Makeup for brown eyes with the hungry

Makeup for brown eyes with the hungry

The hungry of the eyelid is a very common problem not only among young girls, but also among the ladies of revered age. The root of this trouble lies in the fact that the upper eyelid is partially or completely covered by itself. It is not difficult to detect this problem and it is also easy to solve. It all depends on the right approach.

Basic rules of creation

There is a huge variety of options, however, makeup is rightfully one of the simplest and most popular ways to solve.

Girls with a similar problem should pay special attention to eyebrows. They must be neat and not too thick, slightly raised in the middle. Such an uncomplicated form visually opens and pull out all the flaws, making a look more open. Pencil in the main tone of the hair can be filled with emptiness, and gel fix the resulting form for a whole day.

Beat your eyebrows is necessary through the hair growth line, otherwise you risk getting a non-accurate shape and lose a few hairs.

Wrongs of Karich Eye It is worth working as a dark sector over the age and exterior corners. These manipulations will help visually remove the hanging part.

Ideas for brunettes

Holders are not only dark eyes, but the hair is perfectly suitable saturated shades, which emphasize the brightness of the appearance. The tone of a lilac, blue and cold-green shade will be well combined with the authorized century. No less advantage will be improved all the depth of the look of black, gold and brown shadows.

An ideal everyday option will serve a nude makeup. Just thanks to the game of light and shadow, the problem will not pay for unnecessary attention to others.

  • Apply the database or primer. This procedure is an integral part of any meycapa, since without it the result will not last long, and the colors can turn out more dull.
  • For a lung and natural image worth taking natural shades. Perfectly look brown, peach and pink tones.
  • Outer corner of the eye and the fold of the century protontenate dark brown. Do not forget to grow a good shadow to avoid dirty and non-accurate spots.
  • The same color, emphasize the bottom. In this way, you can open the eye by making it visually wider and more.
  • Center Distribute light cream or pinkish shadows. This technique will help add tenderness and naturalness.
  • As an accent, add a little high Highlight to the inner corner of the eye. Such a detail will distract attention from the problem itself.
  • Purchase eyelashes. Do it not too “fatty” layer, just walk slightly on the eyelashes. This option will be well combined with gentle and weightless meycap.

Create a competent everyday image is, of course, well, but sometimes I want to pay attention to the stunning evening makeup. Make it at home is not as hard as it may originally seem. A universal option for all occasions will serve as a classic Smokey Ice, which perfectly suitable for dark hair.

  • For his incarnation in life will need again put primer in eyelid.
  • Belly you can take more bright and juicy colors. However, for girls with a lowered century, it is worth treating neon shades with caution, since this makeup is too complicated. The optimal option will be matte shadows, and shimmers should not be carried away.
  • Apply Dark Shadows to Fold and Outdoor Corner. Set the form you need.
  • Earn the lower eyelid. On his middle, you can add light glitter. Remember the need for a growing. In this makeup, she will play a major role.
  • On the center, apply shimmer shadows or a glitter, if you wish to create a clearer result. Do not overdo it with glitter, otherwise the contour of the eye can be completely lost.
  • On the inner corner of the eye Apply a highlight to the main shadow.
  • If you wish, you can draw an arrow to visually pull the eye contour. Specify the basis of the arrow, put the entire intergrantan edge. It should smoothly expand from the inner corner to the external. Note the tail arrows. It should not go up and be lightly blurred. Fill out the form, preferably liquid eyeliner. It will be more resistant and contrasting, it will be better than the finished base.
  • As a final stroke, proximate eyelashes. Try not to reload the hairs very much.

Options for blondes

Girls with bright hair hair are not limited in choosing makeup, like brunettes. However, they should be slightly changed the color palette. Instead of dark shades, you should make your choice in favor of more delicate tones, especially when creating everyday image. Perform step by step this option will not be much labor.

  • Apply Primemer on the region of the external century, to create a base.
  • Day makeup should not be overloaded too dark tones, Therefore, to focus on light hair, stick to bodily and peach warm cosmetic products.
  • Earn a fold and an outer corner peach shadows, slightly dimuer. This visually will not lose sight and give easy fresh face.
  • At the center of the century, add translucent pinkish Rumyan. Be careful with red and pink, an excessive amount can create the effect of “patients” or “crying” eyes. However, the light layer will give the abilities of the eyes.
  • Accent attention at the inner corner of the eye With the help of a light highlyera.
  • Add playfulness View with a brown tint carcass. Do not worry that the result turned out too transparent and slightly noticeable. Brown eyes themselves very bright and attract attention. To allocate them even stronger, you do not need a large amount of cosmetics.

Evening makeup at home can be supplemented with blue or green shadows. This decision will give a special depth of our eyes, will make them more expressive and dark. If desired, you can add everything with a neat arrow and scratched eyelashes. On the center of the century, it is desirable to apply a shine of cold tone (silver, blue, blue, purple).

Do not forget about the features of the cut eye. If the nature has awarded you a narrower structure, then it is worth considering some features.

With the help of a wide linet line visually expand the incision, but do not led it too far.

Carefully grow in the product when applied that visually raises the eyelid. For narrow eye, grayish, dusty, purple and chocolate tones are perfect.

Select the mucous membrane with a white pencil, such a reception will help make the outline more.

Do not forget about neat and symmetrical eyebrows. They are not necessarily drawing too bright, it will be enough to give them a form.

For Asian makeup for every day, it is enough just to bring the eyelid to the dark pencil, and make eyelashes. And for the evening image you can stick and apply glitter.

Beautiful examples

Updated eyelid is not a sentence. Any drawback can be spectacular to beat and turn into dignity. Now there is a huge amount of varied cosmetics for any type of skin that will help you. It all depends only on your desire and attached effort.

  • Great makeup in brown tones.

  • Karglazymes go different shades of green.

  • Burgundy shadows in combination with sparkles are suitable for evening makeup.

Classic makeup for the authorized century is given later.

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