How to apply blush?

How to apply blush?

Makeup – a safe way to adjust the features of the face, give them great expressiveness. The purpose of this process is to emphasize the advantages of appearance, and hide the shortcomings as far as possible. One of the cosmetics included in the mandatory minimum of any make – blush. With their help, you can easily make a face relief and harmonious, brighter. There are different ways of applying the Rumyan, but you always need to start with the choice of shade.

Choosing a suitable color

Bulmy for makeup harmoniously looks not only when applied to cheekbones. They are used at the temples, centuries, lips. This is a multifunctional agent, especially in cream variation.

It is important to consider not only the texture when choosing, but also a shade.

Here much depends on the purpose of the image, color, mood.

  • For freshness faces. If the goal is to disguise the dim tone of the skin, hide fatigue, bad sleep, and create natural makes, shades are needed, which are very close to the skin tone. Natural blush in this case will work best.
  • For wet meek. Here the bet is made rather on the texture than on the color – it should be liquid. Stick, tit, cream.
  • For a bright image. Party or other special event gives more opportunities to use catchy shades.

There are other criteria for the choice of Rumyan: skin type, personal preferences and color. The latter goes at the head of the corner when selecting a shade.

  • Bright skin. Welders of porcelain hues of the skin are worth trying gentle shades of peach, beige gamma. Pink here less appropriate, except dust-muted tone.

In any case, it is important to know that light skin works as a blank sheet – it looks very expressive on it. Do not overdo it with the number and brightness of the Rumyan.

  • Beige and Olive. Warm skin shades harmoniously look in the company with pink-peach, amber, coral shades. Even brick-terracotta is well suited.

  • With cold subton. The winners of the winter color and cold skin tone should be stopped on juicy shades of plum.

In general, all the berry tones will fit perfectly, most importantly, do not regret the time of decisive.

  • Small skin. Wrongs of dark skin from nature or in the tanning process, bright shades of pink, orange and brown tones are best suitable. You can risk with bright fucese, but care is required here.

If your goal is a creative bright image, you can not limit yourself and experiment. The effect of the blush from frost gives a light pink gamut, red tones are more appropriate for the eastern type of meycapa. Such nuances are not less than the color.

What you need to apply?

It is important not only to choose a blush correctly, but also to properly apply them. Application schemes are different, depend on your face form, but there are not many ways to perform. First of all, the blush perfectly falls, if they are applied with fingers. In this case, their pads are activated. For this method, not only liquid and cream, but also pressed formulations will be suitable. Washing blush do not need a brush a priori.

Often complete with dry blunders or shadows there is a semicircular brush of a flat type. This tool can be very simply applied to the cheekbones, it turns out quite effectively. If your goal is to create a decisive circle on the apples of the cheek, it is better to make a small dense brush.

Fluffy brushes of bevelled type – the perfect tool for cutting and natural applies. If the goal is a natural make, then this is the best option.

The round brush of the medium size is also capable of very gently and gently apply a cosmetic. For a bright makeboard, this option is not suitable, except to use several layers of Rumyan. The brush is the maximum fluffy, similar to the powder, is used for dripping or emphasis skilled blunders. If you prefer liquid textures, and you do not want to work with your fingers, a banal sponge is suitable.

Step-by-step application of different species

The selection of the shade and the method of application is very important, but you also need to learn how to apply a blush. The ability to paint the girl will come in handy not only at a special case, but also in everyday life.

So that the blush is easily and beautiful, do not forget to take into account the texture of the product that we decided to use. Each structure has its own rules.

Dry pressed

The format of this variety may differ, often used compact and crumbly variations. Pressed remedies are suitable for any type of skin, especially women with increased semism allocation. The advantage of such Rumyan is that they do not add too shy. For wet meek so they are not suitable too good. The rushes of the pressed type on the cheekbones are applied with a brush, often use the one that comes in the kit.

It can be replaced with a brush of fluffy type, better natural, or finger pads. These are the simplest in the use of blush, so suitable for women with any level of preparation.

One of the current varieties of dry Rumba – baked. They are applied in the same way as standard, the difference in the method of manufacture: powder is baked at high temperatures. It turns out a composition with silk texture and more saturated shades.

In balls

This kind of cosmetics is very popular, it even looks very effectively. In fact, these are ordinary blush, which are pressed in the form of small balls, which are placed in a jar. Color range even within one container can be rich – from bright pink to beige and brown. The compound of shades gives the effect of the glow, but very soft, the color is natural, neuropha.

Apply this type of erma only with the help of a fluffy taste. Otherwise, the tool will be problematic to gain, and the effect of the veil will not succeed. Holders of dry skin should take care of high-quality moisturizing before applying. The rest can be calmly apply blush as usual.

Apply such blush not only on the cheeks, but also on the nose, part of the forehead – they look very easily and natural.


This type of cosmetics is not suitable for applying fingers, a brush of fluffy type is also necessary. Do not forget to shake the tool after fooling, otherwise the layer will turn out too bright and dense. This type of Rumyan is actively using professional commercial professionals. Comprehensive pigment depends on the brand, from the palette, if you want to get a bright tone, use several layers. The crumbly blundes differ in additives – there are options with shimmer, pearl or matte.


This species is available in different formats – tubes, sticks, jars. If you have dry skin, then this option is perfect. He acts as an additional humidifier, does not add dryness. It is worth thinking about such a texture if the skin is very fat for the day. Such varieties are flawlessly suitable for a moistened make, they are perfectly applied on top of the tone or on well-humidized skin. If you used powder, cream blush over to apply should not.

The scheme of application of such Rumyan is not particularly different from dry. First of all, fingers or sponge are used, and then everything according to the standard – on the apples of the cheeks of the Rumba, I was cutting towards the temples. Essays such a blush is very easy, fingers or a doofibrow tassel.

Liquid and gels

These varieties are also best suited to those who have dry type leather, often there are useful nutrients. Therefore, blush can even benefit. The release format is different, tints are very popular, which look great not only on the cheeks and cheeks, but also on the lips, eyelids.

So that the blush of the liquid type does not roll, it is important to moisten the skin well, and apply a primer for a tonal agent. Methods of application – fingers, beveled brush, dofiber, brush.

In stick

Another kind of cream breaks, which is produced in the form of a pencil-style. Here, in general, the brush does not need, the stick itself and performs this feature. Blush is immediately applied to the cheekbones and then they are silent with fingers.

Nuances of use for different shapes

One of the important points in the art of application of the Rumyan – determining the type of face, its features. In accordance with this, a certain tasks are set before makeup, which, including solve and blush. Various cosmetics schemes are for each type.

  • Square. Before you there is a task to soften the features, give the face more roundness. For this, the blush is applied in the center of the cheek and drush in a circle. Thus, the middle of the face will be accented.

  • Oval and elongated. For these types, there are some rules – the remedy is applied to those zones of cheekbones that act. Rastuchevka is carried away in the side of the ears, a small amount of means are placed on the temples.

  • Round. The task in this case is to give the face of the relief, visually narrow. Think that the blush emphasizes chubby cheeks, incorrectly. If you apply a remedy for apples and make a decisive diagonal on the chests, a visual face will seem elegant.

  • Triangular. The owners of this type of face need to create an emphasis in the middle of the person, distract attention from sharp corners. The means is applied strictly on the line cheese by semicircular movements towards the temples.

  • Thin. Holders of too thinners need to choose light shades – flexible rose, gentle peach, translucent lilac. The volume of the face can be addressed as follows. Dark shades are applied horizontally under the skil, so that the line is parallel to the chin.

You can draw cheeks, and just put the blush to the depression. And the temple does not interfere with a little khailaitera.

Tips of makeup artists

With the help of the Rumyan and other cosmetics, you can visually expand, narrow the face, distract attention from the flaws, allocate the virtues of the face. The owners of a wide, round, complete person should consider ways of visual narrowing with the help of Rumyan:

  • Blush is applied along the vertical line, the beginning of which is taken from the chin and stretches to the temple+
  • Tint funds must be as close as possible sculptor+
  • On the cheek themselves, you need to add a little bit or muted roses.

There are several universal lifehals that take into account modern trends and trends in make-up:

  • To give the natural image brightness, apply a pink tone on the apples and carefully rub+

  • To properly apply a blush on the cheeks, how to draw your cheeks and immediately see the zone that you want to allocate+
  • Under any circumstances, shades, images, as thoroughly decay the cosmetic+

  • Blushes are ideal for multifunctional use – for example, they are issued by eyelids, lips+

  • To face the face, in addition to the Rumyan, use a highlight – on the sides of the forehead, at the tip of the nose+

  • Trend Reception Makeup – Use one tone for lips and bliss+

  • ENLARGE Makeup service will help such a reception – use dry, but here it is important to competently grow up the top layer+

  • To create the impression of a healthy, tanned face, connect the blush and the shimmering type+

  • Refuse the use of the Rumba shade of fuchsia and red in any zones, except cheek-cheek+

  • Zones where blush is organically looking, besides the usual, – the sidewalls of the forehead, the tip of the nose, neck, the chin center+

  • Do not discard the natural color of the lips – if the subton is warm, choose the appropriate temperature of the Rumyan, otherwise the image will not be harmonious+

  • Boldly replace the rushes of a lipstick pink shade, the result will be at all worse, it is especially true on vacation and other trips+

  • If you stopped with blush, you can apply on top of the transparent powder, but this method is controversial, you can give the face a gloomy species+

  • extra cosmetics are easily removed with a wet napkin, sponge – the main thing, not to rub the face, carefully apply+

  • If the skin is not ideal, it is better to abandon the means with shimmer, such a blush will not refresh the face, but will be born in irregularities, make inflammation noticeable+

  • For problem skin optimal matte blush+

  • If an event is to be held, which will last until the morning, fasten the blush in this way – first apply the gel agent, then powder+

  • Any multi-layer makeup requires accurate application with thin layers – it is very easy to overdo it+

  • Blush can be used both as a color corrector, you need to connect a dry product with a vaseline, it will help to visually hide the dark circles under the eyes, the standard consiletor is applied+

  • If the skin is dark, for a correction target, use red blush, light – good peach and roses+

  • If the rushes are too pigmented, and it is impossible to apply them naturally, connect them with dry-type oil, the decisive will be much simplified, and the skin will shine+

  • if you apply a blush not only on the cheekbones, but also on the eyebrow, the eyes will become expressive, but the make of the Mike will remain natural+

  • For the owners of green and brown eyes, the shades of peach and coral are optimally suitable when used on centuries+

  • Blue eyes will benefit from the neighborhood of pink rumbal temperatures.

About how to apply a blush, look in the following video.

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