Creating evening makeup for girls with brown eyes

Creating evening makeup for girls with brown eyes

It is known that carbonous girls are distinguished by expressive appearance. Especially attractive – look. And if you add an evening makeup, then not to notice in the crowd such beauty is almost impossible. True, it is important to choose the right shades for the makeness, because the main task of any makeup is to emphasize the natural beauty, and not spoil her. To get the expected result, it is important to properly approach the preparation process.

Suitable color palette

First of all, it should be decided on the main color scheme in which the make. Suppose if we are talking about evening makeup, you can combine completely different shades. For brunettes suitable cosmetics of different textures or sequins. As a result, the image turns out even more chic. And of course, it is important to take into account the type of event for which makeup is directly made. Allocate such basic types of makeup:

  • classical+
  • Model+
  • Disco+
  • office.

Even when choosing shades, it is important to take into account the type and color of the girl’s hair. For example, makeup for blondes should differ from the makeup for dark-haired girls.

But the basic range of colors still depends on the subject of the event.

For classic makeup well suited green, sand or pink tones. They are also called noble. If we talk about model makeup, then in this case you can pick up some decorative drawings, as well as add a little ride or relief. Specialists allow you to choose the most bold solutions.

If we are talking about Makeup Disco, then this option is most used by young beauties. Allowed to use sparkles, and in large numbers. You can not worry about too much decor, in this case it is appropriate.

Well, office option. It is quite a bit different from everyday makeup, you can add a small amount of intense shades from the color gamut that is used by the girl most often.

Step-by-step appliance technique

In order for the evening make of Karich’s eye to be lightweight and looked stylish, it is important to follow the phased instructions. Experienced stylists recommend choosing for such a makebee brown, purple, nude or green tones. It is also important to take into account the shade of the girl’s hair:

  • For blondes With brown eyes should pick up the cosmetics of green, pink or sandy shade+
  • For brunettes It is better to choose golden, purple or black shades.

    As for the technique of application, then the following recommendations should be followed and implementing them in stages.

    • First of all, clean the face should be used for this.

    • Next, the foundation is applied to the top eyelid, thanks to which the makeup is better held.

    • After which you can apply dark shadows. It is better to do it with a soft tassel, a slight movement to the outer corner of the century from the middle.

    • The shadows of the Golden Shade are then applied. It is necessary to do this in the opposite direction, namely from the inner corner of the century to the middle. The border on which the shadows of different shade are intersecting, is growing.

    • Cosmetics of a purple shade should be applied along the border of the century, which is considered to be mobile, namely at the top.

    • The next stage – we do the transition, try to be smooth, so that all shades are evenly mixed.

    • With the help of black shadows you need to do a thin line. She comes from the middle to the corner of the lower eyelid. Then with golden shadows to connect the corners.

    • Next, we make an arrow, but not quite clear. You can use any type of eyeliner, as well as shadows or even a pencil.

    Of course, there may be different ideas, so in each individual case, the application technique may vary. But only following the advice of a specialist, will be able to make a beautiful makeup for the evening.

    Almost every master class, which tells how to correctly perform evening makeup, is accompanied by the Council that glitter of golden color can be applied. This technique is recommended for both brunettes and blondes. Well, another simple advice, how to properly emphasize the features of the evening makeup – to bring lips to the lipstick of a nude shade.

    Useful recommendations

    It is important to note that For a round face, you can use a highlighter, thanks to which it will be possible to designate clear cheeks and refresh the makeup slightly. Apply it follows the area of ​​cheekbones, upper lip and mid-forehead.

    If the girl has dark brown eyes, you can use a blush. Shade depends on hair color. For blondes, it is better to choose pink shades, but for brunettes – cold tons. But it is important to understand that the blush can be applied in all cases. Depending on the main color scheme, it is concluded whether to use a blush or better exclude them.

    Also, if the eyes of light brown, then can be used in the eye makeup blue shades, but for the owners of dark brown eyes, this option is no longer suitable.

    Beautiful examples

    If makeup is performed independently, you can apply beautiful examples as a hint.

    • Makeup for carbohylase brunettes. In this case, golden shades are used. And the growth zone of eyelashes is brown, and not a black pencil.

    • Blondes with brown eyes You can choose blue shadows and make a decorative arrow. Thus, it will be possible to make eyes more expressive.

    • This option is suitable for both blonde and dark-haired girls. It uses a small amount of sequins. This version of evening makeup is also suitable for both brunettes and blondes.

    • Easy office or cocktail option.

    • Such bright makeup can be used for thematic parties.

    There are many different versions of evening makeup. But in any case it is important to take into account the type of girl, hair color and the subject of the event.

    About how to make an evening makeup for brown eyes in detail, look in the video below.

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