Michael Face Means Clean Line : Features and Choice

Michael Face Means & Clean Line & : Features and Choice

Each woman already has an idea of ​​what micellar water is. The tool has long been popular among female and is available in each cosmetic. Among the large range of brands you can choose a suitable price and quality. The company “Pure Line” offers a large number of different micellar waters that will satisfy the needs of any woman.

Features, dignity and disadvantages

Due to the fact that the brand has an impressive story and is based on the principles of phytotherapy, the task is to take care of the beauty and take care of the health of Russian women. Therefore, one of the popular developments of the brand is the development of several mintssellers at once.

All of them have a form of fluid that removes pollution and traces of cosmetics. As part of the funds there are micelles that serve as a gentle assistant in skin cleansing: They penetrate deep layers of dermis and moisturize it, refresh and lead to a tone. They neutralize the chemical effect of cosmetics, dissolve the accumulations of fat. Using water is especially useful in the summer.

After demacidia, the skin breathes and filled with oxygen. The composition of micellar waters “Clean Line” is diverse. In each line, there are own natural components that are intended for the appropriate type of skin: it may be rose extract (such micellar water is distinguished by a pink color of the cap), an aloe faith extract (with a green cap) or violet extract (with a lilac cap).

Among the advantages of micellar waters of all Lines can be noted, first of all, high-quality removal of cosmetics, including waterproof. Affordable price will satisfy even the budget buyer himself. Natural components of the tool are useful for skin and, as a rule, do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

The means perfectly moisturize the epidermis, so you can safely replace cream or milk. Do not leave stickiness and oily shine, do not drown a face and do not cause peeling.

Review of funds

Micellar water “Floral” 3 in 1

The tool is suitable for all skin types, has a volume of 400 ml. Caring for the skin with the help of particles whose action is directed not only to cleansing the skin from various factors, but also to improve its condition. This water performs several actions: displays toxins, has an antiseptic property, soothes. After it, the skin has a healthy and fresh look. This micellar water includes only natural components.

  • Chamomile extract contributes to the elimination of inflammation and redness of the skin, its disinfecting, sightening.
  • Rose extract contains useful vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, K, and, which give the face to a smooth tone, stimulate metabolic processes, prevent premature aging of the skin.

Light texture of the means gives a feeling of cleanliness, does not leave the sticky layer and feeling. Thanks to a large volume of 400 ml, the funds will be enough for a long time. The product is not pinching eyes, suitable for any type of skin.

Michael water “Aloe Vera” 3 in 1

The tool is suitable for normal and combined skin, has a volume of 400 ml. Micellar water has a natural component.

  • Aloe Vera Extract Supports the balance of moisture in the skin, thanks to him, the skin is protected from cutting. Aloe has an antimicrobial effect that prevents inflammation. And vitamins C and E contained in Aloe Vera make the skin of the face more elastic and trap.
  • Vasilka extract also present in the composition of this micellar water. It contains a large amount of calcium, copper, magnesium and iron. Vasils have wound-healing and tousing pores with properties. Give skin matting effect and smoothness.

Micellar Milk

The tool is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, has a volume of 100 ml. A new developed tool has an extract from sage, herbal tea and zinc. Can act as a tandem of micellar water and milk for cleansing. Gently acts on the skin of the face, at the same time softens and removes small flaws.

Thanks to the zinc, the remedy has stimulation of metabolic chains in tissues, removes inflammation and redness, leads to normal conditions of the sebaceous glands and prevents the emergence of comedones. Sage has protective and moisturizing properties, smoothes small wrinkles, eliminates dryness and fading of the skin. Applied overnight, does not require flushing. Designed for dry and sensitive skin types.

Volcanic Michael Water “Perfect Leather”

The product is intended to care for the skin of combination and fatty types. Has a volume of 400 ml. The tool can be found in the image of the unicorn on the bottle. The tool consists of volcanic minerals, tea tree and green tea. Thanks to them, the skin becomes perfectly matte, without traces of makeup and pollution. Unique components reduce the rash of acne and remove traces from them, do not cause irritation.

  • Tea tree extract contains more than 90 useful components, stimulates skin rejuvenation, treats acne and helps to cope with other skin problems.
  • Towering and cinetole Eliminate redness, have antibacterial effect.
  • Coal Exhibits a sorbent effect, pulls toxins from the layer of epidermis, eliminates the contamination even from the pore, removes dead cells and stimulates the growth of new.

Michael water 3 in 1 “Philk”

The tool is intended for sensitive skin. The composition includes violet extract, which has the ability to remove toxins and refresh skin. The use of this type of driver is recommended even when using lenses. The remedy is not pinching eyes, it does not hold down alcohol. It has a nice floral fragrance, fully natural composition. Economically spent, has an affordable price. Does not cause irritation and rash.

Tips for use

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of micellar water, it is necessary to choose the composition corresponding to the type of leather. Liquid need to be applied to the cotton disk, then delicately wipe the skin with massage movements. To purify cosmetics from the eye, it is necessary to hold the disc 20-30 seconds in the same century, then as much time – on the other. For each part of the person used a new tampon. Wipe the tool is necessary towards eyelashes. You can use water in the morning and in the evening.

It is not necessary to wash after use, but each has different sensations after applying. If you feel discomfort, you can wash off the remedy, the effect of micellar water will not decrease from this. Wipe the skin from the skin should not, let it dry out naturally.

Use once a week exfoliating. With his action, the result from the driver will be even better.

Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews, the tool has many positive characteristics. Users marked a good cleaning effect from the use of the means. Comfortable small volume bottle can be worn in cosmetic. Voddy has a pleasant unobtrusive fragrance. The tool not only cleans the skin and pores, but also moisturizes no worse cream. The complexion becomes smooth and matte. Rashes and irritation are imperceptibly eliminated after several procedures. Good product volume can be purchased for little money, and for a long time to use it.

But the fund has and small disadvantages. With prolonged use of the means of one line, the skin begins to get used to, and micellar water ceases to moisturize the skin, and serves only with a cleansing product. There is a bold shine and a feeling of struts.

Despite the large number of positive characteristics, you can note the negative moments. For example, The bottle does not have a dispenser, because of which the means is not economically consumed, and the cover does not close tightly, so the tool can shed at the most inopportune moment.

Some buyers note that when entering the eye to the eye, a forcelet, and after use there is a feeling of burning skin, which requires additional washes. With manifest and super-resistant lipsticks Miccellar water “Clean line”, as a rule, does not cope.

In any case, the means is very popular and demand, despite negative points.

In the next video you will find testing micellar water “Clean Line”.

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