Ideas and selection of makeup for the new year

Ideas and selection of makeup for the new year

New Year holidays is a time when you want to be especially attractive and bright. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt tips on creating a spectacular festive makeup.

The ideas of New Year’s Makeup

To make meikap for the new year, it is excellent, you need to think about everything in advance. First of all, you need to take care of your skin. It must be smooth and smooth, if at least a small peeling will be present, cosmetics only emphasize all flaws. PoetI must necessarily make a peeling with a well-proven tool in order so that there is no unwanted reaction.

Besides, On the eve of the new year it is standing in the morning to face a moisturizing mask, and under the eyes put patches. After that, the skin will be completely ready, and in the evening it will be possible to start making makeup.

Simple options

First of all, it is worth familiar with the light makeup for beginners who can be made with their own hands even at home. However, to stop their choice on a particular makeup, you need to know exactly how the festival will be. That is, it will be a home holiday or party in a nightclub or restaurant.

To begin with, consider step by step one of the simple and easy makeups for the New Year called “Golden Eyebrows”. Such a beautiful make-up looks bright and exactly suitable for holidays.

Now quite fashionable are dense and bright eyebrows. However, to make them still and naturally looked, not every. There are several eyebrow blasting options. You can use both a pencil and shadow. Newcomers are better to choose a pencil, because in this case the contour will succeed. Execution technique looks like this.

  • Delay in the line of the inner contour.
  • After that, light and accurate strokes should draw the hairs to look natural. Those lines that look too bright need to grow a bit.
  • Ultimately, everything must be fixed with eyebrow gel.

If the eyebrows have a perfect form, it is best to take advantage of special shadows. With their help eyebrows can be made more voluminous. Golden Makeup will look very beautiful. It can be done quickly enough, literally in a few minutes. Consider all the steps in stages.

  • First you need to apply the database to align the skin tone.
  • Then you need to apply the shadow of golden.
  • After that, you need to draw “French arrows”. You can draw lines under the eyes and some of their growing.
  • The next step is painting eyelashes, as well as the application of the Rumyan.
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to choose the corresponding color of lipstick. Most of all the bright red shade will be suitable for golden color.

Complex techniques

More complex makeup options are best entrusted with this specialists. However, if there is no time to go to the salon, then you can (necessarily after pre-practice) try to cope with the task and independently.

    Makeup for the authorities.

    Many girls do not know how to make perfect makes if they have a hung. Because for many it is a problem. However, if you follow all the advice of specialists, then everything will be fine. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the eyebrows. The line should be a bit elongated and slightly raised. It will help visually open your eyes. In addition, it is worth making eyebrow correction so that they are not so thick. On the growth line of eyelashes, as well as bright shadows should be applied. After that, from the middle of the inside of the entire century, and then to the outside of the angle of the eye you need to impose shadows darling. So that the transition is not noticeable, we grow up with a very soft tassel. Then apply another layer of dark shadows right under the eyebrows and under the lower eyelid. To enhance the effect slightly, you need to draw arrows, the ends of which are directed up. In conclusion, you need to pick up the eyelashes and make them up with their mascara. When it is completely dry, you need to apply another layer to make eyelashes more voluminous.

      Makeup with glytter.

      Makeup with glitters and rhinestones can also be used as an evening, and as a day. First of all, on a movable eyelid it is necessary to apply the basis. Then you need to completely cover it with cream shadows. After that, a black pencil or liner, it is necessary to draw space between the eyelashes. This approach will make a look more expressive and bright.

      Under the lower cilia, put the napkin so that the glitters could not stick in an unnecessary place. After that, impose a glitter over cream shadows. In the event that the blasts fall there, where it is not necessary, they should not be rubbed, it is better to simply remove with a napkin or adhesive tape.

      With gold arrows.

      As in the previous case, first apply forever. Then take the shadows of two different shades: Light and Dark. It is worth paying attention to the options having a light shade of pearl. This will not only add an unusual shine of eyes, but also will attract special attention to them. Dark shadows are applied to the outer corner of the century, and light – on its middle and the inner part. After applying it is good to grow the shadow, so that the transitions are soft. As a supplement, you can cut the space between the eyelashes of the Black Pencil. After that, you can start drawing a brilliant shooter. To do this, it is best to use liquid gold liner. In conclusion, you can apply peach blush and the same lip gloss.

        Such creative makeup will suit not only for the New Year’s party, but in this way it is possible to give up for any corporate.

        Lips in Ombre technique.

        With the help of such equipment, you can see how to reduce and increase the lips. All two or three shades of lipstick will be required. To begin with, you must apply lip balm, and then let go of the lips. After that, the contour of the lip outlines with a pencil. Dark shade of lipstick is applied at the external contour of the lips, and light – on their middle. So that the transition was not a noticeable, it needs to grow thin brush.

        How to pick up?

        There are several Makeup Application Rules. If they follow, the end result can exceed all the expectations. First of all, Makeup should be chosen not only under the image, but also in accordance with your age, an oval of the face, the color of the eyes, as well as with the shape of the lips.

        Despite the fact that this year in the first place is naturalness and naturalness, all stereotypes can be broken for the new year. Therefore, for a girl, and for an adult woman will be appropriate to choose any of the colors: from nude or gold to blue. In addition, you can also use blasts or rhinestones.

        However, the ladies are not worth too much, because you can become too similar to the New Year’s Christmas tree.

        Under the sovereign

        In the event that the person has a rounded or diamond shape, it is necessary to highlight the eyes. Do it need so that they attract all the views. It is best to use pearl shadow or eyeliner. Eyelashes must be very thick. If it does not work with this, you can use the overhead.

        For an elongated face form, the focus is best done on eyebrows. Their form should be direct. As for the eye, they need to be highlighted with sharp and straight arrows.

        Under the color of the eye

        Special attention when choosing an image is given to the color of the eyes.

        • For girls with brown eyes, the shadows of brown, emerald, coffee or purple shades are suitable. In addition, the black and colored mascara, as well as the eyeliner of a blue or black shade. Makeup in oriental style will look very beautiful.

        • Blue-eyed beauties should refuse dark shades. But bright gold or gentle light colors perfectly fit them. The view will immediately become interesting, expressive and attractive.

        • With the help of cold shades of shadows, you can emphasize the beauty of gray eyes. Use a matte palette or black pencil strictly prohibited.

        • Green eyes themselves attract attention. However, to emphasize them even more, it is worth using trees of warm shades. It is categorically necessary to abandon pink and silver tones.

        Under the shape of lip

        First of all, it is necessary to understand that the light color of lipstick will help to visually increase the lips, but the dark, on the contrary, will reduce them. Especially carefully use pearl lipstick. After all, if there are even small defects, it will only emphasize them.

        So, Ladies with chubby sponges are best used for a glossy lipstick party. Red shade will help make the face more expressive, especially in combination with silver shadows. The image is obtained not only elegant, but also sexual.

        Under the color of the hair

        Brunettes are suitable shadow of brown shades: from light coffee to the color of mocha. Lipstick should be bright red or lilac.

        Blondes are suitable shades of beige or emerald. Lipstick or brilliance better choose nude or pink, but from too bright colors worth refuse.

        Girls with red hair will suit the wavy hairstyle and makeup with a golden chip. Lipstick best take caramel or terracotta.

        Under age

        If we talk about age, then for children 13 or 14 years it is better to pick up lipstick of brighter shades. For a teenager, red lipstick will be a bust.

        But bright and saturated paints or brilliant shadows will fit on New Year’s Eve not only for girls up to 30 years, but also for women older than 50 years. If the lady wants to have a stunning look, she should use moderate colors.

        How to combine with clothes?

        Makeup does not have to match the color and style of clothing, on the contrary, it can be absolutely contrast. Therefore, do not fear a little experiment.

        • Create an image of a Greek goddess by choosing a white-golden dress and adding bright shades of sea water into makeup. You can combine the details of golden color with a mother of pearl, shining in front of the eyes. It is also recommended to complement the image of the arrow in the same colors. But the lips are best not to paint at all or use hygienic lipstick.

        • The dress-tel in marine stylist will be best looking in tandem with bright red lipstick. However, if plans are not to imitate real Frenchwomen, you can use the lipstick of Fuchsia. She will also be bright, but not such a “complex”.

        • So that the image is modern and sexy, it is worth a combination white dresses with matte lipstick. The main thing is that it is not pearl.

        • Under the black dress will fit a light blush, as well as eyes decorated in black and gold gamma. Lipstick must be bright and glossy.

        • Those who prefer the classics are worth putting on the New Year’s Eve Red Dress and Tinting Lips as Bright Color. In addition, it is worth using a nose-eye mekap for eyes or very thin black arrows.

        Beautiful examples

        To make it a little easier to choose New Year Makeup for yourself, it is worth considering several of the most popular options.

        • “Pink” makeup. Deciding to make a meeikap to themselves, the girl will emphasize his romanticism and sensuality. It will be necessary to purchase a dark eyeliner and pink shine. Eyelashes must need to paint with a extension effect. If the girl wants to emphasize the lip line, then you can use a bright red pencil.

        • Japanese style. Here it is necessary to focus on the eyes, combining such makeup with almy lips. This will require two types of shadows, for example, brown and light purple, as well as black eyeliner. If your eyelashes are short, then you can use overhead or extensive.

        After completion of makeup, you should take a selection of clothing, which must be configured to the created image.

        • Golden Makeup. Created using a combination of blue shadows and a golden liner. And if you still make the arrows in the style of the 60s, then the eyes will look beautiful and sexy. Such a makeup will make a woman bright and stunning.

        • In the style of “retro”. If this style add some modern notes to this style, it will help to make a lady not only extravagant, but will also allocate it from the crowd. To create an image, the shadows of light green color will be required, as well as fuchsia colors, and black or dark brown eyeliner. As for the lips, in order to make them more sexy, you should choose bright red lipstick. With such a makeup, the girl will be able to feel confident at a party.

          And finally, we will give a small advice: if you are not used to brightly paint in everyday life and are not sure that the festive makeup will be able to create the first time, rehearse his application a few days before the party. You can even choose several options and embody them, and after see which one suits you most.

          Step-by-step learning evening makeup in the video below.

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