Makeup options for adolescent girls 14 years

Makeup options for adolescent girls 14 years

Each teenage girl at the age of 14 wants to be beautiful and modern. It is difficult to find a girl who does not use cosmetics. From the material of this article you will learn how it is correct and stages to give up beginners to look beautiful and natural.

Choosing cosmetics

Adolescents are not suitable products that adults acquire.

  • Do not add a dense tone in a cosmetic. He has a fat texture, because of which the mask effect is created on the face.
  • Ideal options – Korean Kushon, BB or CC cream. They are not a thin layer, do not clog pores.
  • Do not buy funds for contouring. This is not only an outdated trend: this cosmetics looks like a young face ridiculous. You need products in your age.
  • Real funds: bactericidal corrector, mineral powder with light texture. In addition, in the cosmetics of teenage girls must be 2 labels of shadows (natural for everyday makeup and brighter – for the festive).
  • Required Items – Brush for eyebrows, eyelashes, sponge for cutting basics, brushes. In addition to them, you need to add to the minimum set of gel retainer for eyebrows, hygienic lipstick. For festive makeup it is worth adding tit.
  • For everyday images, you can purchase a pencil and mascara of brown. For rare eyebrows worth stocking of a solid pencil, which can be drawn by hairs. Bright bows do not make no eyeliner and black carcass.
  • In addition, in cosmetic bags must be cotton sticks with acute ends. With their help, you can adjust the flaws of meycapa. Also worth getting with cotton disks, lip pencil, frosted eye shadows.

How to make up to school?

School makeup begins with impeccable skin training. For this, they take the basis, apply to the areas of the face and distribute a uniform thin layer. You can apply a light cream with finger pads, sponge or brush.

When using a sponge goes more cream. The layer is more denser than when applied with a brush. The most painstaking and economical way – the distribution of cream with fingers.

However, this procedure is more time. If it is not, the foundation is applied to the sponge. Do not apply under the basis of moisturizing cream. Teenage skin does not need it.

In addition, when applied multiple layers on the face, the effect of mask is created. Multilayer makeup is appropriate only for photo shoot.

After applying the cream mask the imperfections of the skin and circles under the eyes using a consiler. It is driven into the skin in clapping movements.

If necessary, use a little powder. Then proceed to laying eyebrows. The hairs are first combed with a brush, at the beginning stretching up slightly, then the gel is fixed along the growth.

On the moving eyelids and in the folds are applied shadows of a light matte. The eyelady edge tinted with a pencil. After that, the lines of the eyeliner is cut and paint eyelashes in 1 layer.

With makeup for every day lips paint hygienic lipstick. If used lipstick, wash it after applying a napkin. So the effect of translucency and naturalness is created.

Festive options

Gala makeup for adolescent girls is intended for holidays and photo shoots. Both varieties differ from everyday greater brightness. However, the skin is prepared identically.

Make a special makeup step by step will not work. Instructions for beginners will help in this.

However, makeup for photo shoot and celebrations (birthday, parties) differs. The camera transmits all flaws and glare, so in preparation for the photo shoot you can not use the means with reflective particles.

For birthday, on the contrary, the use of highlyera is quite appropriate. But it is necessary to use it moderately.

Masking acne and rashes need a proofreader. He has a dry effect.

After skin training, eyebrow modeling. Their lower line can be lightly breathed. Top is better to comb and secure gel.

If the eyebrows are invisible, you can use a gel with a toning effect. The tail eyebrows is slightly darker of the main part, the beginning is better not to touch. If there is no hairs, they can be patched with rare thin strokes.

For a festive image, you can use bright shadows (with the exception of red, poisonous orange, brick). Shades pick up the eye color. Shadows are applied to the rolling part of the century. If necessary, make arrows.

After that, tinted eyelashes. So that the look was expressive, start from an external angle to the middle of the century. The second layer is once again going on the eyelashes, but now tinted eyelashes of the inner corner.

If only the top eyelashes are painted for everyday bow, then for festive images you can walk with one layer and on the bottom. After that tint lips.

Useful advice

When training the skill of makeup in 14 years it is necessary to take into account several nuances.

Blush at that age is not needed. In addition, on the young face they look ridiculous. And in the photos create the effect of matryoshki.

Create the necessary accents need correctly. The simultaneous bright coloring of the eyes, eyebrows and lips is excluded. Such a bow is copied by bloggers. In real life, he is vulgar, it looks inappropriate with any clothes.

Regardless of the type of meikapa, the main emphasis must be made. Eyebrows and lips should not drag all attention. Therefore, it is enough just to emphasize their natural color.

Eyes accented with shadows and pencil. Blondes It is recommended to use a gray pencil, brunettes – gray brown.

Do not use white shadows: they visually reduce the size of the eyes.

Put the eyes with a pencil need correctly. When it is necessary to create an eye increase effect, they are painted interinsun. If this is an evening image, it is worth making a thin eyeliner.

When designing eyebrows you need to try to avoid sharp and bright lines. In addition, it is impossible to use cosmetics of black. Hint of eyebrows should be a little lighter of natural hair.

Pearl lipsticks are relevant for parties, for photo shoots need matte. Gorgeous color is important: red, burgundy, cherry tones for girls are 14 years old are not suitable. It is better to pick up the color, a little brighter of the natural shade of lips.

The texture can be varied – to be translucent or completely overlapping the tone of the lip. Fashionable from the center of lips with a decisive to the edges. At the same time, the central part turns out brighter.

Beautiful examples

We offer some example of a successful meycapa teenage girls.

  • Bright makeup for summer photo session in nature.

  • An example of a daily image with a maximum naturalness.

  • Party or Festive Event.

  • Classic face design option with creating perfect skin.

  • Natural Makeup for Young Brunette with Green Eyes.

  • Impeccable meicap 14-year-old girl with blue eyes.

  • Creating the effect of lightness and naturalness of the evening image.

  • An example of the perfect choice of cosmetics for the studio photo session.

  • Professional makeup for schoolgirl for every day.

Detailed Master Class on Teenage Makeup Can be found in the following video.

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