Parafinotherapy for hands: varieties of procedure and subtlety of it

Parafinotherapy for hands: varieties of procedure and subtlety of it

Everyone wants to be beautiful and desirable, especially for the beautiful half of humanity. Girls and women take care not only about their health, but also external beauty. In order to look attractive, it is important to keep track of everything, including the skin of the hands and feet, which sometimes just forget. Parafinotherapy is a remarkable option to care and impart the skin of tenderness and tightness, so it is important to know about all the intricacies of the procedure and be able to conduct it.

What it is?

The benefits of paraffin therapy have already been known for a long time and is successfully practiced by many people, because the effect is proved in practice. Using paraffin can be used at different parts of the body – it is the hair cover of the head, face, neck and other parts of the body. It is necessary to apply the composition in a liquid form, pre-melt it, and with the help of layout, appliqués or baths. In order to better understand what paraffine therapy represents, it is necessary to understand the principles of its impact on the body.

Using paraffin has a mechanical and thermal effect on human body cover. When the substance begins to stick, it decreases in size by about 10%, purchasing elasticity and providing a compression effect on the fabric. Such an effect allows you to actively penetrate the heat inside the covers, which reduces the clearance of surface vessels, and this, in turn, speeds up the bloodstream along with lymphotok.

Such a procedure helps to get rid of harmful substances and toxins that accumulate in the body.

Due to the effects of heat, the skin surface is slightly heated, which makes it possible to increase the intercellular space, reveal the pores and soften the burned layer of cells. The peculiarity of the procedure is that there is no moisture loss due to the full insulation of the site where the reaction passes, and this leads to the fact that the water balance of the skin does not change and the person does not feel dry and discomfort at the end of the process.

It is important to properly carry out paraffin therapy, using a medical white peeled composition for this, in which there are no impurities. To make it liquid, you need to put a substance on a water bath and bring to a boil. .

If it was not possible to use all paraffin at times, it can be used again, but it is important to sterilize before re-use

Paraffin therapy has a positive effect on the human body due to:

  • The process of expanding the walls of the capillaries+
  • enhanced metabolic process in the area where the procedure is performed+
  • It helps bring the exchange products from skin.

In addition, the effects of paraffin gives such an effect as:

  • Softness, Moisturizing Skin Covers+
  • PS+
  • Getting rid of swelling processes+
  • Lifting and skin lift+
  • Nail nutrient providing nutrients+
  • Output of exchange products+
  • Fast healing process and assistance in restoring damaged skin sections+
  • Reduced inflammation and chronic pain.

    Hand paraffin therapy is a common procedure that a lot of women enjoys. Hands in women are growing faster, the skin acquires dryness and the appearance of them already 30 is far from the fact that he was in youth. Thanks to the use of paraffin, you can achieve softening of the skin, increasing their elasticity and a small lifting effect. If you start using the remedy immediately after the first signs of the flaws of the skin, then you can correct the situation and for many years to keep your hands beautiful, and the skin of a young and elastic.

    You can also make foot baths to reduce the number of damaged cells, especially in the heel and thumb area. The procedure is pleasant and has good results of use, allowing several applications to get rid of the flabbing sites and prevent their appearance again.

    It is easy to use paraffin, and the benefit of it is quite large, therefore it is worth seeing to this method carefully, to study all the advantages and disadvantages and try to experience her miraculous effect on yourself.

    Benefit and harm

    Parafinotherapy is a cosmetic skin care procedure that has excellent results.

    In view of the characteristics of the human body there are people who undesirable to use it for a number of reasons:

    • non-interity of the components of the composition+
    • acute inflammation+
    • Period of exacerbation of chronic diseases+
    • Availability of solar burns+
    • oncology+
    • hypertension+
    • phlebeurysm+
    • diabetes+
    • tuberculosis+
    • damage to the skin after paraffin therapy+
    • Jews, rashes, open wounds or inflammation+
    • Eczema in the acute stage+
    • Availability of hyperitrichoz in girls+
    • Rosacea.

    If we talk about the species diversity, then only two options for the procedure that can be applied to hand care is cold and hot.

    Cold method

    When using the cold method, you do not need to pull the paraffin, it already has a consistency of the cream, which makes it possible to use it in hand. Despite the fact that there is no effect of heat, anyway, the hand is experiencing the effect of the sauna, which allows to normalize the water balance and soften the skin. If you use any additional useful ingredients for a cream, then they will quickly vote the skin and actively start acting.

    To help skin quickly start sweating, you need to put on the hands of plastic bags or gloves. An important feature of the paraffin cream is a narrow specialization. It cannot be applied to the face, because the consistency is too heavy and there is a risk of pore clogging and the occurrence of allergic reactions.

    Hot method

    When using a hot method, you must melt the paraffin on the bath, and the skin is treated with antiseptic. Best to use paraffin to make peeling so that the pores are fully prepared for the effects of the composition. In the container where the paraffin was heated, you need to lower my hands several times, after which it should be put on warm gloves that should be prepared. After half an hour, paraffin is removed, and the hands are moisturized by a special cream.

    Hot species recommended in the presence of certain diseases, And the cold often choose those who are sensitive to warmth or does not want to spend a lot of time and efforts to prepare. The difference between these techniques is that the cold paraffin has room temperature, and the hot much warmer, which contributes to the additional heating of the skin. The structure of cold cream-paraffin is more dense than hot, therefore the effect is stronger and lasts a longer period.

    Cold species has a consistency of cream, while hot paraffin is a liquid substance that becomes a solid film after cooling.

      The advantage of the cold version is the presence of more useful ingredients in it than hot. So, it can find essential oil, lecithin, proteins with vitamins and not only. Cold type of parafinotherapy is recommended to almost all, even pregnant, it is easy to use, and the effect can be obtained almost immediately.

      Rules of implementation

      The procedure for paraffin therapy in the cabin differs from those methods that can be done at home. The difference consists in the principles of the laying. It may be:

      • Layering. Paraffin melted at a temperature of 60 degrees and applied to the surface of the skin with a specialized brush. The layer is obtained from one to two millimeters. When the desired area is processed, it is covered with polyethylene or wax paper. The final stage will be covered with a warm towel or blanket. Paraffin has a temperature indicator of about 50 degrees and warmly warms the skin.
      • Using baths. Hand brushes are originally processed with paraffin tassel, which should have a temperature of about 50 degrees, after that hand should be wrapped in polyethylene or immersed in a bath where paraffin will be in the liquid state, since its temperature will be more than 60 degrees.

      • Appliques with a napkin. Paraffin is applied with a thick layer in two days, until the total thickness reaches half acetimeter. The next step is the grounding of the gauze bandages, which must be added to at least 10 layers, moistened in the paraffin solution with a temperature of 70 degrees. The last step will be wrapping with polyethylene and hiding hands with a warm blanket.
      • Applique cuvette. The procedure that involves the spilling out paraffin in the liquid state according to five-hundredth meter cuvetam height of no more than 2 cm. In them, the film should be placed in advance, the size of a significantly superior mold. Its size should be like a plot on which appliqué will occur. As soon as the paraffin cools and will be soft, it is imposed on the film on the right side of the hand. The last step will be the shelting of the processed area by a blanket.
      • Using a paraffin-oil mixture, For which paraffin is used, fish oil or cotton oil. These components are connected and adjusted to a temperature of a hundred degrees, after which they are poured into the pulverizer and thus apply to the surface of the skin. In the process of spraying, the composition loses up to 30 degrees of heat, without burning the skin. When the entire surface is processed, the resulting layer is covered with a napkin. It must be sterile and pre-moistened in the same mixture.

      Work in the cabin has a clear sequence of actions that cannot be broken:

      1. Disinfection of hands before starting the procedure+
      2. Applying a nourishing cream that has a moisturizing effect+
      3. Immersion of hands in a bath with paraffin for 2-3 seconds, then they are removed at the same time and plunge again+
      4. Polyethylene gloves on them+
      5. over gloves wear terry specialized mittens+
      6. The procedure passes about 20 minutes+
      7. After time you need to remove mittens and gloves, remove the wax and wipe your hands well.

      After the completion of the procedure, it is desirable for 30 minutes to hold in the cabin, so that the hands are cooled to the ambient temperature and does not have discomfort from cutting the surrounding environment.

      How to do at home?

      Conducting paraffin therapy is not too complex process, and it is possible to spend it at home. The effect of the procedure is fast enough, already after the first use you can see explicit changes for the better. With systematic use of paraffin, it is possible to drastically transform the appearance of your hands, rejoicing them for several years.

      To carry out the procedure at home, you need to have:

      • Medical paraffin. It is impossible to take candles for cosmetic events, because it can negatively affect the health of the skin, and even call the burn at all. You can buy specialized paraffin in stores where they sell cosmetics, pharmacies and in large supermarkets.
      • Polyethylene gloves.
      • Mittens from terry towels that can be bought or sew. If there is no such possibility, then a simple warm towel.
      • If there is a desire to carry out paraffin therapy of hands quite often, you can purchase a whole set, which includes wax, gloves, bath with heating function, where paraffin molding will occur. If this option is rarely rarely or for lack of bath, you can use the usual small pots in the ingredients. It is convenient that after use it will be completely easy to wash it.

      In order to make paraffin therapy hand correctly, it is important to make all actions in the correct sequence.

      Step-by-step instructions will look like:

      • First of all it is worth taking care of nails. This process should be made before work using paraffin. Hands need to be dipped into a container with warm water in which the soda is added. Work begins with the cuticle who are moved away, after which the excess of them is removed, and only then you need to go to the pruning nail. No matter whether the nail coating with gel or varnish will be carried out, all care treatments are carried out before paraffin therapy.
      • Once working with nails is completed, you can do the procedure itself, for which you need to melt paraffin. The presence of a specialized bath makes it easier for the task, but you can cope with the help of submitted means using a steam bath. The heating process should not be delayed, otherwise the temperature of the resulting mass will be very high. At that moment, when the composition starts to melk, you can remove it from the stove. Paraffin melts at a temperature of 70 degrees, you do not need water to boil.
      • If there is a desire to make a mass of more nutritious and add essential oils and other additives, then this process must be performed simultaneously with the crossing so that all components are well mixed. If you add additional substances after removal of paraffin from the fire, they can smear and not allolize over the entire surface of the hands, and therefore will not bring the benefit expected from them.

      • The container that will need to be used under the bath must be selected by suitable sizes so that it can be filled with one or immediately two hand brushes without problems. The amount of dive should be at least two, and then three for each hand. The more paraffin layers, the better the effect will be due to a longer possibility to keep heat.
      • Polyethylene gloves are prepared in advance and placed near the course of the procedure. It is important to disclose them initially to immediately lower the brushes in them after the baths. As soon as the gloves are caught, you need to immediately wear warm terry mittens or shove hands in a towel or blanket.
      • As soon as the mass hardens, you can shoot everything from the hands. Paraffin easily departs from the skin without leaving no trace on it. On the dishes, where preparation was carried out, the remains are best removed after the composition is completely dry, it will be easier to consider it. In the case of using additives it is better to wash the container with soap.

        The process of paraffin therapy for the skin of hands can be carried out at any time and in any quantity. It is recommended to use this tool no more than two times a week for two months. The effect will be visible from each paraffin application, therefore it is not necessary to wait for a while to see the result, the skin of the hands will become much softer, more elastic and more pleasant from the first use. The advantage of this process is that by spending no more than 40 minutes on it, you can get a rejuvenation effect, get rid of the unpleasant sensations of dry skin, without spending large cash resources and without leaving your own home.

        Useful advice

        As recommended girls in reviews, purchasing paraffin, it is best to choose options in which additives already have. It can be a peach oil that is well suited to people with allergies, coarse oil, which perfectly helps to fight with age-related skin changes, tea rose extract, having in its composition vitamin E and rose rose, without which SPA procedures do not conduct.

        The use of a hot version of the paraffin therapy should be conscious and run in accordance with the instructions. It is important not to overheat the composition, otherwise there is a risk of getting a skin burn. In order to check the temperature, you need to apply a little means on the back side of the palm, and if there is no unpleasant feeling, it means that you can conduct a procedure. It is important to acquire a quality product, because the health of the hands depends on it. Partial quality indicator can be the price. Too cheap options are unlikely to be good, therefore it is worth choosing a product in an average price category.

        In the event that the procedure using paraffin will be carried out often, it is better to spend better and purchase a special bath, which will speed up the process, it will heat up to the desired temperature, so the need for a constant search for suitable capacity will disappear. Choosing such a device, you should immediately decide for which parts of the body it will be needed, its dimensions will depend on it.

        If you need a capacity only for hands, then enough 2 liters, the legs will need more volume.

        Choosing a bath, you should pay attention to the speed of paraffin heating. Than it is higher, the better. A good supplement will be the thermostat. A particularly pleasant feature will have a filter that helps in the process of cleansing the paraffin itself and facilitates the cleaning of the container. The optimal option will be the presence of a non-slip coating on the bottom of the bath or the presence of suckers that guarantee the stability of the tank and increase comfort from its use.

        If the procedure of paraffin therapy will be carried out for the first time, it is desirable to check for allergies to a particular component or additive so as not to harm yourself. It can be done in a medical institution or an experienced way, prepare a solution and dipping a finger into it. After the day, you can conclude – if there is no redness, itching, rash and other signs of allergies, it means that you can safely begin the procedure. Having any deviations from the normal state for which the use of a paraffin mask is allowed, it does not need to be used, because it will only bring damage.

        More information about the procedure of paraffin therapy will tell the following video.

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