Choose a two-phase makeup remover

Choose a two-phase makeup remover

Most girls enjoy various decorative cosmetics every day. Currently, there is a variety of special funds that help relieve makeup at the end of the day. Today we will talk about such two-phase compositions.

What it is?

The two-phase mass for the removal of cosmetics is two special uninhabsed substances. One of them has an oily substrate, and the other is water based.

Oil composition makes it easy to remove almost any cosmetics. Water – helps remove oil residues from face skin. Such means make the skin completely purified and fresh.

Such substances can be mixed with each other with special emulsifiers, so they become homogeneous only when shaking and remain in such a state within a few seconds. The most intense effect after use is provided precisely due to the effects of oil components that wash cosmetics, and aqueous elements that remove excess oils, tone the skin.

As a rule, fluids have different colors. A clear boundary is visible between them. Such a tool can be used as a daily composition for washing and removing makeup.

Best tools

The most popular among consumers are lotions Purete Thermale from Vichy. They will be able to come to withdraw even the most resistant makeup. This tool can be used even to those who wear contact lenses.

This lotion is manufactured using arginine. He carefully cares about eyelashes, helps to stop their loss and stimulates their growth.

Before applying, the lotion is thoroughly shaken so that both fluids can mix well among themselves. Then the means are wrapped with cotton wheels and apply them for a few seconds to the eyes. The volume of each such bubble is 150 milliliters.

Another popular tool is Instant Eye Make-Up Remover lotion from Clarins. It not only allows you to quickly and easily flush all cosmetics, but also favorably affects the condition of the skin of the face.

This cleansing lotion able to moisture and significantly soften skin. In addition, it is completely safe and does not cause allergic reactions and redness. This agent has a light and pleasant fragrance.

Cleansing two-phase remedy L’Oreal to remove makeup with eyes and lips Used to remove the most resistant cosmetics. It will be able to approach any skin type.

Such a two-phase substance does not cause redness and irritation. It slightly softens skin cover, this effect is achieved due to the presence in Panthenol fluid, and also can prevent peeling.

NIVEA “Double Effect” tool refers to budget products. It relieves makeup well and makes skin fresh. Before use, such a liquid must be thoroughly shake so that it becomes completely homogeneous.

Such a tonic has a convenient dispenser. But after use, it can leave on the face a light oily film.

Express Makeup Removal Lotion in 1 Garnier also refers to budget options. It provides a slight removal of cosmetics, has a pleasant fragrance of lavender. But after the use of this liquid, the oil collapse may remain on the cover.

How to choose?

Before buying a suitable two-phase cleansing agent worth paying attention to some characteristics. Do not forget that the fluid should be chosen, given the skin type. After all, some of them will be able to come only for a certain type, and some are considered universal.

And it is also necessary to pay attention to the cost of products. Most often, more expensive compositions are intended not only for rapid removal of cosmetics, but also for humidification and softening. Budget options will help only remove makeup and refresh the cover.

It is better to look at the container with liquid. After all, some such compositions have a too uncomfortable dispenser, which, with one press, gives a lot of money and splashes it.

remember, that Often, such products are marked by age categories (+25, +35). IN It is better to select fluids suitable for your age.

When choosing it is recommended to take into account the time of year. So, in summer, skin requires intensive humidification and protection against adverse effects of sunlight. In winter, it will take protection against peeling, exposure to frost and wind.

Means with a large content of oily components are better used in the cold season. Lighter compositions with water bases will be able to approach summer time.

If, after the first use of a selected cleansing agent on the skin, rashes, redness or acne appeared, then it is better to refuse it right away. In this case, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist who can select the appropriate composition separately. As a rule, for problem skin fluid purchased in professional stores or pharmacies.

Composite components of two-phase agents should also be considered when buying. It is necessary to give preference for products with natural ingredients. They will not cause allergic reactions and inflammation after daily use.

How to use?

Before applying a liquid on the skin of the face, it is necessary to shake it well several times. The composition ingredients must be completely mixed with each other, becoming a homogeneous mass.

Two-phase makeup removal means it is better to splash on a cotton disk. And then with the help of it to be applied to the skin. Many funds should not rub. It will be enough to attach a disk for a while – all cosmetics will remain on it.

Test of two-phase means for removing makeup from Nivea and “Belita Witeks” See More.

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