Women’s hairstyles of the 60s: features and tips for choosing

Women's hairstyles of the 60s: features and tips for choosing

Gorgeous retrors and now continue to use incredible popularity. The 60s of the twentieth century presented a lot of ideas to modern fashionistas. Haircuts created by canons of that time are now in trend, because this historical era cultivated natural femininity in fashion. Then, like now, the fashion was asked world stars of cinema and pop. Their hairstyle automatically acquired the title of unconditional reference, which were trying to imitate women all over the world.

In the USSR, despite the condemnation of all Western and the persecution of the so-called style, women also tried to keep up with fashion and showed wonders of resourcefulness, creating great images. On the characteristics and various fashionable hits of hairdressers in the 60s of the last century Next will be discussed.


The Bunlet 60s of the twentieth century questioned all the generally accepted foundations of the world fashion, forcing the beautiful half of humanity to radically change the views on the beauty. Then, the main components of good and stylish haircuts were considered the volume and waves. Wigs became popular, so that the problem of “liquid” or painful curls has practically lost meaning.

Wide demand for high styling arose due to the famous picture “Babetta goes to war” with Bridzhid Bardo in the lead role. The hairstyle, called contemporaries in honor of the main character of the film, is a nosch, decorated in a shell, which was then decorated with all sorts of accessories – ribbons, brooches. Adorable with a huge number of women a bunch of hair appeared on the fashionable horizon just in the distant 60s. It is the most simple and stylish locked locker.

Complex massive structures from the hair were impressed with the right geometric lines. Bright accent on the eyes and hairstyle “Beehive” – ​​a characteristic feature of the 60s. Rare hair was worried, curled and rose upstairs. Another characteristic detail, distinguishing the 60s from the rest of the epoch in the fashion history, is an incredible demand for hairstyles with pile.

What only women did not go to create the volume on her head: they clung to the shinones, used lining under the curls, a huge amount of funds for fixation.

Did not have a decisive value what was the length of a strand, the most important thing – she had to grow effectively. Because of this, hair curlers or the curl were simply vital to any fashionista. Especially fashionable touchers were considered the tips of the hair, directed outward. And ribbons, rims and bows – in general were a real fashion pisk.

Retrostil is now widely popular, it also concerns the revolutionary 60s impregnated with the spirit of freedom and rock and roll. The era of industrialism and militarization in fashion (which was characteristic of the 40-50 years) passed, the cult of femininity and sexuality began, which women sought to emphasize with any ways. After all, it is for this period that it is the beginning of the changed world of “sexual revolution”.

Of course, in the USSR, all these trends penetrated with some delay (thanks to the Iron Curtain), however, and domestic fashion guards made a lot of effort and walked on a variety of tricks to look stylish and feminine. Naturally, the cult of sexuality, which reigned at the time in the West, the state in every possible way, but the Soviet girls and women, even despite the lack of a wide variety of professional funds for creating spectacular laying, still found ways to emphasize their natural beauty, not lagging behind trendy trends.

Interesting options

In this era, marked by many great events, was extremely popular Favorite many legendary “babbet”. This hairstyle allows you to visually lengthen the neck and put the focus on a variety of jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings. This hairstyle was decorated with bows, ribbons, broochs and other interesting elements of the decor.

Many domestic and world celebrities made a Babett, Tim the most feeding an example of simple ladies.

Also at that time had a wide demand spectacular haircut Bob Care. She looks like a juniorly bold, but at the same time adds romance to the image. The popularity of this hairstyle increased by twiggy with her a little avant-garde.

Then women very often did all sorts of Bundles on the head. Similar solutions are often used and modern stylists. One of the most spectacular varieties of such a beam is considered the so-called “nest”. Despite the non-very sonorous name, this hairstyle can be an excellent addition to a solemn, business or elegant image.

To build on your head like a hairstyle need a horse tail to gather in a beam by windshooting curls around the base of the tail. To secure the hair of the beam, studs are used.

Retroprically relevant both at the official celebration and family holidays. Hairstyles are not intended for daily socks, as this is a fairly serious test for the health of curls. However, for a solemn event, this is the perfect option.

How to pick up?

At that amazing time, it was fashionable to wear hair absolutely any length, because then there were many stylish ideas, both for very short hair (for example, garon or pixie) and for the longest. In those years, curls were curls with high curlers, papillotocks, curls or a chemical curling. In our time, a more efficient alternative to these methods can be long-term laying.

On short hair

One of the characteristic features of the 60s is what is now called andfinity. An example of this direction – the model of Twiggy known at the time. Her visiting card became Ultra-screwing haircut Garson, which translated from French means “boy”. The same haircut was a business card The legendary Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. Despite the short haircut, which used to be more characteristic of a male style, her heroine, embodied on the screen, looked very feminine and sophisticated.

Short Bob or Kare – this is another Trend 60s. Laying these haircuts, women on the back of the head created volumetric. In addition, straight bangs and magnificent bangs became a characteristic feature of female haircuts. Chopped stylish necklace and bulk earrings.

On average

The undisputed symbol of the 60s was the haircut “Cold Wave”. She was done both with a sample, and without him.

On long

So in the 60s the girl, having long curls, could look fashionable, She certainly needed to curl them. For this used old good curlers, curls, papillos. In addition, it was possible to turn to professional masters and make themselves the so-called chemistry, which ensured the presence of curls for quite a long time.

Hairstyles in the style of the 60s are perfectly suitable and our contemporaries with any type of appearance. For example, the square face “soften” falling lateral strands. The ladies with the face of oval form can be safely experimenting with retrors – it is perfectly suitable for absolutely any form of vintage haircuts of this era.

Sounds of laying

Indeed, in incredible demand in the 60s of the twentieth century, Babetta laying was used, the cult of which was created ineciliable Bridget Bardo. This hairstyle still uses wide popularity around the world, while creating this masterpiece on my head just as a sexy blonde did, it is quite simple. Here, the thickness and the structure of the hair does not have a decisive value. Babette is well harmonized with bangs.

Girls with medium hair long for creating the required volume Shignon should be used – Many fashionable times of the 60s did the same. However, it is possible to use the “Twister” clips or known to all “Bublik” instead of the Shignon. In the classic execution of Babetta, it is created on the basis of a pole – not the most useful hair health method. At the same time, in order to remain within the framework of the style framework, you should not use the means with too pronounced fixing effect.

Remember, the stylistics of the legendary Babetta implies the presence of grace and ease. You should not be noticeable by the compensation of many hours of seating in the beauty salon.

To make this spectacular hairstyle, you need to step by step to observe a simple algorithm. Girls with thin and disobedient curls It will be necessary to make a big diameter curlers, with which it will be possible to give a hairstyle.

  1. To begin with, the hair should be washed and dried to dry a towel.
  2. After that, the curls must be treated with foam or mousse, well distributing the remedy over the entire surface of the hair.
  3. Using the scallop, it is necessary to designate a strand of the forehead and put it.
  4. The same must be done with strands that are located in the area extending from the forehead to the ukuschny zone.
  5. Then curled curls should be given to dry.
  6. When the curls are dried, a turn will come to hairstyle the volume on the top – the characteristic feature of “Babetta”.
  7. After that, lock the curled curls on the occipital part of the head.
  8. Snadders that remained unused, place as close as possible to the paint zone in the tail.
  9. If you decide to make a “Babett” for a solemn event, it is better to take advantage of the overhead strands.

This hairstyle and its diverse modifications developed by stylists-innovators, creating in that wonderful era, and modern masters seeking new forms, based on the classic base. “Bestta” – the optimal option for weddings, and it does not matter – the beauty acts as a guest or the bride.

Beautiful examples

As in the 60s and now, the fashion on retroprically distribute world colebritis. Waiting of its admirers with elegant and unexpected vintage images, they often appear on a variety of festivals and presentation ceremonies, giving preference to this particular trend. Loyal fans of evening images in the style of 60s are inimitable Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga.

Opening your beautiful faces and emphasizing the beautiful neckline, Hairstyle makes the silhouette more sophisticated. Of course, high retro-layers add age (after all, at that time there was no such cult of youth, as now), however, they make the appearance of a woman elegant.

How to perform a hairstyle in the style of the 60s, see the following video.

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