Composition of micellar water

Composition of micellar water

Modern cosmetology is constantly updated with new means. Each of them is perceived in different ways: something for many years remains in women’s cosmetics, and something quickly becomes uninteresting. There are also cosmetic drugs that companies are actively promoted to the masses. One of these means is micellar water. She came to the cosmetology market quite recently, but quickly occupied the leading position among cleansing cosmetics.

What is micelles?

The study of micellar water is worth starting with the micelles from which the name went. Micelles are particles formed from surfactants (surfactants) at a certain concentration in water. Among micellar funds, various cleansing cosmetics are the most famous – for example, wash foam. When micelles fall into the water, hydrophobic components are attracted to each other.

In fact, micelles are trying to stay away from water. The main properties of these particles are to attract particles of fat, as well as the remnants of cosmetic. At the same time, micelles also envelop these substances. Pav is a connecting bridge between water and fats.

Pav molecules form components that have a form of crystals of a spherical shape. Some of their vertices are fixed to the center, while others – to water molecules. The splitting of fat surfactants occurs due to the fact that the fat drops penetrate and turn out to be inside the micelles, and then easily wash off with water. Soapy solution has similar properties, but it is not enough for the skin.

In cosmetology, micelles love that they allow you to reduce irritation from cleansing. It is worth noting that at low concentrations of such a substance as sodium lauryl sulfate, irritation from the cleansing drug will be stronger.

This is due to the fact that a small amount does not allow micelles to form, while the activity of some substances is also reduced.

The toxic effect of components is reduced due to the fact that micelles are formed around their molecules. But it is worth remembering that Some substances can still be useful for the skin, and the positive effect of them will not be achieved in this case. However, the main property of the micelles is that they allow you to remove even the smallest particles of fat, and therefore, perfectly cope with the removal of makeup.

The advantages of micelles and micellar water are quite numerous:

  • Beneficial effect on the skin and saturation of various useful components+
  • Good cleaning of pores from dirt and livestock products that are generated by sall glands (as a result, acne will not appear)+
  • Removal of decorative cosmetics (including waterproof) or makeup correction+
  • High hypoallergenicity+
  • Excellent skin moisturizing+
  • Removing irritation and healing of microcracks.

However, it is not necessary to get involved in these miraculous particles, if the skin is fat and abundant rashes may appear. Also, micellar water is not suitable for women with sensitive skin, pregnant and nursing ladies.

What consists of?

The composition of micellar water can be different. Do not choose cosmetics in which there is alcohol, propylene glycol, soap, cementonium chloride. All these components have an adverse effect on the skin. However, there are certain components that can be found in all types of this drug.

  • Purified water – Important component in micellar. It is best to choose options with melt or glacial fluid, which is an excellent soothing and nutritional skin. In this case, the effect of such water is softer.
  • Thermal fluid filled with a variety of minerals that are very beneficial effect on the skin. Flower water, obtained in plants processing, has a cleansing, toning and moisturizer. At the same time, it is well suited to people with problem skin. Sea water can cope with edema, smooth out small wrinkles, give a bactericidal effect.
  • Hydrolates heal and heal skin covers. This component is a herbal tincture, which differs depending on the type of skin.
  • Tenzins present surface active substances. They are needed so that the fat molecules fit.
  • Panthenol and Glycerin They have a healing and moisturizing effect, fighting with a sensation of raised skin. It is desirable that glycerin was plant origin.
  • Plant extracts need to choose with the skin type. For example, normal or fatty skin reacts well to rosemary, calendula, lavender, mint and various citrus. Dry or hypersensitive skin with chamomile, ginseng, aloe vera, rose, chamber, sage.

Women with mature skin should pay attention to the presence of plants such as Lotos, Malva, Rosa, Vasilek, Lipa, Cedar in Miccellar Water.

Types of micellar water depending on the basis

The basis of micellar water is taken various components, and depending on this, the tool is divided into the following types.

  • “Green Chemistry” Basically implies the content of non-ionic surfactants. Most often you can meet them called Coco Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside and others. They contribute to the binding of particles of dirt and sweat, without causing damage to the skin. Often they are complemented by coconut oil and sugar.
  • Synthesized Poloxamers The composition is indicated as POLOXAMER 188, 407 and others. Micellar water with such a component has a good interaction with fat particles and does not need toed.
  • Polyethylene glycol or PEG – a classic emulsifier that does not allow oil and water to smell. However, a safe concentration of this substance is only 20%. At the same time, PEG can make the skin dry and irritated or cause contact dermatitis.

Therefore, it is better after such a micellar water to rinse the skin with ordinary water, and then apply a careful cosmetics on it.

Comparison of the compositions of various brands

Before choosing a suitable micellar water, it is worth considering the compositions from different brands. After all, the names of all known brands can not always be mastered by pleasant surprises. For example, Garnier company has alcohol in all types of micellar water, which overcourses and tightens the skin. Such a component like hexylene glycol may not fit girls with very sensitive skin. Despite these shortcomings, in general, the means of this brand are perfectly coping with skin cleansing.

Funds from Bioderma Sensibio Do not contain alcohol, but in their composition there is a propylene glycol, harmful to the skin, as well as toxic CETRIMONIUM BROMIDE. Given the high cost of micellar cosmetics from this brand clearly loses similar drugs from Garnier.

L`oreal Creates micellar water based on halfsamer 184. At the same time, the most dangerous substance is hexylene glycol. The tool copes perfectly with makeup and has a soothing effect. Suitable for owners of sensitive skin.

Michael cosmetics OT “Clean Lines” well copes with the removal of dirt and decorative means, but not at all suitable sensitive skin. Of course, among the positive points it is worth noting the presence of plant extracts and healing allantoin.

Among the harmful components it is necessary to pay attention to the DMDM ​​Hudantoin carcinogens and sodium benzoate, as well as methylparaben sodium. Judging in the composition, the most harmful substances do not exceed the permissible concentration, but not everyone will decide to check it on its skin.

Micellar water from “black pearls” It is not always able to cope with makeup from the first time, while it is distinguished by a hard composition. Among undesirable components, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl (causes irritation of the mucous eye), Disodium EDTA, preservative DMDM ​​Hudantoin, propylparaben, sodium benzoate, sodium hydroxide. A pleasant moment is the presence of laminarium and roses extracts.

Nivea offers micellar tool with panthenol and almond oil. They cope well with the tasks of cleansing and feeding the skin. There are no preservatives and perfume components, which allows the use of this water for sensitive skin.

It is worth noting that such a tool can not be flushed off.

About what micellar water is and how to use it correctly, look in the following video.

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