Women’s hairstyles of the 90s: features and types

Women's hairstyles of the 90s: features and types

The fashion of the 90s was unique and unique. However, laying and hairstyles of that time today are returned to our life. First, they were demonstrated by models on the podiums, and today they can often be seen on ordinary streets. What hairstyles should be remembered and recreated on yourself, but what existence should be forgotten at all – read below.

Characteristic features of hairstyles

Russia, especially in the early 1990s, differed from many countries. It is a wide variety of female hairstyles. Our compatriots could easily determine exactly their stacking. The main varieties of hairstyles were:

  • Huge tails on the top of the top with a withering, while the ends of the hair could be quietly hanging their tail and be refilled inside the gum+
  • Locks of various sizes and diameters+
  • thick bangs stuck upstairs or just right+
  • Ripped ends+
  • huge nobody+
  • Carelessness and inaccuracy+
  • Easy and romanticism+
  • The presence of strands of hair stained in unusually bright and sometimes even poisonous-neon colors.

Of course, do not forget about the abundance of varnish. They generously watered their hair until the hair became just stone. If there was no special means for stacking at hand, then at home was made of highly concentrated sugar syrup and splashed their hair.

Fashion 90s dictated harsh conditions: The brighter and more unusual was the laying, the more contemporary and sophisticated the girl was considered. At the same time, fashion women usually dictated actresses from foreign TV series, or rather, their on-screen heroines. The youth operated on the principle: the brighter and unusual – the better.

Trendy hairstyle worn and inhabitants, and pop stars. But today, looking at most of their stacking, it is simply not stacked in my head – as it could be done at all!

However, despite the fact that fashion trends have changed much, today the style of the 90s is again at the peak of popularity. But in order not to guess, it is necessary to correctly choose options for hairstyles and their laying.

Larger advantage of the hairstyles of the last century for girls is the fact that among them can be easily picking up styling and on long and short hair. The main thing is to make the right choice, and then the hairstyle from the last century will look again fashionable and relevant, and most importantly – it will help to emphasize the advantages of the face, neck and zone decolte.

For short hair

Whoever spoke to, and in the 90s there were very popular and short haircuts. In particular, thanks to amazing Demi Moore. But it is not necessary to think that having a small hair length, create a unique laying of the last century impossible. There are several options.

  • Smooth laying. For this, the wet hair was dried, combing a big round brush from the top of the forehead. The hair on the temples and the backbone was left straight. Big plus such styling – speed and simplicity of creation, and most importantly – it was not necessary to use any fixing means.
  • Easiness. Simple and fast hairstyle. Wet hair dried with a hairdryer, while strands of hair raise up all head. When the curls are completely dried, they are again whipped with the tips of the fingers and sprinkle with varnish. It is important not to push the means for laying – otherwise it will turn out not a light and beautiful lattice, but a lot of straw on the head.
  • Volume Laying and Smooth Bang. Trend, suitable women aged and those who have a little overweight. With the help of a hair dryer and round comb hair carefully dried, lifting them with roots. Bangs, on the contrary, do not screw off on the comb, and pull out. The volume on the entire surface of the head, and especially on the painter allows you to pull the oval of the face, and the smooth bang only emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and cheek.
  • Wet effect. This short length hair styling is similar to the first option. The only difference is that the hair first lubricates the gel for hair, varnish or sugar syrup, and only then comb. Hair dryer in this case do not use.

But it is worth remembering that choosing hairstyle and styling in the style of the 90s it is necessary to evaluate the event for which it is done. So, the disheveled hair will be absolutely inappropriate in the office, and laying in the style of “wet effect” – by the sea.

On middle length

Holders of medium locks Scroll to create styling in the style of the last century much wider. First of all, standing out of the crowd.

  • Shatuch. Many believe that this is a new-fashioned phenomenon, but it is far from. In the mid-1990s, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Anniston went with such staining. Today, choosing the tent, it is worth preferred to the most natural colors and colors.
  • Bright staining of individual strands. Hair curls width from 2 to 4 cm color in a wide variety of colors – yellow, green, red or orange.
  • Melting. And again the trend is not modern, but from the end of the last century. But if earlier strands only brightened, today they can be fired. It all depends on personal preferences.

Now let’s talk about laying. Here you should remember three simple rules: volume, puff and height.

    These three factors were determining in the creation of stacking.

    The most popular and bright representatives of the hairstyles of that time were the following.

    • Perm. There are many variations – from a variety of small curls, to large and smooth curls. Women in more mature age are recommended smooth curls of the medium size, and young girls can create an African volume.
    • Laying “Malvina” very popular from the mid-90s. Bang was slightly worried and tied on the top of a thin elastic band, the rest of the strands just framed the face. Such laying out of time and space, its creation does not take much time and strength, and does not require the use of stamping.
    • Bouffant: than it is higher and volume – the better. With a special zeal, the hair was pretty on the top of the scaling and on the sides of the head, and then slightly smoothed them. As a result, there was a very magnificent and noticeable label.
    • Hairstyle “Small Dev”. To create it, you need to tie a lot of small tails across your whole head – they should hang around in different directions. In the early 1990s, such a hairstyle was particularly relevant not only among the female population of Russia, but also among young guys.
    • Bang-roller. Emphasis in such a hairstyle focused on the strands covering the forehead. On the big round comb bangs screwed up and dried with a hairdryer – as a result, a roller was obtained, which was fixed by varnish. The rest of the curls either collected in the tail or in the beam.
    • Windproof bang – She especially loved young girls. To do this, strands on the forehead were glad and laid out, and then they were abundantly watered with varnish or sugar syrup. Thus, it turned out that bangs were a combing side and highly raised from the roots. Such laying of bangs was used for loose hair or collected in the tail.

    Also possessing hair medium length loved and simple romantic masonry. To create it, the tips of the strands, framing, twisted with the help of a large round comb in the direction of the face. Bang with its presence either laid the side, also spinning the ends inwards, or fired at the top of a rubber band, as in the hairstyle “Malvina”.

    On long hair

    The owner of such curls in principle could create the same hairstyles as the representatives of the beautiful sex with short and, especially, long strands. But they had their favorites.

    • Corrug. And today, such a hairstyle can be seen from young girls – it is created using a special ironing. So if you still have somewhere somewhere, it’s time to remember about him. But you should not forget about the use of special thermocrustics.
    • “Bashek” – small curls. To create them, all hair was blocked into small pigtails and wore them for several days, and when they were dissolved, they received many barus.
    • Tails. These include the “Pisa Tower”, and the tail with a wrapal or even laying by the type of horse-tail. Combines these options for laying one – pomp and the location of the tilt itself on the top of the top or at the top of the nape.
    • “Nests” and “Babett”. Principle of creation – collected hair in a bundle and a big nobody. At the same time, “Bestta” chose mostly women older than 40 years. But the “nest” and today enjoys great popularity among girls and young women. The principle of creation is simple – the hair on the head was collected in a bundle and tied with a rubber band. And on top wrapped the hair strands – with their or overhead. Decorated such hairstyle with ribbons and bright hairpins and, of course, sprayed with varnish. When choosing the laying of the “nest”, several strands on the sides of the head and on the back of the head were left intact – it was they who betrayed the hairstyle of a special charm, negligence and romanticism.

    And do not forget about the simplest laying – just loose hair. Sometimes they were combined with oblique surgery, and sometimes with a small wagon on the top.

    The style of the 90s on female styling and hairstyles is not only brighter, volume and more magnificent, but also easier, unusual and faster.


    Without them, it is almost impossible to imagine any hairstyle from the last century. It is not surprising: after all, in the mid-1990s, the domestic market literally flooded Chinese decoration and accessories designed to create styling of any species.

    The range of such hair items was wide enough, but our compatriots most often chose the following.

    • Shignon and overhead strands. They are also in demand today, especially in women of the older generation. But then – these were tight and only synthetic accessories, the long wearing of which spoiled the hair and caused discomfort. It is worth noting that sometimes instead of Shignon, especially resourceful Russian women used the usual washcloth.
    • Click Click and Crocodiles. Distinctive feature – DISTRIBUTION AND AUTHPHANCE OF GOSTLE. Such items were of a variety of colors and sizes, and used them to challenge bangs or individual curls.
    • Springs – small up to 1 cm long accessories in the form of an ordinary spring with two small beads at the ends. They were used simply as a decoration, but to remove such accessories without a bunch of hair was almost impossible.
    • Clumps “Flowers” and “Butterflies”. Small plastic products that loved children and teenagers. With their help, a variety of stacks were created: the more such accessories were brighter, the one was better.
    • Rim. Excellent accessories with a soft fabric surface used especially popularity. And of course, the peak of fashion was spotted colors.
    • Bows and ribbons. Young people were fond of bows. But the tapes especially loved young girls and women – their popularity, like accessories for hairstyles, just came to the peak of mass passion of home aerobics.

        A variety of styling and hairstyles of the last century are gaining popularity and today. Their creation will not require a lot of time and effort, but at the same time, regardless of the length and type of hair, each girl can look today stylish and fashionable.

        On the features and types of women’s hairstyles of the 90s, see next video.

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