All about machines for permanent makeup

All about machines for permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is very popular not the first year, but recently the technique of permanent application has become more perfect. The unconditional advantage of such makeup is that it is distinguished by excellent resistance. Masters for such a makeup are always in demand – subject to sufficient qualifications. In addition to knowledge and skills, it is important to have suitable high-quality equipment, consumables. The main device needed to any tattoo masse – the machine for permanent.

general description

Machine for permanent makeup – a pretty compact tool that gives the wizard to fill the subcutaneous pigment space. Needl penetration at the same time. Modern devices are small, have a shape of a handle, so you can manage them quite simple and safe for the client. Changing the needles corresponding to a zone, technique, you can create a permanent of any sections.

Many confuse similar machines and tattoos. But even considering that these devices have similar purpose and device, they differ dramatically. The techniques of applying tattoo and permanent are different, therefore the equipment is non-violent – tattoo cars for the performance of the permanent will not fit.

The apparatus of the professional plan, which are currently produced in large quantities, make it possible to introduce pigment to different areas. At the same time, the depth is small, so unlike tattoo permanent fades and even even disappear over time. It depends on the technique of applying. Permanent devices are several types.

Varieties of devices

Professional Beauty Industry works with modern devices of two main species.


Allow you to control the depth of the penetration of the needle, the speed of work. The typewriter of this type allows you to create graphic, neat drawers. It is needed in those zones where you need to draw more thoroughly. The needle in this version works on reciprocating type and does not vibrate. The device is as silent as possible, which provides additional comfort.


Devices with coils that work on the voltage of the magnetic type. The emerging vibration moves the needle in a circle. Speed, frequency, power are controlled, set by settings. For thin lines, this unit does not fit: high risk of injury.

There are short and long-timing tools that differ in the type of needle type:

  • The short-terrestrial with an amplitude step 2.1-2.5 mm, soft, fits beginners and for the formation of dense hatching+
  • Long-incredible with an amplitude step of 3.5-4.1 mm, suitable for eyebrows.

Also cars for permanent differ in stationary criteria: portable and unnecessary. The first make it possible to work on the road. In any case, the machine consists of the following parts:

  • Power supply – battery, battery+
  • Remote control, speeds, speed+
  • Manipula – that is, the handle, the basis of the apparatus in which there is a pigment capsule and a needle+
  • Pedal – subject to the control of a foot type.

The most compact models work from batteries, but they are not suitable for professional use.

Types of needles systems

Single needles are characterized by texture, sharpening, diameter, they are suitable for different zones. The main criteria for choosing needles are listed below.

  • Diameter. Varies from 0.18 mm to 0.40 mm. The thinner needle, the more delicate lines it can create. This option is great for hair type technique. Thin needles are not recommended for use of novice masters. The diameter of 0.25 is optimal for both hairs and spraying techniques. With such a needle form tiny pixels, the permanent is obtained as elegant as possible. This is the best choice for creating arrows, makeup on dry skin, but for greasy it is better to choose a larger diameter. Universal needles are 0.30 mm, they are used in the period of study, they are optimal for all zones. Needle 0.35 perfectly suitable for oily leather with extended pores, for the age is not suitable. 0.40 are used only on lips.

  • Sharpening type. The shortened needle with the edge exclusively at the end is used for a complete painting, introduces many paints at once. Not suitable for powdered technology. Medium needle on sharpness average, this is a good choice for those who make the first steps in Permanent. Great for lips and is generally considered the most universal. Long-needle conic in shape, narrowing begins early, this is the most acute variety. Paint penetrates deep layers of skin, so the permanent turns out the most resistant. Suitable for thin lines and spraying, highly qualified masters. Is the most popular among professionals.

  • Texture. Needles are different and texture: smooth or textured. Textured are characterized by roughness, so absorb and give the skin more paint. But this kind of needle is considered traumatic, you have to work as accurately as possible, the rate of procedure is reduced. The textured needle is not suitable for use on centuries.

The best models

Assortment of top-level machines is quite large. In the ranking that specialists make up, you can see the devices of production of different countries: Germany, Russia, Korea, Poland. Korean modular devices are in demand. This review selected current models of recent years: both inductive and rotary.

Top induction machines

  • VLAD BLAD REALISTIC SHADER RESPECT. Design is concise and not too elegant, but quality and functionality at height. The device is made of aluminum, weighty weight, comfortable in management. There are several modes, suitable for performing graphic lines, small elements, decisive.

Optimal for beginners, very durable, price category – above average.

  • Moskit Steel Solo Liner. The design of this typewriter is more spectacular – it looks stylish, and this is not the only advantage of the device. The machine is modern, created taking into account the wishes of different masters. Good suitable for drawing any details of any size, thin contours. Gadget is distinguished by strength, but weighs very little. Price Category – Budget.

  • ITS TRACE SINGLE LINER WHITE. Used by both solo masters and in professional salons. Able to draw any, even the most complex details without problems and defects. Hand in work does not get tired, the model will arrange an inexperienced master. The uniqueness of this apparatus is a specially developed needle penetration technology. Extraction occurs instantly, therefore the problem of the blurring paint is excluded. The machine is durable, durable, reliable, there are speed and power modes.

The price category is budget, but there is a disadvantage – in the process of noise.

  • Verge Dog Shader Black. This device is characterized by productivity, it perfectly draws any outlines, it grows, suitable for the gentle painting of any sections. The model is distinguished by strength and comfortable configuration. Easy settings attracts those who are just starting to master this profession. The course of the needle is impeccable, the pain is minimal, the design is extremely concise. Price segment – budget.

  • SAMPIR WALKER SHADER BLACK. The original design and excellent functionality make this model very popular from the pro and beginner masters. The productive apparatus that allows you to perform the finest work without much effort. Case reliable, price category – budget.

Top rotary machines

  • Vlad Blad Seawolf Rotary. This model is perfect for those who work with his left hand, as the design is universal from this point of view. The needle stroke is clear and very fast, there is an opportunity to draw even the most complex details. Vibration is absent, so pain is minimal. Weight machine small, price category – average.

  • Skinductor vertigo. Comfortable form, simplicity in management make this model especially suitable for beginners. Speed ​​is adjustable, suitable for any needle, sterilization is carried out very simply. Compactness, powerful engine and silentness – the main advantages of this typewriter. Price category – above average.

  • Mustang Tattoo Aero. The motor of this model is quite powerful, and the body is conveniently falling into the hand. Weight small, working with the device you can very long. Different needles are suitable for drawing delicate zones. No vibration, machine durable and ergonomic, but for newbies it is not worth choosing. Price Category – Budget.

  • Hummingbird v2. Modern durable apparatus, created with all new technologies. It works silently, without vibration, life – long, weight is very small. This option is considered universal, economical and powerful, price category – average.

  • Equaliser Ergo Grey. Original futuristic performance of the machine attracts. In addition, there is an excellent quality of work performed, suitable for creating contours and seats, the needle stroke is neat and clear. The model is easy to fit the needles of the standard type, the pains are minimal. Price Category – High.

Child Nuances

Choose a typewriter for tattooing eyebrows, lips and other zones newcomer and the master is not easy – it is important that it meets the main requirements. There are a number of nuances that need to be considered.

  • Vibration. The level of vibration is of great importance, especially if you just start to master the profession. If the vibrations are strong, then the risk of injury is very high.

  • Safety. The item is associated with the previous one, but not only traumaticity matters for the Master of Permanent. All consumables and any additional elements for making pigments must be disposable. Optimally, if the apparatus is suitable for an atraumatic type needle. It is important for the presence of a block that impedes the ingress of lymph into the device.

  • Depth. The machine that makes it possible to adjust the penetration depth – the optimal choice. This item is important not only for beginners.

  • Material. First of all, the simplicity of the disinfection of the hull is important, therefore any metal alloys are preferable. The device should be easy, otherwise it will be difficult to work.

  • Settings. There are important modes that must be set up, for example, power and speed. There are more and less delicate zones that require an individual approach. The more manageable the gadget, the better.

  • Needles. Their in the arsenal of any master is always enough: for the decisive, the thinnest lines, details, filling in the pigment. It is important that a variety of options come to the typewriter. Needles must have a certificate and be hypoallergenic.

  • Control Panel. The sensor is optimal, since it is easier and more comfortable in work, it is easy to disinfect. You can call foot models very convenient: they can not interrupt the process.

  • The size. Than a more compact device, the more convenient to work with it. Portable options can be brought home or leaving them to the house to the client.

  • Price. The range of the cost of such devices is quite wide. Professionals should not regret money for quality and strength.

  • Reviews. Before making the final choice, read reviews on the forums of specialists about the selected models. It will relieve you from unpleasant surprises and will allow you to evaluate the machine in terms of practice.

Operating tips

Even the most expensive and high-quality apparatus does not guarantee that the result will be satisfactory if you do not understand how to use the machine. Work on the creation of permanent requires compliance with the rules of disinfecting, using only disposable materials and consumables. The machine is important to competently disinfect, sterilize after each application.

Do not forget about gloves and learn sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

As for the operation of the device for permanent, you need to start with its assembly. It should be carried out strictly according to the instructions if a malfunction arose, start checking from the power supply, wires – and only then look for the cause in the equipment. Most often problems arise with wires, as they are faster than wear.

Do not forget about timely diagnosis.

Choose a good network cord with a grounding of or without it, plug the power supply. The latter is necessary for a smooth voltage change, power reserve for several hours of operation. The power supply is connected to an elementary – to a 220 volt network source. After that, clip-cord is connected, the pedal (if available), then you need to put on gloves and collect the device itself: insert the holder, the needle. After assembly, the device must be configured, start with the needle departure, speed modes, power. And you can start working.

Many ask a question – how to keep the device for permanent makeup. There are no clear rules here, since much depends on the individual characteristics of the master. At the stage of training, the master learn to keep the machine in many ways until they find the most convenient for themselves.

About what typewriter for permanent makeup to choose a novice master, look in the following video.

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