Makeup for a wedding for guests and bridesmaids

Makeup for a wedding for guests and bridesmaids

Wedding – a responsible and very beautiful event when everyone wants to look decent, spectacular and festively. Despite the fact that the main person at the wedding – the bride, guests and girlfriends of the bride are also looking for aesthetic elegant images. Outfit for the wedding requires special attention and accounting for many nuances.


Regardless which type of makeup you decide to choose, you need to take care of skin training. Wedding, as a rule, lasts for a long time, so it is necessary that the makeup is preserved, did not float until the end of the event. If there is an opportunity to turn to a professional, it is worth doing this, but you can easily prepare the skin without difficulty.

Preparations need to start a couple of days before the celebration:

  • Use scrub or peeling, you need to carefully lean the burdens+
  • Make a nutritious or moisturizing type mask, do not forget about the neck+
  • Do not use new tools, only proven, otherwise high risk of allergic reaction.

If you miss these stages, it will be not easy to impose high-quality makeup, and the skin will look neglected. Since the wedding maker needs resistance, be sure to use the base for a tonal agent and shadow. Practically in each price segment there are decent means for different skin types. If the skin is fat, it is necessary to take care of the choice of the product regulating the work of the sebaceous glands.

Special preparations need to be applied 2-3 days before the event so that the effect is manifested.

The base is applied to a carefully purified, moisturized face, all means you need to make absorption before applying something new. Do not forget about the primer for shadows and always test all the cosmetics in advance. Buy what is missing to be in a special day everything is at hand.

Need to prepare:

  • Shadows or eyebrow pencil, styling gel+
  • Tonal+
  • Blusher, Bronzer, Highlight+
  • Palest Thaya+
  • eye pencil or eyeliner+
  • lipstick for lips+
  • Water Resistant Mascara, Kerler.

Best options

Wedding – the most solemn event in the life of most women. Not only for the bride, but also for guests it is important to look decent and appropriate. Make makeup with your hands on the wedding quite real. This option is suitable for both the usual guest and the bride’s girlfriend.

Feature of this image: It should be bright, expressive, but it should not be forgotten that the main face is the bride, and it is impossible to eclip.

It is important to take into account your color, features of appearance, dress outfit and the overall wedding style. Gentle dresses are working more organicly with mek in pastel colors, strict toilets are more appropriate with clear graphic arrows. Consider where and how the celebration will happen: the images for the wedding in nature and in the restaurant should be different. Now it is fashionable to arrange thematic events, it also needs to be taken into account. There are a lot of stylish trend options for wedding makeup, which can be created step by step.

Simple day

This makeup will like women who do not want to use too bright paints in the image. In such an image, the eyes will focus, slightly dim outside. This option is often selected and the bride and guests, it is the most universal. It begins its creation from the training of the skin, applying a tonal cream, after that a blush, bronzer and highlight. Makeup enshrines powder, eyebrows are drawn up restrained.

Special attention is paid to the eyes, the movable eyelid is painted with light shades, a fold – a little darker, the same tone is used for the design of the lower ciliary edge. At the end, the dark tone of the shadows on the outer angle of the eye is applied, then all shades are chosen so that the transitions are not noticeable.

Light Nude

The easiest of all possible kinds of makeness, as close as possible. Although he is nothing, but requires special skill and knowledge of all nuances. It is not less important to prepare the skin so that it looks perfect, always use the base for a tonal. The tone cream should be lightweight, moisturizing, fluid, no mask effect.

Do not allow the tone of cream to differ from the natural color of the skin, carefully rub the borders.

Do not forget about consilers and proofreaders who hide skin defects: dark circles, vessels, pimples. Proofreaders should be brighter tonal cream. Excellent refreshing skin shining highlight – they are distinguished by those zones that want to visually expand, increase. Apply the base under the shadows, make eyebrows without a pencil.

Eyes are made up soft, natural shades, as if creating natural shadows, while visually eyes become more. The fixed eyelid and the lower zone under the eyelashes are shadowed by light brown tones. In the corner of the eye inside – a drop of highlyer. Straightened with a black or brown pencil. Then a little carcass, Rumba, lip gloss – and image is ready.


Evening makeup for a wedding implies the use of saturated shades. There are several options for such a maker, the most common – Smoky Ice and arrows with bright lipstick. Arrows can choose different – simple, complex, double, wide, thin – the case allows you to do. They are drawn with clear eyeliners or pencil with a decisive. The makeup artists advise first to draw the arrow with a thin tassel and shadows of the dark tone, if something failed, you can just grow the shadow.

When it turns out a smooth arrow, it is overlapped with a liner. Bright pigments on the face require absolute perfection of the skin, so do not choose a saturated lipstick if there are problems that do not hide. Any defects must first adjust the consilet. It concerns dark circles, rashes, vascular stars. Otherwise, makeup will emphasize any imperfections and will make them clear.

Eye color ideas

When choosing makeup, it should take into account not only the style and image as a whole, but also the color. One of the most important criteria is the color of the eyes, the shades of makeup should not contradict him.

On the contrary, you need to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, make them expressive, brighter.

  • Blue. It is usually believed that the blue-eyed girls go exclusively cold tones of shadows, but it is not. Soften the image of tender beige pastel, cream, coffee tones, shades of champagne. But the dark brown shadows will not fit, you will look tired and aspan. If you decide to do Smoke Ice, give up the black palette in favor of gray.

  • Carie. The palette of the shades of the iris in this case can vary from light nuts to almost black, it should be considered. Bright bright eyes are well emphasized white, beige, lilac-lavender tones, look visually waving. Do not forget about the skin tone, if it is pale, use a black eyeliner for interinsunny space, otherwise the face will be pale. Practically, almost any shades are suitable for darkness – from beige gamma to Smoky Ice. But the classic brown is better to avoid, but the pink fit perfectly.

  • Gray. To create an organic soft image, you should give preference to light brown gamut, peach, swamp tone. Do not fit gray, they will make a glad, rough, cold. Pink pigments do not fit, eyes will acquire an unhealthy color.

  • Green. But green-eyed can and you need to use all shades close to the palette to the iris. Brown gamma, chocolate shades will also be well suited. If the dark brown tones are taken as the basis, do not paint lips or use the glitter of transparent type.

Beautiful examples

Blondes makeup artists advise to stay on a gentle-nude range, shades of champagne and bright eyelashes.

Soft shades of brown and beige create the effect of gentle, mile, at the same time bright.

Solemn event – the right time for shining textures.

Brown eyes flawlessly emphasize all shades of pink.

Brightly decorated eyes should be the only accent in the image.

Speecically looks combination of bright lipstick and stylish black arrows.

Saturated lipstick can become the main decoration of the solemn image.

Makeup features for girlfriend Brides are presented in the following video.

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