such a hairstyle will look suspiciously and will not cause proper respect. And now about who such an option is hairstyle for sure:

  • Young and bold girls and women who love to be in the center of attention, have healthy, thick hair and are not afraid of surprised looks+
  • People of creative professions, where self-expression is an integral part of life+
  • Those who lead an active lifestyle, travels a lot and prefers such styles like Bocho, Caushal and Rock.

If there are doubts whether you will suit you the option of women’s haircuts with a shaved population, then It is best to seek advice to an experienced eye stylist or see a photo of other girls like appearance, clothing style and a complete set with such a hairstyle. It is not necessary to immediately steal hair on the head under zero. You can simply just crown their length and make a beautiful, but a simple pattern, and then everything will be dependent on personal desires and sensations.

Beautiful examples

And in order to finally convince you that this option is a female haircut with shaved population – It is beautiful, and stylish, and relevant, we suggest you look at the following examples.

  • Those who do not want to part with their luxurious chapel, but at the same time you want to make changes to the image, you can recommend this option.

  • But supporters of long hair, bright colors and femininity in the soul must come to a similar image.

  • Holders of civots of medium length, loving extravagance and minimalism, you can try on such a haircut.

  • Who said that Kare is a boring and old-fashioned haircut? Here is a bright example of what it is not so.

  • Great haircuts for girls with short hair, confident in yourself and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

  • And one more excellent example of the fact that meek is not meaning “under the boy”.

Women’s haircuts with shaved population today at the peak of popularity, and on the eve of the onset of the hottime of the year they are becoming even more relevant. Having made such a haircut once, you are unlikely to want to part with her soon.

Technique haircuts with shaved population is given in the video below.

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