Women’s youth short haircuts: Features, Nuances of selection and laying

Women's youth short haircuts: Features, Nuances of selection and laying

Since women began to cut short, more centuries passed. Fashion generally and haircuts in particular develop together with the history of society, its cataclysms, wars and economic disasters. It is noted that the fashion for short haircuts is waived waving and calms down, and again appears.


New, as you know, this is well forgotten old, and short haircuts that appeared practically a century ago, are still loved and popular. All models known today are the basic options for hairstyles of the past years.

So, the first haircut for short hair appeared in 1909 due to the French cinema. This was a concise haircut made of light hair laid down with neat waves in combination with ultra-shut-off. In those days it was in the wonder. Currently, it is often possible to see young and more mature women.

First World War makes adjustments to the usual way of life of women, many of whom are cared for wounded and recovering soldiers, work along with men. The lifestyle itself changes, and with him themselves. They have no time to make intricate hairstyles of long hair, and new haircuts such as Garson, Gavrosh and Bubikopf appear. Translated from French and German, respectively, these words literally mean – “under the boy” or “Little head”. Despite its boy’s name, these haircuts are extremely feminine and elegant. Century-old fame does not contradict the image of a modern woman.

Bubikopf – This is the same haircut under the boy, with an emphasis on wavy laying by forceps.Now this haircut is known for its retro style and is used on the basis of Garson’s haircuts as a way of festive or solemn styling.

Gavrosh – Boy haircuts with elongated strands on the back. The haircut is quite stylish, requires high professionalism of the hairdresser and impeccable execution.

Gradually, short haircuts stopped explaining the need, war, illness, and they acquired special love among the townspeople and Bohemia. Become extremely popular various styling for short wavy hair: polka, focus.

Soon the English concept of Bobbed, literally meaning “short female haircut” appears. Gradually, this word declined to the famous bob and began to call a specific haircut.

Famous Kare, Bob, Page gradually get universal fame and love. Since then, these simple elegant haircuts are not losing popularity.

Modern Karea Differs with clear geometric lines. The haircut can be strict and concise, tender and romantic, smooth and curly hair. Bang used with a kara may be oblique, straight, oval, with ribbon or long strands. With all the variety of species and styles, the possibilities of laying are preserved geometry.

Page – characterized by soft forms, curled curls, finished image. Can be performed on elongated or very short hair. Well suited for a feminine or romantic image.

Manifold haircuts bob Amazes: classic, asymmetrical, elongated, bob on the leg, bob with bangs, with cascade elements. So, the classic bob is a bit similar to the square, but differs in the absence of direct cut from below. Mostly for bob characteristic short strands on the back of the head and longer hair.

Rhythm – A short haircut for the most active and bold girls and women is distinguished by very short strands on the back of the head and temples, a volumetric painter and a long bang. Universally, stylish, fashionable. Does not require much time to lay. This is also a retro style, with the help of modern execution techniques looks completely in a new way.


A huge number of short youth haircuts with various variations, appliances and staining. If you figure out, they all have common features.

  • Short hair length, not always the same: elongated or graduated strands, oblique or straight bangs, direct or oblique sample, shaved or elongated whiskey.
  • Open face and neck require practically perfect forms and damn faces.
  • It is necessary to regularly visit the hairdresser, otherwise the slightly abandoned hair will create a sloppy, narrow-minded view.
  • Easy styling, for which you will need a minimum of time and effort.
  • Youth haircuts will suit young girls, emphasize immaculate sowing faces and thin neck. The emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones will make the face more expressive and cute. With the help of fixing tools, the styling can be a romantic image of a young lady will turn into a rebar and daring, filled with expression.
  • Stylish female hairstyles on short hair will help create a feminine and sophisticated image. It is only necessary to choose the right haircut.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all other, youth short haircuts have their pros and cons. Let’s start with the plus.

  • Availability and variety options.
  • Universality and combination with any way.
  • Simplicity and ease of laying.
  • High variability. Short hair haircut can be laid in various ways, choose an option for daily or festive laying.
  • Possess a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

There are shortcomings.

  • Most short haircuts make the face and all the more neck open, so it is necessary to choose haircuts that focus on the cheekbones and an oval of the face.
  • Short strands will not always be able to disguise the elongated nose or sticking ears. It is worth stopping your choice on short haircuts with elongated strands or bangs.

How to pick up?

So that the haircut went on with its owner, you need to choose her correctly.

  • For owner Oval face Practically any haircuts for short and very short hair will be suitable. With the features of the person, you can use bangs – asymmetric or direct. It will be good to look haircut Garson. Its distinctive feature are straight, smooth or with a large wave of hair.

Don’t make such a haircut if the hair is too crispy or curly.

  • For an elongated face Short haircuts will be suitable, which will hide the natural angularity and stretch of the face, will make it more cute and feminine. Such a haircut is just the perfect solution for thin girls or women with a boy figure, no matter how banal it sounds.

Do not need to choose to choose to large women or girls with a square face. In this case, the facial features will become even larger, highlights heavy chin.

  • For a round face It is worth choosing short haircuts with asymmetry, multi-layered, volume on the back. Such haircuts will easily cope with the main role – visual correction, the elongation of a round face.

How to stack?

Haircuts on short hair with a constant visiting hairdresser light in laying. They can be easily furnished at home, without spending too much time and effort. In order for the hair well to look, it is necessary to create a volume with home tools and fixing means. Mousse for laying, gel for the effect of wet hair, lacquer for fixation will help achieve various results.

It is worth careful to use the means for laying and fixing, otherwise the hair will lose volume and natural appeal. It is better to use lacquer or mousse a weak fixation so that the hair does not look like a helmet.

Daily styling has a certain action algorithm.

  • Basic requirement – clean, well-groomed hair. Well, if they are a little wet.
  • The volume should always try to make on the top – it will give the correct shape of the haircut, otherwise the head will look too small.
  • Stying begins with a crown and moves to the front of the head.
  • Competently laid bangs are not only able to decorate the winner of a short haircut, but also to adjust the features of the face: high forehead, heavy chin.
  • Create volume will help funds for fixation: mousse, gel, foam, wax. Used depending on the result. So, curls are created with mousse. Wax will help to lay completely smooth hair or fix individual strands. Penka – the perfect means to create a volume on the top, and varnish – for fixing the result.
  • From the tools you will need a hairdryer or branch, curly, iron, various types of comb.
  • When laying in the hairstyle of haircuts such as hedge will need a comb with thin cloths and a hairdryer. Hair is dried with warm air in the roots, creating volume. The tips of the hair are simulated by gel or wax fixed by varnish.
  • For evening hairstyles you can create soft curls or put in retro waves. So beautifully laying a haircut kare, bob, pages.
  • Very simple laying for short hair. It will not even need a hairdryer for her. Gel or mousse is applied over the entire length of the hair that are whipped and rising from the roots. Neatly straighten strands from the face.
  • Very romantic image can be obtained, slightly tirring hair. Using a special bezel, carefully fill the curls per gum.
  • The effect of wet hair, nosch, various pigtails and flagellas – intricate and spectacular hairstyles will help create any image.

Beautiful examples

    Several beautiful examples are presented in the photo gallery.

    • Classic natural hair beautiful at any time.

    • Garson can be different: cute, mischievous, elegant, stylish, rebar, but never boring.

    • Bubikopf or hairstyle in retrostile still intrigues and fascinates.

    • Whether haircut Garson popular? Yes, see themselves, correctly processed strands and faithful laying – and it is still in the spirit of time.

    • Multidite Bob with interesting staining of individual strands or asymmetric bangs are always gorgeous. And no matter whether it will be careless or accurate.

    • Haircut rhythm, like its name, maybe tender and passionate, strict and perky.

    On how to make a short haircut, see the following video.

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