Women’s hairstyles of the 50s: species, tips on choosing and laying

Women's hairstyles of the 50s: species, tips on choosing and laying

A cyclical fashion and has a property to return to the peak of the popularity of trends, which even recently would be difficult to submit as relevant. One of these echoes of the past steel hairstyles of the 50s. Post-war time returned to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity of hopes and dreams of bright future, made images more feminine and romantic. In the article, we consider how to make women’s hairstyles in the style of the 50s with modern fashionable, what mandatory rules should be taken into account.


Fiftieth years – Time Golden Era Hollywood, the heyday period of domestic cinema. Before you understand what fashionable haircuts on long hair did at the time in the USSR, it is worth paying attention to the recognized style icons. Modest, gentle, beautiful girls disarmed men with their defenselessness and mandatory permanent. Curling created the effect of careless Course, and the fatal seductors chose larger curls for themselves. But to meet in the photo of those years a girl with a short haircut was very difficult.

Starting from the 50s of the 20th century in a female fashion on the hairstyles in the USSR, the copy of the style of PIN-Up begins. Rare glossy magazines demonstrate smiling housewives with impeccable hairstyles. The history of the Soviet fashion of those years does not look so cloudless. Female hairstyles acquired pomp and volume, became more original due to ribbons, head dressings, flirty woven into curls.

In order to resemble a movie star, Soviet girls made fashionable curls with pretty hard aluminum hair curlers. Hold this design on the head was honored all night. The received Copena Kudrey climbed back, the hair should be left for her forehead. The absence of a free sale of hair lacquer was compensated by natural ingredients. Hairously fixed with beer, fixed on sugar syrup.

Blonde hair has entered the fashion. It is the 50th that can be called the epoch of total clarification – even burning brunettes were repainted in the blond.

In addition, hypertrophied units that took the awesome dimensions and forms. There remained popular and traditional for post-war roller hair roller, fixed in the occipital part of the head. For a decade, fashion changed. At different times at the peak of popularity turned out:

  • Horse tails bonded with a rubber band high on the back of the head, with a lush curled ends of strands, decoration in the form of a flower+

  • Chignons and overhead Locks were popular at the very beginning of the 50s+

  • Babette – Hairstyle Imitation Luxury Bird Bardo+

  • Karea to chin with asymmetric surge+

  • Bangs on half of the head – thick and magnificent, with balted back the bulk of hair+

  • Romantic curls and large, carefully verified curls+

  • The hairstyle “Poodle” with a roller on the top and curls on the sides of the face.

In addition to these canons, there were certain rules for the design of spectacular hairstyles. So, the Bogmen representatives could afford to wear veils at the top of the person, necessarily this element was used in the images of brides.

In the second half of the 50s, hairstyles began to fit high, with a whipped top, an additional volume in the parietal region. Bang acquired a graphic silhouette, the characteristic waves laid down.

How to lay long hair?

For long hair in the stylistics of the 50s, it was possible to find a lot of really interesting, spectacular options for laying curls. To recreate the effect of retro for everyday image, you can take the classic version of the horse tail with a high fastening on the back of the head. The collected hair is divided into separate strands, and stretch the iron or donate at the ends. One of the curls turns around the gum, the strand is fixed with the help of invisible. Master class See next video.

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