Makeup features under the eyes

Makeup features under the eyes

In the modern world there is a huge number of important events, because of which sometimes it is very difficult to look good. Casual affairs, parties and routine leave their imprints on the face – redness, swelling and bruises. However, even in the rhythm of a large city you can find five minutes in the morning to bring yourself in order. In this article we will tell, what cosmetic means you can hide dark circles under the eyes, which cosmetics will help to emphasize the beauty of the view, and what errors should be avoided when making makeup.

What is applied under the eyes?

In order to successfully hide darkens under the eyes, it is necessary to figure out the reasons for their appearance and try to minimize their influence on the body. First of all, the characteristic shade in the region around the visual body is due to the structure of our body – there is a large number of capillaries in this area of ​​the skin, and there are no fat deposits at all. The thin layer of the dermis is originally slightly different from the main tone of the skin, so even minor aggressive external factors and deviations in the work of the body are immediately reflected on the face. Dark circles in the lower eyelid become more explicit for the following reasons:

  • Permanent experiences+

  • Non-sleeping+

  • Harmful habits (smoking, alcohol)+

  • Eating harmful food+

  • Wrong face care.

As well as darkens in the periorubital zone can be a genetic feature or a sign of some diseases. Causes of bruises can be corrected or at least smooth, but it will take a long time.

Long-term troubleshooting needs to be carried out, and to quickly hide signs of fatigue, you can apply special makeup.

Nowadays there is a huge amount of cosmetics designed to hide deficiencies on the face: highlights, proofreaders, consilers and creams. Each tool improves appearance in different ways, so it is very important to know how to properly use each cosmetic product. The best result will be in the case when you use care and decorative cosmetics complex. We offer more details with each tool Read more.

  • Cream for periorbital zone. Tool for the eyelids effectively levels the tone of the skin, removing bruises from inclipping and swelling from noisy night parties. Special cream smear eyelids not only to brighten the dermis, but also hide the mimic wrinkles and moisturize the skin. Excellent cope with improved face skin Cosmetic products with elastin, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and vegetable extracts. The listed elements help the capillaries to bring extra moisture at edema, stimulating the flow of blood, saturate the skin with useful trace elements and make it more dense and elastic.

  • Corrector and Consiller. These are two interrelated products that are able to effectively conceal the signs of fatigue and flaws on the skin. The corrector is applied by the first – thick substance only problem areas of dermis (acne, stains and bruises under the eyes). The contrast shade of the corrector successfully masks defects, but on top it is necessary to apply another tool to align the skin tone. Perform such a task using a consistent – the product has a soft texture that allows you to fill large areas of the dermis. Cosmetics are produced in a large number of shades in order for each able to choose the product to the tone of its skin.

  • Highlight. The appointment of Heilatera is the same as the corrector – to remove the shortcomings on the skin of the face, but it is necessary to apply funds in different ways. The corrector is applied to problem areas of the skin to brighten and align them. Highlight does not hide the darkening – he distracts the look, emphasizing the beauty of the contours of the face. If you impose this tool directly to the periorbitatic zone, the scatulations will become more explicit. Highlight successfully copes with a visual increase in the eyes and lips, can beautifully emphasize the eyebrow shape and make the nose contour more accurate. The most effectively the product acts in the case when it is applied on top of the Consilert.

Interesting ideas

Masking makeup under the eyes well hides skin defects, however, in order to distract attention from the lower eyelid, it is necessary to use decorative cosmetics. We suggest to consider several interesting options for mackapa, helping to hide darkens and swelling.

  • Unusual accents. To distract attention from bags under the eyes, the girls paint lips with bright lipstick or use contrasting shadows for the upper eyelids. Such an alignment of accents gently translates attention from problem areas, emphasizing femininity and beauty.

  • Rhinestones and stickers. Shining rhinestones of different shapes on eyelids, forehead and temples will create a very elegant and festive image. Stickers with crosses, hearts or drops will create a playful and liberated mood, suitable for summer parties. Creating make-up with rhinestones or stickers, you will easily hide unwanted defects, and you will look beautiful even after a sleepless night.

  • Sequins. Very expressive and extraordinary image creates makeup with sparkles – the rainbow shades around the eyes simultaneously strikes with its beauty and successfully hides the scoffings and swelling. Daily make such a makeup not easy, it is more suitable for emergency situations when it is necessary to urgently lead the tired face.

Common mistakes

In order to effectively hide the scoffings and swelling under the eyes, it is not enough to be able to correct cosmetics to correctly – it is also important to know what to avoid. Consider some of the most common mistakes in make-up.

  • Lack of care. Before applying any corrective and decorative cosmetics, it is necessary to moisturize the skin and impose a special base for makeup. This will help prevent irritation, drying and pollution of the dermis.

  • Bright cosmetics. Too bright black eyeliner will focus the attention of those surrounding in your eyes, so makeup should not be causing when you need to hide the formation and swelling.

  • Refusal of makeup. The complete absence of decorative means will not help hide tired and exhausted species. To effectively hide defects, in addition to care products, it is also necessary to apply light makeup.

  • Uneven imposing a corrector. To make meikap to look organically, it is necessary to apply a masking agent not only to the lower eyelid, but also on the upper eyelid and the bridge.

  • Light shadows for the lower eyelid. Using white, light beige and pearl shades of shadows in order to hide bruises, you will achieve the opposite effect. Under the eyes are bright circles, giving the image a painful view.

Beautiful examples

To hide bags under the eyes on a weekday, it is better to choose light makeup with proper placement of accents. For a party, hike in the theater, walks or a solemn event, you can use more bold and unusual options for mekap. We present a few examples of makeup, beautifully hiding breeding under the eyes.

  • Accent on Gubach. Neat casual makeup with a gentle shade of shadows on the upper and lower eyelids.

Focus on the lipstick of a saturated matte helps to distract the attention of those surrounding from tired eyes.

  • Glitter. Shining small sparkles will create a gentle festive image and easily distracted from defects in the lower eyelid area.

  • Rhinestones. Great makeup option for informal events, emphasizing femininity and beauty, as well as hiding flaws.

  • Dark rhinestones. Black rhinestones create a strong contrast on her face, hiding darkens under the eyes.

  • Large sparkles. Very unusual and magical make-up, aesthetic hiding darkening in the lower eyelids.

About how you can hide bags under the eyes of 2 steps, about the rules and errors, see the video below.

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