Makeup for green eyes and dark hair

Makeup for green eyes and dark hair

Brunettes are bright and attractive girls. If they also have green eyes, then their beauty is just stunning. Consider in the article how to emphasize the natural features, what makeup them fit.

Choice of shades

What shades in make-up are suitable for dark russes, brunettes and brown shoes, depends on the color of the eyes and skin. For example, purple color in the shadows for the eyes is suitable for dark beauties and emphasizes green eyes, but he will not fit the pale girls at all. Violet shades can also emphasize the bruises under the eyes and pigment stains, if such imperfections are available.

So, the green-eyed girls with dark hair fit the following shades of shadows:

  • Brown and beige+

  • Pink and peach+

  • Nude+

  • Greenish and swamp.

Blushes It is worth choosing natural colors, do not use cold pink blush and pearl. For brunettes, a nude shade on the skin is especially good, as their image and so pretty bright.

Mascara – this is the basis of makeup, which emphasizes eyes.

Greenball is better to choose a classic black mascara or dark brown. Colored options are possible if you are young and not afraid of experiments.

Casual Option

Makeup for green eyes – this is a separate art, as it is quite difficult to choose the shades of cosmetic tools for such a color.

Dark hair is already a bright accent in appearance, so it is better not to zeal for everyday makeup, and use the minimum of funds.

Instructions for applying daily natural makeup for dark-haired and green-eyed girls are not strict, because the beauty is individual. We will analyze step-by-step actions to underline their attractiveness for every day.

  • Pow for a person. Clear, walk around the face with a massage brush or scrub. In the morning, such a procedure will help the skin “wake up” and give the face a healthy blush. Apply your favorite cream and wait until it is absorbed.

  • Eliminate imperfections. If you have rashes, hide redness and inflammation by the corrector with a greenish tinge. Every day it is better not to use a tonal agent, as it clogs the pores. But if you are accustomed to cover your face tone, choose creams with a light texture that adjusts to the natural hue of the skin. From above better drinking face to avoid oily shine.

  • Stress your eyebrows. Use shadows or pencil for eyebrows under the color of your hair. Try to make lines soft. Graphic eyebrows are no longer in fashion. If the hairs on the eyebrows are long, try to lay them with gel for laying.

  • Highlight Eyes. Green eye makeup for every day should be neutral. Use inhabitant shadows and mascara. Eyeliner takes place if you want to highlight the growth line of eyelashes. Thick arrows will be inappropriate.

  • Draw lips. If you have a clear border lip, and they are bright from nature, you can use only moisturizing hygienic lipstick or transparent glitter. It is not forbidden to use more vivid means, but without screaming shades: Nyud, Powder, Peach – these are those colors that will be appropriate in day make-up.

Ideas Evening Makeup

Any girl wants to look in honor of some events more attractive than usual. In this case, evening makeup will come to the rescue. Examples of such a makeup for green-eyed and dark-haired girls are presented below.

  • Madly bright and attractive makeup. Only for bold beauties – silver-green shadows on a brown background, large twisted arrows. Lips of the neutral shade balance the image.

  • Classic Smokes Ice Black. Perhaps, suitable for all girls, but green eyes on the background of black blurred shadows look especially bright.

  • Bright makeup in muffled tones. Here, contrary to the generally accepted rule, and eyes, and lips. However, meikap does not look too cleaningly due to noble shades of brown shadows and wine lipstick.

How to make up for a holiday?

Girls want to look great always, but especially worried about their appearance when they need to go out. Here’s how to make evening makeup dark-haired and green-eyed girls correctly.

  • Beautiful leather – the perfect base of evening makeup. Base for bright make-up serves purified, moisturized and covered with thin layer of tonal cream. Small disadvantages should be carefully disguised by the proofreader, otherwise they will attract attention and spoil the overall impression. Stress the cheekbones with a sculptor, slightly darken the face of the sides and the neck area, since with artificial lighting the shadow “eaten”. This means that oval faces may look in the evening, not so clear as the day, and it is better to foresee it in advance.

  • Choosing accent. In accordance with your outfit, choose what makes the focus in makeup – lips or eyes. The combination of evening dresses with similar shadows will be perfect. And you can also choose lipstick to the tone of the dress, if it is, for example, red, wine, brown.

  • Makeup eye. If you know how to draw beautiful bright arrows, now it’s time to apply your skill in practice. At the celebration, your defined eyes will sparkle and attract attention. Mascara is also better not to regret, because with artificial light, moderate makeup looks more dim. Shadows, as already mentioned in the previous paragraph, use to the tone to their along.

  • Lips. Bright eyes in evening make-up should be combined with nude lips or other natural shades. If you chose lips as an emphasis, then you need to use a bright shade of lipstick and a pencil that you go. Remember that the celebration is better to choose resistant makeup tools, otherwise you will often have to correct meckap. For green eyes and dark hair perfectly fit red, brick, wine, brown and plum colors of lips.

  • Blush. They will give the face of freshness. Choose warm shades, as the cold will not suit your color. Gentle pink, peach, brownish blush – your perfect option.

Make-up tips can be given indefinitely, but not everyone is given from the first time to learn to draw the arrows and decay the shadows.

If you are difficult to properly apply makeup, try to train at leisure, view video tutorials and read the advice of famous stylists.

Beautiful examples

  • Wonderful option for the evening or date. Dedicated, but not too, eyebrows, an interesting combination of shadows, which emphasizes the color of the eyes, lips are bright, but not screaming – all this is very green-eyed to women.

  • Graphically and attractive. On the eyes of a whole palette of shadows, but everything is so good that does not seem too clean. The mucous ages emphasized the emerald pencil, which is flowing in color with earrings. Golden brown lips – the perfect addition of the image.

  • Evening Makeup with Golden Shadows. Brown background on the eyelids, the gold and green eyes are tent. Neutral lips are completed.

Example makeup for green eyes See More.

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