All about Mittens Keshe

All about Mittens Keshe

Mittens Kesie is Eastern invention, is actively used in Turkish Hammamams. When visiting the bath, the skin is sparkled, and for her cleansing a special glove was invented. It contributes to the removal of corneal cells of the epidermis, stimulates blood movement.

For the manufacture of bags – the vessels used Silk fibers. The peculiarity of this material is that, soaking with water, it acquires moderate rigidity. It provides excellent peeling effect.

Taking into account the fact that Turkish hammam sparks perfectly, there is no need for intensive effects. Keshe mittens are used for massage and cleansing of skin.

What it is?

People seeking to ensure their skin care, it is perfectly known that the Turkish glove becomes a wonderful assistant in this matter. With it performs massage, she Ideal for cleaning face and body.

In the appearance of the municipality of Cessa reminds a small pouch. It is put on hand and fix on the wrist. Make such gloves based on natural materials. You can find on sale models from goat wool, woody, silk.

The use of kees is Beautiful alternative to abrasive peeling techniques. To remove organized cells it is enough to make a light massage glove. The skin is not injured.

But the body is predefined to displesh – the execution of this condition is required.

Keshe Mittens Acts gentle, It can even use people who have skin sensitive. If earlier such a glove was not tested, it is necessary to start choose a softer variety, for example, silk. It is from this material that genuine Turkish mittens make.

When using gloves It is necessary that the palm is in it completely. In the wrist area, there is usually a cuff, it is tightened. Or provide fixation with ropes at the edges. This eliminates the shift of the glove during the procedure. The condition of the skin is significantly improved after the first application.

To obtain the maximum effect from the procedure, you need to choose the right massage mitten. Attention when choosing should be emphasized on the material from which it is made, and density.

Many prefer silk products. There is also demand for options from a mixture of fabrics, cotton, models made on the basis of artificial fibers. The structure must be fine, but at the same time dense.

Indications and contraindications

Basic testimony for the use of Keshe Gloves – skin peeling. This is an effective way to remove organized cells. Massage made using such a glove, stimulates cellular update, promotes cleansing skin.

But before you buy a Turkish mitten, you need to get acquainted with contraindications to its use. This list includes:

  • Orately+
  • dermatitis+
  • Strong acne+
  • Burning+
  • Open wounds.

A rigid urine can injure the epidermis, the infection will spread throughout the body.


Caes mittens classified not only by manufacturing material, but also by the degree of hardness. They are Soft and tough. There are also variants of the average degree of rigidity.

Those who previously had no experience of such things, it is recommended to start with Soft version. It provides a delicate cleansing of the skin, does not injure them. Prepares epidermis to subsequent use of tougher gloves. This is the perfect solution for girls whose skin is sensitive.

Glove Middle rigid considered a universal option, it comes almost to all. Enough to control the power of exposure.

Mitten S Rigid texture Provides active cleansing of skin. Use it should be careful.

Increase the degree of hardness gloves gradually.

How to use?

It is important to know how to use a Turkish mitch to not harm the skin.

Interests of Turkey and Moroccans make peeling glove Kesie in the bath. The mittens they use only after sprinkling the skin. With the revealed pores, the burned particles are exfoliated faster, heavily rubbed the body glove is not required.

The use of mittens kees at home has its own nuances.

  1. Skin need to unpack by taking a bath or shower.
  2. During the water procedure, it is washed or use the gel for the shower;.
  3. Before applying the Turkish gloves, remove them from the skin surface. Use scrub under the ban.
  4. Put on a glove and consolidate it on the wrist.
  5. Proceed to gentle body massage.
  6. After a few minutes of massage on the surface of the skin, sprinkles are formed or exfoliated particles. They need to be washed off with water, and the body is smeared with cream.

Turkish glove Use exclusively on clean skin. If you need to ensure gentle exfoliation, you should not wet mitten, it is enough to moisten the epidermis. This is especially important for the skin that is not yet accustomed to such a procedure.

In classical use of Turkish Its gloves are pre-soaked or not long kept under the jet of water. Keshe’s mittens specificity is that as the fibers are wetted, as a result, the intensity of exposure to the skin is enhanced. It is important to control pressure force. Start with light movements, smoothly enhancing them. When a feeling of discomfort or pain is impacts need to weaken.

With extreme caution, massage performs in areas where the skin is thinner and tender. For example, on the inner surface of the hips, in the area of ​​the neckline.

When using gloves, it is unacceptable to imitate movements, similar to what is performed when applying scrubics. It is impossible to act intensely and intensively.

Excessive pressure on the mittens is fraught with damage to the epidermis.

In areas where the skin is smaller, you can strengthen the impact. At the end of the procedure, the excess moisture is cleaned with a towel.

This accessory Not intended for daily use. Once a week enough. After each procedure, the glove should be washed and dry. It is prohibited by the processing of chemical preparations and washing in the typewriter. Store the massage mitten in a clean dry place.

Even with competent care, it is undesirable to use the same accessory longer than six months (with rare application, the term increases). It is undesirable that several people use one glove. If the material has become too soft, and the effect of using the mittens decreased, it must be replaced.

Cese perfectly replaces scrubs. The sharing of mittens and exfoliating means is excluded. If the procedure is performed on the face, at first it is first applied to the mask, and then cream.

Cosmetics will have a maximum effect when interacting with peeled, sparkling leather.

Review reviews

From the peeling procedure, made with the help of Turkish mittens, most of the best impressions. Buyers leave positive feedback, believing that the glove fully copes with their tasks.

Users say Keshe is The best alternative to scrub. The mittens provides a delicate and careful cleansing of the skin, does not provoke irritation. It can be used for both body and face.

Such a procedure serves excellent preparation for the use of caring cosmetics. The effect of peeling is visible after the first time. The epidermis becomes velvety and smooth.

Negative comments If you meet, it is rare: one does not like the color of the accessory, another – form. But these are minor cons. The advantages of mittens include not only the convenience of using it, but also affordable.

With regular use of CESE, the skin will be in excellent condition.

About how to make a peeling glove Kese, you can find out in the following video.

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