All about wedding eye makeup

All about wedding eye makeup

Properly made wedding eye makeup allows you to make the image of the bride. Perfect and completed. Therefore, it is very important to choose the most suitable meyk that will mask all the flaws and emphasize the advantages. In this case, the bride will be less worried and definitely will be pleased with the photos from the wedding.

Choosing cosmetics

To create an ideal makeup need high-quality cosmetics. Wedding is a wonderful reason to replenish your cosmetic bag with new products. When choosing funds, it is worth considering a number of moments.

  • Features appearance. First of all, you need to take into account all your advantages and disadvantages. Do not buy a label of shadows that are not suitable for the color of the eyes.

  • Resistance to all means. Many brides at the wedding cry from dignification or joy. Therefore, it is important to take care that makeup can withstand such a manifestation of emotions. Eyeliner and mascara should be waterproof, shadow – well pigmented.

  • Wedding time. Many makeup artists advise making summer makeup more air and light. Make for a winter wedding can be brighter and denser.

  • Quality. All products must be high quality. After all, cheap shadows look in the eyes not so bright and with time they can roll.

  • Originality. Wedding makeup should differ from everyday and evening. In this case, the woman will feel special in this important day. For a wedding you can pick up brighter shadows or unusual eyeliner.

Purchased cosmetics is important to test in advance. In this case, on the day of the celebration, the bride will not worry about the quality of makeup and its resistance.

Eye Color Options

To emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, the shadow for wedding makeup should be selected so that they are harmoniously combined with the color of the eyes.


Products used for making gray eyes should not be too bright. Using catchy shadows can lead to the fact that the eyes will seem completely faded. Dark gray or gray-blue paint will be suitable for creating a dark meech. Add brightness image lilac or purple shadows.


Making makeup with an emphasis on green eyes, it is worth paying attention to delicate pink and light purple shades. Green-eyed beauties go light pearl shadows. But you need to use carefully. Otherwise the image will be overloaded.

Possess eyes Beautiful emerald shade will help light red shadows. Girls should also pay attention to coral and terracotta shadows. They are well suited for wedding makeup.

Blue and blue

Blue-eyed and violence brides are ideal for the shadows of different shades of gray. And also to them to face the means of lilac, purple and pale pink colors. Special attention to girls with blue eyes should pay attention to the lavender shadows. They make the color of blue and blue eyes more rich and bright.

Brown and black

Women with dark eyes will suit calm colors. Make a view of the bride more “soft” will help the shadows of coffee and brown colors. To emphasize the tenderness of the image, using golden, bronze or copper shadows. Many carrage glaze girls like shades of shade “Rose Gold”.

Interesting addition of wedding makeup can be dark blue or dark green shadows. They are used to create a more “heavy” makeboard, which is perfect for brunettes and brown.

Makeup artists also allocate a series of colors that are suitable for brides with any color of the eyes. This list includes such shadows:

  • Silver+

  • Gentle white+

  • chocolate+

  • Persikov+

  • Gentle pink.

Using such shades, you can create a gentle and feminine image of the bride.

Ideas for the authorities

On the day of his wedding, any woman wants to be a real beauty. Fortunately, using cosmetics, now you can fix many flaws.

One of the most frequent problems that girls face, planning their wedding makeup, is a hanging eyelid. She is familiar not only by ladies aged, but also young brides. Due to the hanging century, the shadows in front of the eyes hold just a couple of hours, and the arrows seem uneven. Moreover, the line from the eyeliner is almost immediately imprinted in the upper eyelid.

“Raise” lowered eyelid without surgery, as well as make makeup more persistent fairly easy. A few Lifehakov will help this girl.

  • Before applying makeup, you should always fix eyebrows. To do this, use a special mascara or transparent eyebrow gel. Neatly combed and laid eyebrows immediately make makes more accurate, and the eyes open.

  • Before applying the makeup of the eyelids you need to process the primer. This tool will facilitate the process of applying eyelid and shadows, and will also make a more resistant. In summer, a dense primer can be replaced with light tint.

  • To create makeup it is necessary to use only matte shadows. They are easily chosen, fall on the skin to a smooth layer and look more expressive. Special attention to girls should turn to the matte shadows, which are produced in the form of pencils and styles. They are more convenient to use and are well suited for creating complex make-ups.

  • Creating an evening image, use resistant eyeliner and mascara. Such funds are not imprinted in the upper eyelid and do not smear.

  • Arrows need to be applied very carefully. Many want to add their wedding makes stylish arrows. Women with hanging century they need to draw very neatly. The tail of the arrow should always be directed up. In this case, the girl will not seem sad.

  • Don’t forget about consilet. This simple tool helps not only disguise dark circles under the eyes, but also make a look more open. Girls with hanging age should not use too light money in the make. For eye makeup it is better to choose a tone to tone darker skin of the skin. It is necessary to apply it with neat movements, gaining a minimum amount of money on a brush. Product must be carefully cut.

If you do everything, following this simple step-by-step instruction, the girl will definitely be satisfied with his makeup, as well as its resistance.

Tips of makeup artists

In addition to the authorized century, there are a number of other problems that can be solved by making the right wedding makeup.

  • Deep planted eyes. You can solve this problem using light shadows. They are applied to the inner corners of the eyes, as well as on the lower eyelid. Shadows are carefully chosen. Such makeup is able to visually “push out” eyes.

  • Small eyes. Asian brides, and europeans face this problem. It is also possible to solve it, pick up the right set of shadows. To begin with the area under the eyebrows it is necessary to light up, and also highlight a highlighter. The same needs to be done with the inner corners of the eyes. Water line need to be punished by light kayal. Eyelashes are worth making long and thick. To do this, you need to use a mascara that increases their volume.

  • Round eyes. Girls with such a feature of appearance should abandon the use of dark gray and blue shadows. They look more tired. Do not also apply one color to all the eyelids. 2-3 shades should be used in make-up. All of them must be matte. Mascara girls with round eyes should be applied only on top eyelashes. It is best to use a means of increasing the volume of cilia.

  • Narrow eyes. To make such eyes more, the upper eyelid is usually covered with light shadows. Special attention should be paid to the eyebrow area. Such a simple move will make a look more open. The lower eyelid must be emphasized with dark gray or light brown pencil. Eyelashes should be emphasized by several layers of carcasses. Thanks to this makeup, narrow eyes will become more and more beautiful.

Following these simple recommendations, you can make your appearance more attractive.

Beautiful examples

In search of ideas for inspiration, brides are worth paying attention to beautiful examples of wedding images with thoughtful to small make-up.

Nyudova Make

Wedding makeup in this style suited by young girls. It looks natural and very simple. Makeup products only emphasize the natural beauty of the girl. This image will look beautifully both blondes and girls with rusia hair.

With scarlet lipstick

If the emphasis in the image is made on the lips, it’s not worth it with colored shadows. Sufficient to emphasize their beauty beige and brown tone. Such a makeboard will appropriate to be supplemented with neat arrows with raised up tails. In this image, the majority of brides will feel sure.

Smokey Ice

Many girls like and makeup with dark rustic shadows. Such a make girl gives the eyes of expressiveness and makes the look brighter. It is worth remembering that the smoky makeup is not at all necessary to perform in dark shades.

To make an image more interesting, you can use brown, gray, blue or purple shadow. It should be remembered that the chosen palette must be harmoniously combined with the color of the eyes and skin.

The image with beautiful smoky shadows is complemented by light lipstick.

Makeup in retro style

Such makeup can be combined with both a classic wedding dress, and with a way in retro style. It is distinguished by expressive arrows and red lipstick. Shadows to create such a maker used the brightest. They serve as a base base. Eyelashes are thoroughly drawn in mascara. The look is obtained expressive, and the image is unusual and very stylish.

To finally decide on how wedding makeup will be, it is worth trying to give up differently. The resulting result should be unlikely to photograph. So it will be easier to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the maika.

Further, see the master class on the application of wedding makeup.

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