Do I need to wash off micellar water and why?

Do I need to wash off micellar water and why?

Despite the fact that many manufacturers indicate that micellar water can not wash off after use, cosmetologists adhere to another opinion. To understand why it is necessary, you need to explore the properties of this product and the features of its impact on the skin.

Principle of micellar water

Water with micelles – relatively inexpensive means, perfectly guided by facial cleaning from pollution and cosmetics. The basic principle of action of micelles in its composition is the binding and removal of any dirt and other smallest elements that are foreign for skin tissues.

According to manufacturers, The tool does not contain detergents and alcohol, so micellar water is completely safe for skin cover. This embellishment of reality, since micelles are surfactants (active superficial substances), which are successfully used both in cosmetology and in the manufacture of various household chemicals.

In the composition of the product, several components.

  • The base is non-ionic seals, nE dissociating on ions in any aqueous solutions produced from coconut and sugar oil. Their task is a soft cleansing of the epidermis.
  • The composition of some funds contains halfsamers – Synthetic wetting elements – emulsifiers and stabilizers. These are harmless additives that are not able to aggressively influence the dermis, the more irritation on it.
  • Polyethylene glycol – Another component playing the role of the cleaner. PEG is also an emulsifier, its level should not exceed 20%. But even in such a concentration with special sensitivity it can dry the skin.

These components are safe, but efficient and soft micellar water still have flaws. Turns out, Sometimes a certain amount of alcohol is added to the composition or replacing it with compounds, as well as fats and vegetable extracts to improve product properties. These substances can contribute to the appearance of allergies, dryness and other problems.

Do I need to wash after use?

Micellar water is not a basic means to care for the dermis. If it is wrong to choose and apply regularly, it provokes excessive dryness, tightens the skin, causes peeling. This also applies to the funds in which, in addition to purifying, there are moisturizing substances and hyaluronic acid, helping to maintain the natural humidity of the tissues, their elasticity and elasticity. These substances are not enough to restore the fat balance, especially with changes in the epidermis due to age. And, of course, the full nutrition does not happen too. Special creams and masks will be required.

Micellar water, intended for sensitive dermal, can cause her irritation if it is a low-quality product or in it contains fragrances and preservatives.

With thinned, predisposed to redness and peeling of the epidermis, you need to pick up a more natural composition.

To avoid many problems, preferably after the purification procedure washed, completely removing micellar fluid. Dermatologists say:

  • Even safe leaves drain Derma+
  • The leaving the skin of micelles, absorbed dirt and left on the face, are able to lead to the development of acne and even purulent acne.

Tips of the cosmetologist

Dermatologists and cosmetologists came to a common opinion: it is possible to flush the tool and it is necessary, especially if the skin is prone to dryness and appearance of irritation, there is an acne rash, other dermatological diseases are present. But it is necessary to do this correctly using a suitable product.

  • With the help of a daily cleansing agent, for example, soft foam.
  • Washing using a deep cleaning gel.
  • By thermal water.
  • Sparing tonic for cleansing. A similar cosmetic product deeply penetrates the layers of the dermis, moisturizes them and narrows the pores. At the same time, for skin susceptible to any stimuli, it will take a soft tool in the form of a milk or spray.

These compositions need to be very gently applied to the face moistened in them with a cotton disk only on massage lines, trying not to stretch the skin. After such a double cleaning, you need to apply cream in accordance with the state of the face. With fat and combined epidermis, it should be light.

Besides, Cosmetologists advise with caution to apply micellar water to remove cosmetics with eyes. Before It is important to make sure that the product does not contain zinc. Usually such water is intended for a fatty dermis and for removing makeup from the eye does not fit. It is no less important that the extracts of various plants do not cause allergic reactions in those who suffer from hypersensitivity, so you have to explore the composition. Experts remind that micellar water is good for use no more than 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening with the obligatory subsequent washing.

And the latest recommendation: water with micelles should be high quality from proven manufacturers, It is necessary to select it taking into account skin type features. It is undesirable to make a lot of essential oils, fatty acids and preservatives.

If after applying the face of the face, a sticky film is formed on it, try to pick up a more appropriate means.

About whether you need to wash off mycelter water, you will learn further.

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