Creating makeup in cold colors

Creating makeup in cold colors

Knowing your own coloring, it is easy to choose a shade of lipstick, shadows or a rumba of the variety of options for creating a suitable makeup. Cold colors are considered: blue, blue, purple, bright red, green, gray and their shades. Best of all, they are suitable for girls with pale leather, blue, gray or green eyes. But the main rule is: “Cold” makeup fits women in winter and summer color.


Most often, the tonal base or powder is noted not just under the color, but under the specific shade of the skin, which has its own. The color and form of eyebrows are also not suitable for experiments with makeup. But the selection of the color for the eyes and lips can be variable and depend not only from their tone, but also from the time of day, season, the image and even just mood.


You can use the whole cold range: from yellow-green to red-purple. The most optimal option will be the selection of shadows under the shade of the eyes. So, On blue-eyed, all the shades of blue, on Karich – cold red and purple, and gray eyes perfectly seen green-gray makeup.

Not necessarily limited only by one shadows. You can experiment with the color of a pencil or eyeliner, make eye makeup with glitter or pearl, apply a purple or blue mascara.


Lipstick is selected with a support for skin tone, so the summer blondes, and winter brunettes can use the same colors. Most often use three shades: Nyudova, classic red or unusual bright options.

If you do not use lipstick, but a gloss or tint with a metal glitter, it is worth carefully following him that he does not interrupt the shine pigment on the eyelids and combined with it. Classical Red lipstick, if you correctly pick it up, visually makes not too white teeth for a couple of tones lighter, and Fuchsia is perfect for a solemn event. At a fashionable party or in a bar, you can make a fashionable two-color lip meycap when the color of the upper lip on a couple of tones is lighter than the bottom. This visually makes her a little plump.

Best options

Below are some excellent daily and evening makeup options in cold colors so that you can choose the image and office, and.

  • Day meycap is characterized by more restrained tones and naturalness. For example, blondes can draw their attention to Nyudo-pink and beige lipsticks, gray, purple and even cold-pink shades of shadows.

  • Brunettes can afford greater brightness even in day makeup, since their face contrasts hair more. Blue and green shades of shadows are suitable, and the lipstick is also better to leave soft natural colors. If you want to highlight the lips, then the eye makeup is worth making a calmer.

  • Evening makeup allows you to play with flowers like russes and dark-haired girls. Bright shadows are combined with bright lipsticks, blasting – with frosted coatings, and yellow contrasts with purple. Fashionable dark lipsticks in this season will perfectly complement the image of the fatal beauty, and evening makeup in cold brown tones will have to love more classical images.

Ideas for hair color

Professional makeup artists do not recommend selecting the colors of shadows and a pencil under the color of the hair, although such an idea seems attractive. Eyes in this case will lose their expressiveness, “disappear” from the face. But still there are several win-win tricks that will save time when selecting colors of shadows to girls with a certain color of hairstyles.

Girl-Summer with ash blonde is best suitable for gray and blue colors with metal glitter. Lipstick it is better to choose a raspberry or pale pink shade. Breakdowns are more brighter and dark gray shadows, as well as all shades of purple and lilac glitters and lipsticks.

Winter girl with blond hair can take all cold shades of gold and green without fears. NAnd at the same time, the shade of peach will watch the lips, even at the same time, not paying attention to the fact that he is warm. Brunettes better pay attention to the purple shades of shadows and lipstick, gray metal and ice white.

Makeup selection rules are not strictly binding. Those who love experiments do not need to refuse themselves in this. As they say, makeup should bring pleasure first of all its owner. What they might think around, it should not worry.

Next, see the master class on the creation of makeup in cold colors.

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