All about the tattoo lips with a decisive

All about the tattoo lips with a decisive

Lip tattoo is a popular cosmetic procedure that allows you to change your appearance without surgical intervention. It takes only a few hours, and the result of the work remains for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The tattoo of the lips with the decisive has a large number of advantages.

  1. Practicality. After the tattoo procedure, the girl can remove the glitter from his cosmetics, lipstick and pencil. In any situation, it will look beautiful and well maintained.
  2. Universality. Tattoo with decisive can do both young girls and adult women. Young beauties usually choose a partial or monophonic tattoo. Older Ladies Like Contour Makeup.
  3. Durability. With proper care, the lips will look bright and beautiful for many years.
  4. Resistance. Because the pigment is entered directly under the skin, makeup cannot be spoiled or removed. The girl with permanent makeup can calmly walk to the sauna, on the beach or in the bath. The main thing is to wait for a complete healing of the skin before rest.
  5. Hypoallergenicity. Colored pigments used for tattooing are distinguished by high quality and are well perceived by the body.
  6. Naturality. Tattoo with decisive looks natural and very beautiful, especially if the master uses light shades of pigment in work.

It should be understood that the permanent makeup has its drawbacks.

  1. Duration of the procedure. Tattoo process takes 1-2 hours. Due to the pain of the procedure, not everyone can endure it to the end.
  2. Unpleasant rehabilitation process. In the first few days after the procedure, the surface of the lips can sweep or covered with a crust. This process will have to simply wait.
  3. High price. Good Wizard services are quite expensive. Therefore, not everyone can afford to turn to a professional. Choose a cheap wizard without feedback and recommendations is also not worth it, because in this case there will be no guarantee that it will do everything at a high level.
  4. The presence of contraindications. Tattoo with decisive can not be done by all. In some cases, the incorrect procedure can lead to the appearance of herpes or allergic reactions.

It is also worth remembering that poor quality tattoo is difficult to fix. Therefore, to the selection of a master who will conduct a procedure must be treated very responsibly.

Indications and contraindications

Tattoo with decisive usually make busy women, as well as girls displeased by their appearance. This procedure can help get rid of the first signs of wilting. After her, the contour of the lips is becoming clearer, and their color is bright. Thanks to the tattoo, the face looks younger and more beautiful. Properly chosen permanent makeup also helps make thin lips more complete and symmetrical.

In order not to encounter negative consequences, it is important to also pay attention to the existing contraindications. Tattoo with a decisive can not be done by people with:

  • diabetes+
  • Low blood clotting+
  • mental disorders+
  • Chronic herpes+
  • Serious Dummy Diseases.

It is forbidden to carry out this procedure and pregnant or nursing women. A tattoo session should be postponed at the time if the lips appeared or bubbles appeared on the lips. It is not recommended to perform a tattoo and during menstruation: these days the girls are more acute react to pain.

Description of species

Now there are several basic types of permanent makeup with a decisive. Each of them has its own characteristics.


In the process of the tattoo, three shades of one selected color are used. The darker is used to design a lip loop. Light shade is used to process folds and corners. Middle tone applied to the central part of the lips. This technique is perfect for girls with thin lips. After the procedure, they become chubs and beautiful.

3D effect

This technique is the most difficult. Therefore, deciding to apply the permanent in this way, it is important to contact a proven master. Such a procedure helps to eliminate the asymmetry of the lips, and also make them more beautiful.


This type of tattooah Ideal for creating a clearer lip contour. Most often, in such a way, the woman’s appearance is senior of forty years old. The procedure helps make lips wider. They immediately acquire a clear outline and look as if they were gently circled with a pencil. At the same time, makeup does not seem vulgar or inaccurative.

In order for the result to be satisfactory, it is important to choose a suitable pigment for yourself. In this case, the lips will look natural and attractive.


To handle the surface of the lips in this case, the pigment is also used. At the same time, the basis is carefully chosen, and makeup looks as natural as possible. Such a tattoo makes lips more voluminous and sexy. This technique is perfect for girls with a beautiful natural lip shape. It allows you to make them brighter without changing their appearance.

Color selection nuances

To make makeup naturally and attractive, It is important to choose the most suitable pigment. Do it best with the master. A good professional will help to find the most suitable shade.

In general, when choosing a color should consider the features of their appearance. Pigment tone must be well combined with natural hair and leather tint. Pay attention to the following color steels.

  • Celtic. Girls with bright red hair, light skin, freckles and light blue or green eyes worth choosing a bright pigment. On the lips will be beautiful to look at the shades of red and pink.

  • Scandinavian. Blondes with blue or gray eyes and light skin more attractive make makeup in hints of coral, caramel or cherry.

  • European. Beauty with rusia hair, slightly dark skin and bright karium or gray eyes are suitable for a brown or beige pigment. Such makeup helps to emphasize the natural beauty of the girl.

  • Mediterranean. Girls with dark hair and eyes, as well as dark-skinned skin suitable wide range of shades. The tattoo is best done in terracotta, wine or golden red color. Selected shades must be saturated. In this case, the girl will look bright in any situation.

Universal are light nude shades. They are also perfectly suitable for girls who first decided to make permanent makeup. Do not choose too bright pigments. Dark color with time can bother a person. In addition, it will be difficult to block the lipstick or brilliance of another color.

Preparation for the procedure

In order for the lips after the tattoo, it looked beautiful, and the healing process took quite a bit of time, it is important to properly prepare for the procedure.

Make the lips soft will help regular use of a special scrub. It is recommended to apply in the evenings. This is done in order to remove dead particles from the surface of the skin. In this case, the pigment will fall on it much more even.

In the morning and before bedtime on the skin it is worth applying high-quality nutritional cream. The day of the lips should be fueled by almond or olive oil. Instead, you can also use ordinary hygienic lipstick. So that the lips do not swam and not dreamed, before entering the street they should be treated with a vaseline or moisturizing cream.

Many girls after the tattoo procedure on the lips may appear herpes. But his appearance is easy to prevent. For this 4-6 days before the procedure, as well as 2-3 days after it you need to drink antiviral pills. It is best to buy them on the advice of your attending physician.

In order not to interfere with normal skin healing, you cannot eat alcohol, energy, coffee and tablets, thinning blood to the procedure.

Main steps

Before conducting the procedure, the client must pick up the appropriate color of the paint, as well as clarify how he wants to change the shape of his lips. Make it best for consultation. In this case, the girl will have the opportunity to additionally think about his decision for several days.

So that the paint lay on the surface of the skin with a smooth layer, the client must lie on the couch motionless. Do not apply a pigment to a person who sits on a chair or chair. In this case, there is a risk of allowing.

The procedure for tattooing with a decisive consists of the following steps.

  1. Treatment lip. To begin with, the skin must be treated with degreasing solution and antiseptic. Thanks to this procedure, the risk of infection with infectious diseases is reduced to no.
  2. Drawing sketch. Using a special marker or pencil, the master corrects the contour of the client’s lips. At this stage, it becomes clear to him how to adjust their form.
  3. Use anesthesia. After that you need to use high-quality painkillers. Usually lips are covered with a layer of special cream or gel. So that the tool affects it should be left on the skin for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Applying Permanent. When an anesthetic works, you can proceed to the introduction of pigment under the skin. For this purpose, a special machine with interchangeable needles is used. After that, the decisive of pigment is made.
  5. Antiseptic processing. After completion of the procedure, the lips must be additionally treated with a special antiseptic agent. It helps speed up the healing of the skin healing. If the skin immediately after the procedure appeared swelling, you need to attach to the lips with ice compress. In a couple of minutes it will become less or completely disappeared.

Conducting such a procedure usually takes no more than two hours. The process of making pigment under the skin lasts 40-50 minutes. Everything else time goes to the preparation and processing of lips.

Subsequent care

The process of lips healing after a tattoo with a decisive also takes quite a long time. Typically, skin heals for 14-20 days. This process is characterized by the occurrence of swelling, as well as the appearance on the lips of the rough crust. Some girls in the process of healing wounds can also be seen of Sukrovitsy. The process of skin regeneration is completely dependent on the individual characteristics of the body.

In order for the lips of the lips always looked beautiful and neatly, they need to carefully care. In the first and second days after the procedure, girls need:

  • keep one’s lips+
  • to regularly use healing ointment+
  • Do not drink alcohol+
  • Refuse to visit the pool and sports+
  • Drink water and other drinks through the straw+
  • handle lips with sunscreen+
  • not combing the skin, but also do not sink peels+
  • Use disposable towels or napkins for wiping face.

7-10 days after the procedure, the crust will begin to disappear, and uneven. To this process should be patient. You should not handate a crust or try to align the lip color using lipstick or shine. It is also worth understanding that after the brisk of a brow, the color of the pigment will seem too pale. But this problem will solve itself. After a couple of days the lips will become bright. Full reduction of the shade will occur 3-4 weeks after a session.

If preventive measures did not help and herpes appeared on the lips, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Do it need it immediately. In this case, the wound will not have time to grow. So get rid of it will be very simple. As a rule, the doctor recommends using antiviral ointments and gels. Immunomodulators are used to restore the natural protection of the body.

In the future, the lips are also recommended to moisturize regularly using cream or special balm.

How much does it hold and when to make correction?

For many girls, an important role is played by how long the tattoo holds the tattoo. At the time of its preservation, the depth of the introduction of pigment, as well as the features of the selected color. The lighter used shade, the less it will stay on the skin. Dark pigments are the most persistent and durable.

It should also be noted that Young girls have a skin regeneration process much faster than adult women. Therefore, the correction of makeup them has to do much more often.

An important role is played by how carefully the client complies with the advice on skin care. If you do everything right, the sponges will look beautiful for several months.

You can make correction as after the complete disappearance of the pigment and as prevention. In the second case, the tattoo will have to update once at 8-10 months. The first correction procedure is recommended to sign up after a month after the main session. In this case, the wizard will be able to fir the contour of the lips and align their color. Such a procedure will also suit the girls who did not like the initial shade of the pigment.

The process of correction of permanent makeup usually takes no more than half an hour.

Review reviews

Most girls leave for this procedure Exceptionally good reviews. They note that their appearance, thanks to such interference, becomes brighter. At the same time, the lips look natural and attractive.

Mature women note that the new permanent makeup makes them visually younger. In addition, they, in contrast to young girls, have to make a correction less often. The tattoo procedure takes less time and costs cheaper than surgical lip line correction.

Women are dissatisfied only if the master did something wrong. In this case, they have to spend time to remove permanent makeup. But this is easy to avoid, Choosing a proven wizard with a good reputation.

If you turn to a professional, as well as correctly care for the healing skin, the results of the work will delight both the masters and the client.

About how to care for the lips after the tattoo, look in the following video.

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