How many years can be painted?

How many years can be painted?

For children of younger school age, cosmetic brands produce a special harmless, hypoallergenic palette of shadows and gloss for lips, which greatly facilitates the life of moms of small fashionistas. But makeup such analogues has its disadvantages: it is neurocale, the amount of shades is relatively small, it is almost not visible on the skin, which often grieves young princesses. Designed such a set on girls aged 6 to 10 years. At how many years, a teenager can be painted with decorative cosmetics intended for adults?

General recommendations

According to the advice of professional makeup artists use cosmetics designed for adult women, people under 15 years old are not recommended. But if the girl 11-14 years old wants to wear makeup, then you should not ignore the child’s growing and prohibit the use of decorative cosmetics under the pretext “You are still small”, because you can only make it worse. The easiest and most “painless” way out for you and a child is to buy your nozzle analogs that do not cause allergic reactions. This is a special decorative cosmetics for teenagers.

Purchase of cosmetics for your beloved daughter and teaching it – this is what any mother should do. A set of “Little Fairy”, which a year ago was loved, would not cause joy, because your child considers himself an adult. Therefore, a few simple tips will help save time and nerves.

Consider these advice.

  • With a solid solution to purchase your daughter to make meckapa do not run to the store and buy everything in a row. It is worth starting with the basics: Mascara and lip gloss or lipstick (you can buy a tone base). Gradually increase the number of decorative means. It will be an incentive to study new techniques for applying “cosmetic strokes”, starting with the very Azov.

  • If you make a makeup to the girl under 18, you need to take into account the type and feature of the skin. When it is not problematic, then you should not apply a tonal basis. If there are flaws, then it is better to choose tonal creams like BB. You can use other types of cosmetics for skin care, but only with the labeling “up to 25 years”.

  • Equally, it is important to tell the girl about hygienic procedures and make making. Explain that the late washout of cosmetics from a person leads to adverse consequences, the most innocuous of which is the acne rash.

  • If your daughter is macked, going beyond the norms of society, For example, to school paints under Smokey Ice, do not rush to criticize it – explain that there is a certain dress code and it must be observed. Try together with it to choose such a make-up, which will answer the canons of society and will like it.

Often the girls of adolescence do not know how to properly paint or cause too dark “tunnel”. The face at the same time acquires a dark color, as if he flew from the south, and the neck was white. Or at school lessons comes the queen of vampires with red lips and black shadows on the floor. This species is inappropriate for everyday use.

It should be remembered to every girl that there are only two main types of makeup.

  1. Day – Such makeup is often used by girls everyday. It looks natural. It does not include any cleaning elements or acid colors. Such makeup is not prohibited in offices or high schools of most schools.
  2. Evening – This kind of makeup can be so diverse as the Master’s imagination will allow. Makeup artists pick up tones, harmonizing with client’s clothing and accessories. Naturally, the stylistics of such makeup is also diverse and multifaceted.

    In the case of using them, on the contrary, the chance of becoming a “white crow” grows through.

    The difference in lighting can significantly change the expected result, so the daily makeup is applied in daylight (or under daylight lamp). Evening makeup is done with more dim lighting, which will allow you to understand how you will look like about. But whatever you choose the style (except scenic), it should be focused on something one: eyes or lips. Double accent looks ridiculous and tasteless.

    Also, a separate line should be highlighted “Storing”. To give the effect of flicker, a shining highlight is used, you can paint lip balm instead of the foundation, but in this case, applying to forehead and chin should be avoided. This kind of makeup is used mainly on photo shoots or large scenes, less often in evening make-up, and never apply in daylight.

    When you can start using different types of cosmetics?

    Each person has a unique skin, requiring care and care. In children, it is very sensitive, gentle and has high susceptibility. Therefore, all cosmetics and perfumes should be selected, taking into account age, the type of skin, desires, the needs of the person himself and many other factors.

    Tonal creams and basics

    As mentioned earlier, age is required to use a tone basis 15+. For young skin should be used BB series cream, they hide disadvantages and smooth irregularities. At the same time, the basis is light, does not score pores, allowing the skin to breathe. But under the tonal cream should be put the base layer (moisturizing). Not so long ago, new types of the tonal foundations BB with complex departure appeared. Under them the database is not necessary.

    Cosmetics for eyebrows

    Eyebrow design is recommended to do no earlier than in 16 years. But if the nature is thin blonde hair, then it is possible to use a pencil for eyebrows. Primary design is better to entrust professionals to help choose a form and choose a natural tone.


    For Girls from high school it is recommended to choose a hypoallergenic palette with natural shades. At the age of 16, you can try to apply the colors brighter and experiment with the decisive. Cosmetic sequins should be attributed to the shadows. To create a shining image, girls are often used for school balls and “lights”. Apply them need carefully.

    Increased in the eyes of a large amount can damage the protective film of the eyeball and deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations for the coming days.

    Mascara and eye pencil

    Girls can be used hypoallergenic mascara from 11 years. Makeup artists do not recommend applying extension and waterproof options. Purchase carcasses to increase the thickness of hairs, it uses Liquid balm. You need to apply mascara movements from the base to the tips, pulling the eyelashes exactly up: it will give a small bend and help avoid sticking and lumps. If a girl confidently enjoys ink, you can learn to apply a pencil, but with the same condition: Girls under 15 years old product should use hypoallergenic.

    Makeup lip

    Professionals insist on the use of hygienic lipstick from an early age, especially in the cold. It will protect the gentle sponge of the child from dryness and cracks. From 11 years old girls it is recommended to use natural lip gloss shades. Lipstick with the effect of 3D or persistent color can be applied not earlier than at 16 years.

    For drawing a lip loop requires a certain skill. Therefore, it is better to apply shine, carefully feeding the result with a cotton disk. Cosmetologists argue that young fashionables need to use non-lass tones approximate to natural.

    What will happen when non-compliance with the rules?

    Facial skin care rules are mandatory for all age. To wash it, it is better to use special foams or cream soaps, since the usual soap has a high alkaline substance content, which leads to cutting of the skin.

    Through a towel, the skin of the face should be wetted, it is impossible to use wiping so as not to damage the top layer of the epidermis. Before applying cosmetics should be used by moisturizing cream, with a lack of food, the aging cells occurs somewhat faster.

    If you apply a tone cream not from the BB series, then remember: it falls on the skin of an impermeable mask, as a result of which the pores are devoid of breathing.

    If such makeup is on the face more than 6 hours, it can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as suppuration, dryness, peeling, irritation.

    Ringing makeup need special lotion, professionals recommend micellar water, and before bedtime it is necessary to rinse the face with a foam for washing. Using scrubics is not recommended more often than two times a week, as the abrasive elements, in addition to the massage effect, are applied microzarabs.

    Before using any cosmetic, It is worth putting a small droplet on the inside of the wrist and wait 15 minutes. If at least a small redness appeared on the skin, the use of this composition is contraindicated to you, since allergic reactions can lead to serious consequences (up to an anaphylactic shock and death).

    If you get any means in your eyes, they are required to rinse with plenty of clean water.

    Summing up: cosmetics – this is a strong weapon of beauty, but, like a rifle in the hands of an inexperienced soldier, can harm those who owns it. Need to use it moderately and with caution.

    More about how many years can be painted, look in the video below.

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