Micellar gel: description, types, rules of use

Micellar gel: description, types, rules of use

Among the cosmetics for everyday skin care, the relatively new product is popular: miceller gel.

What it is?

Gel is used to wash off makeup products from leather. In its composition and performance, it is similar to conventional micellar water, but in contrast to it it has a rather dense structure and has an enveloping effect. Such a property makes it possible to more effectively delive the skin from pollution, with additionally its moisturizing. The main components of the gel – micelles, the smallest grains, the elements of which are capable of splitting and absorb fats. The concentration of micelles in the gel agent is very high, so when you get into the skin, they, like magnets, collect all foreign onwards from its surface: dust, dirt and makeup means.

Micelles gearly remove particles of contaminants, without harming the epidermis, gently cleaning and making it more fresh. The gel is good in that it corresponds to any type of skin and has several properties at the same time:

  • Cleans+
  • Removes Makeup+
  • tones.

Thanks to such versatility, this tool is very relevant on trips, campaigns and travel.

In addition, it can also be called a “means for lazy”, because to remove the makeup in the evening it is not necessary to take extra movements and spend time, the couple of minutes is quite enough. Gel not only perfectly cleanse the face, but also refreshed. It is recommended to use a miceller gel in the summer heat, because it does not dry the skin and eliminates the need to apply cream.

Besides, they can periodically refresh the skin throughout a hot day. Due to the almost complete absence of parabens, silicones and different fonds, gel can be considered an environmentally friendly product.


Although the miceller gel is suitable for all skin types: sensitive, normal and combined, fat, there are varieties:

  • for delicate makeup removal (suitable sensitive skin)+
  • For deep purification+
  • For problem skin+
  • For demaciary eye.

First manufacturers of cosmetic products Based on micelles became French and quite tightly hold the palm of the championship in this area.

  • Rosaliac La Roche-Posay gel. The tool is characterized by a soft texture and a strong refreshing effect. In addition, it has a soothing effect on the skin, makes it smoother. The thermal water enriched with selenium is used as components of this product.

  • Gel “Absolute Tenderness” L’Oreal Paris. Great for sensitive skin type, has an effective and at the same time very gentle action. After him, no irritation appears on the face, and the dermis, especially in the ultra-sensitive periorubital zone, acquires fresh and moistened.

  • Physical Miceller Cleansing Lirene Gel. An innovative means that does not violate the natural balance of the epidermis, but effectively flushes cosmetics. Active components are used as components, contributing to skin moisturizing and nutrition. Due to this composition, the gel is ideal for both the face and the delicate.

  • Makeup Miceller Gel Sephora. The cleansing agent is great for the demaciament, in addition, it acts soothing and well moisturizes. Corresponds to any type of leather, even ultraxitive.

  • Miceller gel for washing Garnier. You can use for any skin, it equally effectively acts on different types of it: cleans well and moisturizes.

  • Miceller Gel Divage. The product was developed specifically for high-quality removal of stable makeup, but at the same time the impact on the skin is quite gentle.

  • Miceller Gel Vilenta Bloom. Perfect even on sensitive lips and eyelids. Remarkably removes makeup products without causing irritation. In addition, such a product is well refreshing and soothes the epidermis in the periorebital zone. It has no alcohol and parabens in its composition.

  • Miceller gel “phytocosmetics”. The tool is distinguished by fully natural components and tender consistency. Suitable for any skin. In addition to efficient demacia, well moisturizes and gives the Derma a light matte tint.

How to choose and use?

Taking advantage of the gel daily, you can not only clean the skin from cosmetics and pollution, but also saturate its nutrient moisture. Thanks to such actions, it will have a fresh and blooming species. When choosing a micellar product, first of all, it is worth considering the needs of the dermis. The tool is ideal for sensitive skin, it does not overheat, but, on the contrary, it wonderfully moisturizes.

But the owners of the epidermis, prone to fatty, should be careful. Gel does not penetrate deep into the pores and cannot clear them well, so blockage and related problems are possible.

If this tool, representatives with a fatty type of dermist are chosen as the main type of skin to clean the skin, then they need to treat a person with a special care to remove the contamination well, or additionally clean the skin with other means before using the gel.

Apply a miceller gel very simple and extremely fast. It needs to squeeze it on a cotton disk and process them. Some gels before applying it is recommended to fasten with water and light massage movements to the dermis, and then wash off. On each bottle with a micellar tool, it is written how it is better to use it.

About what to shoot: micellar water or gel, look in the video.

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