Women’s haircuts with shaved temples

Women's haircuts with shaved temples

In the search for fresh images, modern fashionists today often resort to creative haircuts. One of them can be rightfully called a haircut with a shaved temple. It would seem that such a set is very sickly, but a skillful approach proves the opposite: if you correctly pick up the length of the hair and the foundation, it does not inspire femininity at all and even let’s mitigate. Let’s focus in detail on the nuances of such haircuts and find out what will be fashionable in the new season and how to choose your own version of such hairstyles.

According to the fashion trends of the new season, the female haircut with a shaved temple has a number of their differences and features. For example, today it is fashionable so that the shaved temple passed into the shaved population. In this case, if the width of the shaving may be different, then The length of the shaved zone depends on the hair length of the hairstyle. This rule allows hairstyle to look harmonious, stylish and effectively.

Regarding the length of shaving today there is no strict frames: It can be from 3 to 8 mm, which will depend on the specific design. For example, when selecting any pattern, the length of the shaved zone varies, due to which it is possible to create a smooth Effect of shaved ombre. The basic haircut for such an image can be an option with any length: it does not impass the femininity of fashionista.

However, before deciding on such a hairstyle, you need to correctly choose your own option, because not all that looks at the photo of celebrities will suit us.

It is important to choose the right to be the basis, the desired length and only after this color that will contribute to mitigating the features of the face. In this case, this haircut admits various experiments, it may be the most different. For example, it is characterized by any receptions of highlighting and coloring, due to which it is possible to enter the image of the necessary notes and a special mood.

Who fits?

The first rule of successful image – women’s comfort. If it is initially not ready for an unusual haircut, it will not look for a spectacular hairstyle. It is believed that women’s haircuts with shameless temples – the prerogative of self-confident personalities who are not used to looking around to the opinion of others. In essence, it is a haircut at which hair shave from the temporal part of one of the sides. Often, both temples are chosen, leaving the top of the hair untouched. Each option is called in its own way and is repelled from the basis on which creative shaving is simulated.

It uses a trimmer with different nozzles. Depending on the preferences of the client and fashion trends on the shaved temporal part perform Stylistic pattern. This kind of haircuts adore celebrities and media personalities. This is the choice of representatives of youth subcultures. Today, age groups of these haircuts have been replenished with a category for 30. Such haircuts look very and very feminine, What is explained more attentive approach to their choice and execution.

As for the length of the hair, it can be different. This allows you to not limit yourself in choosing the desired length taken as the basis of the haircut. However, relative to the structure of strands there are restrictions. For example, more expressively looks short haircut with shaved temple on straight hair. As for the option for long curls, it is not applicable here, they are straight or wavy. Long afrokocom – not the best female haircut with shaved temple.

Choosing an option for your own image, you need to consider the features of the face and the shape of the skull, since the width of the elevated temple and the length of the hair themselves depends on it. For example, if the hairstyle passes into the shaved population or even captures a piece of the crown, it is important that the shape of the shaved zone is evenly rounded.

In the rest, you can beat the nuances of the haircuts by color contrast. For example, you can choose options based on popular shades of paints suitable for specific women’s color.

Pros and cons

Women hairstyles with shamened temples have a lot of advantages.

  • It is fashionable. This method of self-expression allows a woman in the spotlight.
  • This is originally and opens a lot of opportunities to create a unique, one-of-a-kind haircut. This type of haircut involves such an decoration as painting henna, performing tattoos and fixing the rhinestones.
  • Shared zones are often decorated with creative painting, due to which it is possible to make brightness and extravagance to the set.
  • Such haircuts are able to rejuvenate the face, make it contours are softer, and sometimes to hide flaws at all.
  • They do not limit the woman in choosing the length and size of shaved zones, which allows you to make a novelter, without changing myself.
  • These haircuts can be completed under creative painting, their base can be both symmetrical and asymmetric.
  • Such a haircut is suitable for creating a different set, whether it is an extravagant image or a romantic bow.

It is impossible not to note the fact, then shaved whiskey emphasize the neckline, which attracts the sights of the opposite sex. However, in addition to the merits, unusual haircuts with shameless temples have their drawbacks.

  • They do not fit into the norms of the dress code, and therefore fashionable people have to go on different tricks to stay by itself and at the same time be spectacular.
  • Under such haircuts have to pick up appropriate clothes. She must also be stylish, for which, perhaps, will have to update the wardrobe.
  • These haircuts make it more carefully to make meckap and choosing decorations, whether it is earrings, rings or chains. It is impossible to overstat the set to all this so that it does not become vulgar from the stylish.
  • It’s not so easy to find a professional who will make a beautiful haircut and will offer exactly your option. Often, the dealetant is taken for business, and as a result, the result is deplorable.
  • Profi work is expensive, besides, such a haircut needs constant correction. And this is money, and time.
  • In addition, these haircuts need permanent styling, which does not have “smart” haircuts. Therefore, a lot of time will go to the creation of a flawless set.

It is impossible not to mark the modity.If for some reason the girl wants to change the image, you will have to wait until the hair will grow at least a bit, or to coat the entire length to the boy.


Classify haircuts with shamened temples can be in several signs. For example, by type of execution, modeling can be Traditional and hidden. The second option is interesting in that during the loose hair, elevated temples are not visible. In fact, these are shaved whiskey, and sometimes the head with the basis of long curls.

By type of hair haircut can be done On their strands or its basis can be a variant with Dreadlocks. The second species is a success in representatives of youth subcultures. Girls older prefer not to drive themselves in a teenage frame. They leave more features for laying due to natural strands of the foundation hairstyles.

Haircuts may vary by either no painting. Trendy trends offer to choose model haircuts with painting, felting and coloring. At the same time, often rely on the thickness of the strand. For example, for thin hair, the master chooses a reception with the creation of a visual volume. For example, it can be a reflex technique.

The haircut can be performed Especially under the beam or tail. In addition, it can be done under creative painting, using shaved whiskey as accents hairstyles.

Of course, not every painting looks beautiful. However, professional masters are able to catch the mood of the girl, pose exactly the option that emphasizes her temperament and taste.

You can classify haircuts and the length of the curls. For example, the basis of the hairstyle may be not only a big length of strands: no less well and effectively can look a girl with a haircut haircut and shaved temple. Consider the types of haircuts on curls of different lengths.

On long hair

Perhaps it is a large length with a shaved temple, and sometimes a population, today is considered trendy. If necessary, you can close the shaved whiskey strands of the hair and wear a rigorous suit. Otherwise, you can not limit yourself: such haircuts look great and with a dress, and with a sports style. The main rule of success is not to forget about the appropriate make-up. Not so important, cascade or ladder are taken as a basis, how much lengthy of length for a particular facial oval.

First, the stylist cuts the foundation without any experiences from the generally accepted technology and then selects, and also draws the temporal zone. If necessary, it performs on it design. Styling is the final stylish pattern. Girls who lack creativity he offers a bright painting. At the same time it is performed on the other hand relative to the shaved zone.

On average

Such haircuts adore adolescents and representatives of youth subcultures who love to be in the spotlight. At the same time, the temperament of hairstyles is varied: it can be a classic haircut with a small shaved zone of hidden type or an option, which is deliberately demonstrating dissimilar to the traditional hairstyle. The basis of the creative haircut can be a Page, Kare or Bob.

It looks unique Model haircut with shaved joint, if its basis is the elongated bob with asymmetry. At the same time, the shaved zone can extend from the oblique probor, occupying about the third part of the hairproof head. In a more feminine version, a shaved temple may be non-sticking hedgehog, but smooth with increasing length. Sometimes the shaved zone embraces almost half of the head, and it is deliberately emphasized by a tail or a wicker oblique.

On short

The foundations of such haircuts can be Pixie, Garson and Punk. What to choose, the client can solve itself, how to get the recommendation of the experienced stylist. In addition, the basis can be taken and a Domboy with a characteristic method of stupid edge and milling.

If the first two kinds are good for girls and young women, then haircut options with shamened whiskeys and a population for short curls are more suitable for teens.

Such haircuts – a kind of protest, way to declare yourself. In order for them to look feminine, it is necessary to pick up appropriate clothes and meycap, and therefore they often deprive adolescent femininity. It’s creative, although the haircuts themselves are picking up to the form of the face. Perhaps, of all varieties Options for short hair are more selective to style and age. They focus on the neck and sowing faces, and therefore may designate all imperfections.

Pictures on temples

As for the images that the stylist performs the trimmer, their subjects, like execution, can be the most diverse. For example, it may be Graffiti, complemented by color by elevated basis with tracks, are kind of contours drawing. It looks creative, although it is appropriate not in every style.

It looks very interesting to the shaved temple with the patter pattern, the center of which is the ear. More classic print options are different waves. Sometimes as the topic as the basis of the image taken Geometric shapes or even honeycombs. As for the backbone, in this part, the master can create both geometric motifs and fantasy patterns.

Often, as a drawing for the idea take Tattoo inscription. It can be both one word and a whole offer. Depending on the number of letters, the tattoo can be located on the side, in the center of the shaved zone or around the top edge of the ear.

If the inscriptions, shaved stars are considered to be the pisch of the season, like the contours of the style-lotus, then the vessels of the vensel tattoo will simplify the hairstyle, like prints under the leopard skin or painted roses.

Fashion trends suggest to take the performance of a drawing in the form of a tattoo, creating it through different lengths of the shaved zone. Preference is given to geometry, crossed lines. Flowers, any articles of celebrities or a combination of several drawings in a single pattern deprives the haircut of effectity and high status. Sometimes two parallel lines look where more than fashionable, rather than, say, the combination of dreadlocks and a hibiscus flower.

What to take into account when choosing your option?

Do not stand on the lysco to steal hair: it looks much more interesting, haircut with a shaved temple of the hedgehog. It is possible to create a pattern on it, and soften the transition between hair length. It looks better and feminine. The bald zone on the background of long hair creates the effect of the disease, which will not be so much attracted the enthusiastic glances how to repel. Especially it is important to take into account fashionmented, preferred modest meicap.

You should not simplify your set imitation tattoo on the shaved haircut zone, if the tattoo is on the visible part of the body. It is ugly and simplifies onions, besides, a small tattoo attracts more attention, becoming an accent haircut. If your master offers to make a drawing out of hair, and a tattoo, such a combination can also be called successful.

Iroquoise is not the best basis for women hairstyles with shamened temples. If your comfortable length is small and you are used to walking with loose hair, look at asymmetry: today it is at the peak of a fashionable wave. At the same time, milling and torn edge is allowed, as well as painting in trendy shades (for example, graphite or ashes, chestnut or blond).

With thin hair, it is better to take a haircut on the stretch of medium length. It is on such basics that create volumetric haircuts, but it should be remembered that shaved zones should be single or small. To strengthen the effect of volume, When laying, use hair powder, rubbing it into the root zone.

If the basis is initially selected the option with dreads as elements of the pattern of temporal zone, it is worth understanding that such a haircut is appropriate not everywhere. She does not fit into the framework of the dress code of educational institutions, is not suitable for creating an office or office and business style.

Do not challenge a society where you risks to step over the fraction of decency. Fashion fashion, but also compliance with certain frameworks should be. Otherwise you risk losing your status in the eyes of others.

Beautiful examples

We offer to refer to examples of photo gallery, clearly demonstrating, How can you look fashionable and feminine with shaved plots on the hairstyle.

  • An option with a shaved temple zone with the transition to the back.

  • Haircut with painting long hair and shaved zone.

  • Spectacular haircut for short hair with one shaved zone.

  • Beautiful and cheeky set created by a haircut with a shaved temple.

  • Ultra-screwing haircut with a pattern, moving to the occipital part.

  • The image of modern townsquarters created by haircuts for long hair.

  • The stylish version of the middle-length hair, which, if necessary, can close the shaved temple with a pattern.

  • Hairstyle without bangs on medium length curls.

  • Model haircut with shaved temple capable of decoracing bow of a modern girl.

  • Step shaved zone based on a short length with asymmetry.

About how the shaved temple makes, look in the following video.

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