Micellar Water Librederm: Overview and Application Tips

Micellar Water Librederm: Overview and Application Tips

The popularity of micellar water is due to its amazingly gentle and effective cleansing properties. It acts as a magnet attracting any contamination due to the content of microscopic crystals in its composition – micelles. The tool is issued by foreign and domestic companies, but many women preferred water from the manufacturer Librederm, due to its natural composition and the absence of unwanted dyes, preservatives and flavors.

Pros and cons

Water with micelles first appeared in France at the end of the last century, but used it only the wealthy ladies from the highest light. It was also used to care for the skin of newborns and patients with dermatological diseases. And finally, this important invention is open to the world, and now any woman can afford easily, almost instantly washed with decorative cosmetics, completely clearing the skin of the face.

Tonic with micelles is actually suitable for each type of epidermis, meanwhile to its use there are specific readings, it is:

  • defeat dermatitis+
  • acne+
  • Genetic skin disease with disruption of oroging (ichthyosis)+
  • Cooperoz – extension and breakdoms of vessels, causing persistent redness of the face (the appealing vascular grid).

In particular, micellar water librederm cosmetologists recommend to wash the baby and hormonal failures, if the skin is sensitive, there is a problem with vessels and intolerance to rigid tap water.

As for makeup, toner is suitable for removing ordinary cosmetics and waterproof. Only hypersensitivity to the components may be consistent with the contraindication. But it is they who allow them to effectively clean the face and at the same time gently toning it. This is sodium cocoamfoacetate, panthenol and, of course, crystalline particles – micelles, which are actively struggling with dust, mud, skin, scoring pores.

The main advantages of Micellar Water Librederm are as follows:

  • It does not contain parabens, alkalis, dyes and irritating substances capable of provoking allergic reactions+
  • Allows flush cosmetics several times faster and better, moisturizes and tones skin fabrics+
  • The means can use ladies of different ages with any type of dermis+
  • Along with the cleansing of miracle water soothes sensitive skin, improves its condition in dermatological pathologies, is able to provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect+
  • At the same time, the product is available at cost and economically.

But even such a sought-after money has its drawbacks, however, in comparison with the benefits, they are insignificant:

  • The tool cannot fully care for the face, since its main task is to remove contamination+
  • Tonic is worse coping with oily skin cleansing+
  • Not suitable for girls in a transition, when any drugs from irritation are especially pressing – it is possible to use the means from 20 years.

Cleansing tonic is not able to replace the nutritious, moisturizing cream or toning lotion, but it is ideal in trains and long journeys and significantly reduces the time for the evening cleansing procedure.


The Librederm manufacturer has released different variants of products aimed at cleansing and maintaining any type of epidermis. But all of them are hypoallergenic, have a lightweight consistency and do not contain chemical additives, harmful to health.


Cleansing the means of this series are designed for girls with sensitive skin, in case of increased dryness and peeling, redness caused by Cooperoz. Support with these phenomena, such substances are helped as part of micellar water as:

  • Panthenol, Reductive inflammation, eliminating peeling and promoting the normalization of metabolism and regeneration of collagen in skin cells+
  • Glycerides (PEG-6), Possessing light whitening, cleansing and softening action+
  • glycerol, Accelerating metabolism, moisturizing epidermis and toxin output from it+
  • Grapefruit extract, Increased skin elasticity, which has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels.

Also, the company has released a cleaning kit consisting of micellar water and a cleansing tonic (200 + 200 ml). Due to the double exposure to these funds, the skin is not only freed from the particles of dirt, fat and dust, but also its normal acidity is restored, and the pores are narrowed. Miceller tonic is applied after treatment with water.


The Serasin series was created specifically for the owners of a fatty and mixed skin type, therefore the impact of active ingredients aimed at reducing fat content, the removal of acne and urns, which are characteristic of problem skin.

Micellar water from Librederm includes only gentle, soft substances, We carefully clean the epidermis – surfactant obtained from fatty acids of coconut oil, and panthenol, characterized by regenerating, anti-inflammatory and healing effect. The tool is represented in different format – 100, 250 and 400 ml.

How to apply?

Choosing one of the means for removing the Makeup Librederm, you need to know how to use it. If water is used to clean without makeup, it is enough to moisten in it a cotton disk and wipe your face in the following sequence: skin near the eyes, forehead, nose, cheeky area, cheek, at the end – chin and neck zone. Despite the fact that Librederm does not cause “Miccellyak” from librederm, it is desirable after this procedure to rinse the face with ordinary or thermal water and gently flush the napkin.

When the product is used for moisturizing, you need to carry out the following actions:

  • Carefully remove makeup with hydrophilic oil or cosmetic milk+
  • rush with ordinary fresh water+
  • pure sponge with applied tool wipe face in the same order as when cleansing+
  • Fine all to rinse the face of simple water.

This method is necessary if on the face of waterproof cosmetics or multifunctional tone cream – even micelles may not immediately comply with such stable cosmetics. However, if you spend more time, micellar water will help to remove Makeup. Especially cautiously need to carry out a tonic eye zone. To remove the mascara, it is recommended to apply to the bottom and upper age of moistened woven discs and wait 1 min. After that it will be easier to remove the shadows, eyeliner and paint.

Any part of the person needs to be wiped with neat, circular movements, as far as possible, less pressing on the skin. With an overly thin and dry epidermis, prone to different irritation, dermatologists offer after wiping to apply cosmetic products with intensive moisture.

If you wish to get rid of the blue and echoes under the eyes, refresh the skin “MICHALLY” can be frozen and used in the form of ice for wiping. Those who for the first time uses librederm water, you need to prepare for the fact that after processing the face becomes especially smooth and almost deprived of natural glitter. But it is not necessary to immediately take for any cosmetic formulations, it is quite a normal reaction after the impact of micelles.

There are several warnings about the features of the application that you need to know everyone who prefers tool. With the appearance of redness, it is necessary to wash off the composition, and then moisturize the face. It is undesirable to regularly wash the mascara with micellar water, it can break the growth of eyelashes and cause their loss.

The product is suitable for emergency cases, for periodic, not permanent use.

Review reviews

Librederm cleansing cosmetics is widely discussed on the Internet, but products about products are ambiguous.

This is how real buyers responds look like.

  • Many noted that the micellar water of this manufacturer can be used much more often than products of other companies. This is due to the absence of aggressive substances. At the same time, when washing a carcass, the composition causes lightly tingling in the external corners of the eyes.
  • Sometimes a quick removal may not succumb to the eyeliner and stale lipstick, and the shadows and the tone cream are removed immediately.
  • It is noted that after washing the “Micelle” the skin is felt dry than after hydrophilic oil.
  • Unobtrusive smell, lack of stickiness, side effects and pleasant sensations after cleansing Most women notes.
  • The tool is deservedly considered inexpensive and also economical. The bottle of 400 ml is grabbed for 6 months of use. The use of the product is conveniently made out of the bottle, exactly so much fluid is poured as needed.

About what micellar water is and how to use it correctly, look in the following video.

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