Makeup for the authorized century after 40 years

Makeup for the authorized century after 40 years

Wound eyelid is a problem with which many girls and women face. This little drawback is especially noticeable after 40-50 years. But at this age, you can easily adjust your appearance with a properly selected makeup.

Basic principles

Age Makeup for the Authority has its own characteristics. It is recommended to pay attention to the rules for its creation.

  • Before applying shadows should always usePrimemer. It will help to align the surface of the century and make makeup more resistant. After applying the primer, the shadows will not face and roll. Make will look beautiful and neat for a whole day or evening.

  • Upper eyelashes need to emphasize with a small layerTowa. They should not be too puppet. It takes Makeup. It is worth choosing for yourself a high-quality extension mascara and learn how to use it right. If the eyelashes are direct, they can be additionally twisted by Kerler.

  • Special attention needs to be paid to eyebrows. They must be even. Do not pinch them too much. Eyebrows-threads make a look inexpressive, and also attract attention to disadvantages of makeup.

  • Use contrast shadow. In the palette there must be different shades of shadows. If they are properly used, the eyes will turn large and beautiful, and the look – expressive.

  • Apply in workHighlight. This product is better to use for festive makeup. It should be light and light. You need to apply a highlight to the inner corners of the eyes, as well as right under eyebrows. This is done with neat movements. After applying the product on the skin it is necessary to grow well.

Young girls often use neon shadow in makeup. They are usually applied under the eyes, emphasizing the lower line of eyelash growth. Women at the age of this option is no longer suitable.

Step-by-step technology of creation

Understand how best to paint can help more detailed instructions. Consider costs two main making schemes for the authorized century.


Casual makeup always try to make easier and inconspicuous. To create it, you can use beige, brown or white shadows.

  • To begin with, you need a very thin layer to apply a light primer. Instead, you can use a lightweight consileter with a light texture. It needs to grow well. You can do it even with your fingers.

  • Application. First of all, you need to grow on them white or light beige shadows. Special attention should be paid to the inner corner of the eye.

  • The upper part of the movable century must be neatly darkening. Brown pigment you need to use to score an external corner of the eye.

  • All transitions between shades must be carefullygrow up Little tassel.

  • You can make a look more open by emphasizing the growth line of the upper eyelashes of well-pigmented dark shadows. Arrows must be neat and short.

After that, the makeup can be supplemented with a layer of carcasses.

Surplus makeup should be removed using a cotton disk or dry napkins. Such an image is perfect for everyday life.


Such makeup is performed using darker colors. Evening meyk should be distinguished by very high performance.

  • Before applying the main cosmetic products, the skin must be properly prepared. For this purpose, the same products as in day make-up.

  • Dark shadows over the moving age need to draw a wide line.

  • The same pigment needs to darken the outside of the eye.

  • Next, the image can be supplemented with a dark gray cosmetic agent.

  • The basis of the century should be highlighted with lighter shadows.The lower line of eyelashes is also necessary to emphasize with a dark pigment.

  • All shades need to carefully grow. Makeup should not look like “dirty”.

  • After that, on the eyelashes need to put a little carcass.

So that such a make does not seem too heavy, the image should not complement the saturated dark lipstick.

Eye Color Options

Women at the age are especially carefully treating shadow. They must be well combined with a touch of eyes and emphasize the advantages of appearance.

  • Carie. Women with brown eyes should stop their choice on a palette with brown shadows. They will look more spectacular. For day maker, light shadows are suitable, and for evening – coffee or chocolate shades.

  • Gray. Ladies with gray eyes are worth picking up dark or blue shadows. Silver products are not suitable for women with hanging age.

  • Blue. For makeup blue or blue eyes worth choosing warm shades of shadows. Ladies with light skin worth paying attention to powdered or chocolate tones. Speall women are suitable peach shadows and products with pink subtock.

  • Green. Day makeup of green-eyed women worth doing using beige or coffee shades. For evening make, you can choose the shadows of different shades of green. They emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and distract attention from small flaws of appearance.

Mascara also need to choose carefully. Black mascara is suitable for brunettes or browns, blondes – gray or brown.

Common mistakes

When creating makeup, many women with the hanging century do the same mistakes.

  1. Do not rush products. Graphic makeup is absolutely not suitable for ladies with a hung. Therefore, they should avoid arrows and makes with clear lines. All products must be carefully cut with a brush. Transitions between selected shades must be very smooth.
  2. Make makes too contrast. Such makeup draws attention to the authorities. He can visually align a woman, and also to make eyes smaller. Therefore, to create makeup it is worth choosing shades similar to each other.
  3. Drive eyes along the contour. It is not recommended for ladies with an authorized century to completely crawl eyes. Such makeup narrows them and aggravate the situation. Touch the pencil is only the top eyelid.
  4. Use shadows with sparkles. Pearl products emphasize folds and wrinkles. So instead it is better to use high-quality matte shadows.

If you avoid these errors, makeup will be beautiful even in a person who rarely.

Beautiful examples

Golden Makeup

For such a make, light golden shadows are used with the minimum sequin. They are perfectly combined with dark brown shadows and black ink. Makeup fit a lady with any color. It is possible to paint on a holiday or a meeting with loved ones.

Colored shadow

A bright make of rich green shadows is also more suitable for “Light outputs”. It is not necessary to paint too bright. Makeup with such an accent in the eyes is usually complemented by restrained light lipstick. Instead, you can also use light glitter.

Neat age makeup will help make a woman’s eyes more open, as well as visually overtakes her.

About how to make makeup and arrows for the authorized century, look in the video below.

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