Makeup removal napkins: what it is, how and for what they are used?

Makeup removal napkins: what it is, how and for what they are used?

So that women can care for the skin of the face on trips and just outside the house, cosmetic companies have developed makeup napkins. Now the release of this product is engaged in many popular and new brands. Consider this product Read more in the article.

What is it and for what you need?

In Russian stores of cosmetics, napkins for convenient removal of cosmetics appeared relatively recently (approximately in the 1990s) compared with more common goods. However, on the peak of popularity, they came out a few years ago. Since the release of the first options to the market, the product was constantly improved. Manufacturers developed new formulations and experimented with materials.

Makeup removal napkins are very similar to ordinary wet, however, they are more durable. Also distinguished the composition they are impregnated. Due to the special components, they carefully and effectively remove decorative cosmetics. At the same time, the compositions care about the skin, eating and toning it.

Facial napkins are convenient and easy to use, and a wide range allows you to choose the perfect option for each buyer.

This type of cosmetic products has the following positive qualities:

  • With their help you can remove makeup, being out of the house, a wonderful option during long trips+
  • Some types of napkins can even remove water cosmetics, due to the special elements in the composition+
  • The product will not only clean the skin, and also take care of it, feeding and refreshing+
  • Convenient use without water, brushes, towels and other+
  • The product can be used to clean makeup brushes+
  • This method of getting rid of makeup is much more convenient to carry with you, than tonic or makeup removal creams.

As the main minus, experts celebrate Not enough careful cleansing. Some cosmetologists believe that even the most expensive and efficient goods will not be able to refresh the skin as well as foam, creams and other cosmetics. With frequent removal of makeup, the use of napkins may be disadvantageous.


Regardless of the manufacturer, all napkins for removing cosmetics consist of the following parts:

  • base (nonwoven material)+
  • impregnation (liquid composition that use cosmetic companies).

Depending on the type of product, the composition of the impregnation may differ. However, the following substances are used as well as the following substances

  • Microelements feeding the skin+
  • PH. Regulators.
  • A group of special active substances that dissolve cosmetics+
  • Useful antioxidants protecting the skin from negative environmental factors+
  • Mitigating components.
  • Also as part may be plant components, metal ions and other useful substances.


Wet wipes for washes can be divided into species, given certain characteristics.

  • Type of skin. There are products for dry, oily or combined skin.
  • Compound. Each makeup provides a certain action. Some are intended primarily to remove the waterproof cosmetics, others – have a powerful antiseptic effect (products with silver ions or other soothing components).
  • Usage. You can find on sale both disposable and reusable napkins. The last option is often sold in packages in one thing and resembles a towel.

After use, a reusable napkin is erased and updated.


Making napkins are engaged in both large and small companies. The goods are presented in a wide variety. Consider the most popular and best views from various brands.

The Saem

At the heart of impregnation of soothing napkins Healing Tea Garden Korean brand – Natural green tea extract that removes irritation and tones the skin. Napkins have a light and pleasant fragrance, fit all, regardless of skin type.


The feature of the goods of Japanese production is that It wonderfully copes even with waterproof cosmetics. Components in the composition of impregnation take care of the skin of the face. In the development of formula, specialists were used serum, intensely moisturizing skin. Due to this use the nutrient cream after the napkins do not have to. One tool will cope with several tasks. Japanese product made without using dyes and alcohol. Can be used for sensitive skin.

M. A. C

This product of the American brand will significantly reduce the time of removal of even persistent makeup. It is made of a pleasant to the touch of silk material. Napkins are saturated with useful substances, including vitamin E. They are not only effectively moisturized, but also feed and tone face.


The composition of the composition for napkins is organic extract of green tea. After use on the skin There will remain a feeling of lightness and purity. With each use of napkins feed the skin with vitamin E.


The product with a milk protein is suitable for removing makeup from all over the face, including the eye around the eye. In addition to this component, specialists used vegetable extracts and vitamins. In the line of goods of the brand you can find napkins for oily and combined skin.

L’Oreal Paris

Napkins “Absolute Tenderness” Delicately Clean Makeup Face. Product can be used both for dry and sensitive skin, without fear of an allergic reaction. This cosmetics practically does not smell. Effective components allow us to remove cosmetics without friction.

Showa Siko

Wipes AG + Japanese production from the company are designed to clean the skin throughout the body. The peculiarity of the product is in silver ions in the composition. This element is carefully acting on the skin, having a soothing and antimicrobial effect.


Great Britain’s napkins are impregnated with a composition comprising natural rose extract and micellar water. The product effectively and quickly cleanses the skin, leaving pleasant sensations. As an additional action of napkins kill bacteria, give a pleasant fragrance.

How to use?

To achieve the most spectacular result, You should use napkins correctly.

  • Remove makeup with neat circular motions. Especially delicately walk on the skin in the area around the eyes.
  • Spend a napkin not only by face, but also neck.
  • So impregnation does not dry, the product needs to be stored in a closed form.

When complying with such simple rules, it is easily possible to save the skin in a clean and well-kept state.

When buying, you should always pay attention to the composition and instructions for use. This information is contained on the package.

In the next video, you are waiting for mats of makeup removal napkins (mittens, rags and napkins).

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