Miccellar Water Nivea: varieties and tips on choosing

Miccellar Water Nivea: varieties and tips on choosing

Nowadays, a large variety of cleansing agents are presented in the cosmetic market. One of the most popular compositions is Micellar Water Brand Nivea. Women around the world highly appreciate it for efficiency, ability to cope with the most different types of decorative cosmetics and economical consumption. In this article, we will deal with the features of this cosmetic series, tell, what it is useful and how it needs to be used.


Nivea – One of the leading cosmetic brands in Europe. The company began its work over a hundred years ago, in 1911, and today it has reached the position of one of the world’s leading holdings, the products of which uses consistently high demand in Russia, America, Germany and other countries.

All products of this brand differs:

  • use in the production of extremely natural high quality raw materials+
  • Full security for the human body+
  • Easy use.

    When creating cosmetics Nivea used Modern formulas that ensure the most efficient face care. Formulas are developed by leading technologists in tandem with dermatologists and cosmetologists, the products are undergoing multistage testing at all stages of production.

    Miccellar Water Brand Nivea is An innovative leaving, which not only easily removes the residues of decorative cosmetics, but also performs additional care for the epidermis.

    The main component of the cleansing agent – Micelles, which attract skin fat and cosmetics like a magnet, envelop pollution of all types and do not allow them to come into contact with the skin, so that the epidermis becomes clean without much effort.

    The composition of Micellar Water Nivea includes decantenol, as well as grape seed oil.

    The first component is more famous as vitamin B5. It has regenerating and restoring properties, causes deep hydration of the dermis, has an antiseptic and antimicrobial effect.

    Grape seed oil found the widespread use in the cosmetic industry. Its rich mineral vitamin formula helps to mitigate the skin, their moisturization, as well as the narrowing.

    In the micellar water of this brand, there are no pavov, phthalats, parabens, any silicones and artificial flavors – it allows the drug even on dry, as well as the sensitive skin of the face.

    Thus, the Micellar Water Nivea performs a number of functions. It provides:

    • Effective cleaning of the skin from all types of cosmetics, the product is able to cope even with the most persistent textures, including eyeliners and carcasses, and only 5-10 seconds are required to remove the maycapa+
    • Toning effect – this characteristic is of fundamental importance for ladies with sensitive skin, with it can be both dry and fat or combined+
    • Deep moisturizing+
    • Derma saturation with useful vitamins and microelements+
    • Normalization of the activity of the subcutaneous glands.

    Water use has a cumulative effect, so noticeable results become visible after 2-3 weeks after the start of use.


    The NIVEA’s assortment list shows several options for micellar water, which are consistently in demand in women and have the highest estimates of experts of the beauty industry.

    For sensitive skin

    For gentle, water predisposed to irritation Cleansing Water. This tool effectively eliminates the remains of decorative cosmetics, and in addition, provides deep hydration of the dermis. Suitable for daily use.

    For dry skin

    Women with dry skin can be recommended Refreshing Water. This is a mitigating, refreshing and tonic product that avoids the appearance of a feeling of pulp and dryness on the face, effectively moisturizes and nourishes the cells of the epidermis, making the skin more healthy and shining.

    To remove the resistant makeup

    For lover of persistent makeup, the water will be the best solution Make-Up Expert 3 in 1. It has a tonic effect that can be used for skin of any types. It is a two-phase drug, which includes an oil solution, manifesting efficiency when removing waterproof cosmetics, as well as a light pink solution that contributes to nutrition and humidification of the skin. Thanks to a balanced combination of effective ingredients, you can quickly and easily remove all residues of cosmetics.

    Micellar water Makeup Expert It can be used by women of different ages, it is especially popular among women of mature age, because it has a light antioxidant effect and slows the process of skin aging.

    Water released for oily and combined leather Matting Water. It does not just remove all pollution, but also stabilizes the activity of the sebaceous glands. With its regular use, the face becomes clean, the fat shine decreases, the skin matting is carried out.

    Rules for choosing and use

    Micellar water is one of the simplest in terms of the use of products intended for removing decorative cosmetics.

    Its use does not represent complexity:

    • First you need a little means to apply on your cotton disk, if it is not at hand, the usual wool is suitable+
    • The disk carefully wipe the face, moving along massage lines+
    • If you are painted with a rack cosmetics and use a tone base, then you will need several disks to clean the skin, because one will not cope with a large amount of pollution.

    Special attention should be paid to the eye and lip zone. Here you will need a disk, richly moistened with micellar water. It is applied to the treated surface and hold a few seconds. This time will be enough to ensure that the active components of the composition dissolve the most persistent cosmetic formulations, after which they can be removed from the skin, avoiding unnecessary friction. Acting in a similar way, you protect yourself from the fallout of the eyelashes and the early appearance of wrinkles.

    After removing the meicapa, water remains flush from the skin surface is not necessary, but if you wish, you can use moisturizing cream or other facial care products.

    Review of customer reviews

    Buyers of micellar water primarily celebrate the thoughtful design of the packaging – it is made of soft plastic and looks pretty stylish. It contains full information about the proposed product: the name, the claimed effect, as well as the amount of means, composition and basic information about the manufacturer with the expiration date and method of application.

    The volume of packaging is 400 ml, and it is undoubted dignity, since one package is enough for quite a long time.

    However, user reviews about the characteristics of the drug deserve the highest attention. In their mass they are positive. Women celebrate such advantages of nivea micellar water:

    • Soft formula – it does not contain aggressive components causing irritation and allergic reactions to the skin+
    • There are no parabens and fragrances+
    • All components have a natural origin+
    • Water is easy to use, its texture allows you to evenly distribute the composition of the skin, having caused the most efficient cleansing and gentle moisturizing+
    • After using water, the fat layer and the sensation of stickiness remains+
    • can be used for the skin of all types+
    • avoids contact with rigid tap water.

    Most popular with buyers use funds “Skin breath”, MICELLAir, 3 in 1, as well as a miceller gel.

    At the same time, not all women are satisfied with the means. They note that the declared effectiveness does not always correspond to the actual, in particular:

    • The composition does not cope with liners, gel eyeliner and pencils for the age+
    • To eliminate makeup you have to apply effort+
    • Moisturizing effect is preserved not long+
    • There is no push dispenser, which makes it difficult to use.

    Thus, it can be concluded that The tool has high efficiency when eliminating traces of light spring makeup, But the lovers of bright makeup better pay attention to other cleansing compositions.

    Further shows the top 3 of the mycella.

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