Michael water Garnier: composition, assortment and use rules

Michael water Garnier: composition, assortment and use rules

Use of micellar water – an important stage in the process of everyday skin cleansing. For this purpose, products from Garnier often selected, providing high-quality effect for little money. In addition to the universal basic means, in the range of the brand there are products for fatty and sensitive skin. Consider more Composition, assortment and rules for using micellar water Garnier.


Mycella Water for the face Garnier is considered to be one of the most successful brand products. Despite the small cost, it copes with all the tasks that are usually placed before this means. She qualitatively and pretty quickly cleans the surface of the face, although the express lotion of the same brand is better coping with waterproof, it practically does not smell and leaves no sticky film on the face after use. Liquid does not irritate neither skin itself, nor eyes even if there is contact lenses.

Compared to other micellar waters, the plus can be called the absence of any taste capable of making a mackey removal procedure from a unpleasant.

The relative minus can be called not too convenient packaging, “outstanding” excessive amount of means due to a wide hole in the lid. The size of the base bottle is 400 milliliters, which is convenient for home use, but not for trips. During the presentation of the first micellar water, the Garnier brand, which occurred in 2014, 99% of those present girls positively appreciated this product, and 94% wanted to buy it. The tool allows one movement to clean the skin, lips and face from makeup, without creating an excess mechanical impact. Water saturated with micelles, pulls all kinds of contaminants, including fat elements.

Types and composition

All Michael Products Garnier Skin Naturals includes micelles – special components capable of “primary” any contamination: dust, fat and cosmetics residues, and eliminate them from face. The balanced composition is well perceived even sensitive and jet leather, since the use does not require intensive friction of the surface with a cotton disk. In addition, micelles are not aggressive substances, so they do not cause skin cut.

Universal Michael Water Brand Garnier consists of a minimum amount of ingredients. Nevertheless, there are also alternative varieties in the range, enriched with oils, plant components, hydrophiccators or substances acting on fatty skin.

For oily and problem skin

In the package of blue color with a volume of 400 millimeters, contains a cleanser for a face called “Clean skin”. This micellar water is used for fatty and sensitive skin. The main functions of the fluid is matting, cleansing and removing makeup. The composition of the product includes components such as water, lemon, apple and camellia grade extracts, as well as sugar cane extract. The absence of fragrances in the composition is ideal for sensitive skin, prone to rash.

Micelles effectively capture skin fat, cosmetics and dirt from the surface of the skin, after which they hold them in themselves and easily eliminate when exposed to a conventional cotton disk. A big bottle is enough for almost two hundred uses.

Flush the tool after use is not required.

For sensitive

For sensitive skin, micellar water is suitable, enriched with oils produced in golden packaging of 400 milliliters. The composition of the product is very simple – there are argan oil, water and cosmetic base. Two-phase fluid is capable of removing even waterproof makeup, eliminate excess skin and pollution. Before using the bottle, you must slightly shake.

Another effective means is micellar water with cornflower water sold in a package of 400 milliliters. This two-phase agent intended for cleansing the skin is produced in blue packaging called “Ultra-Care”. The product includes water, sodium chloride, halfsamer 184, L-arginine and vegetable component – flower water. A feature of this fund is the ability to shoot any cosmetics, including waterproof, as well as to feed and calm sensitive skin. In addition, micellar water does not irritate the skin around the eyes and can be used even if there is contact lenses.

After use on the face, there is no sticky film, and the skin is cleared, but not overhanging.

For all types

For any type of skin, including for combined, a universal micellar water is suitable with a volume of 700 ml. Pink packaging contains liquid, which includes water, cosmetic base, halfsamer 184 and hexylene glycol. Maxi size cleansing means allows you to use micellar fluid more than 350 times. The tool effectively cleans the surface of the face from the skin, dust and cosmetics. Wash it after use is not recommended.

Same The universal drug is implemented in a package of 400 milliliters. It is suitable for cleaning lips, eyes and skin without excess friction. The journey is better to take the same universal remedy, but already with a volume of 100 ml. Liquid high quality makeup, cleans and soothes. Hypoallergenic formula was developed under the supervision of dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It is necessary to mention that this universal remedy is also available in a volume of 125 ml, but in a set with BB Cream “The Secret of Perfection”.

It is impossible not to mention such a product as Miceller gel for washing. This product can be called “3 in 1”, since the tool removes makeup, cleans the skin of the face and soothes it. Cleansing gel contains in its composition natural grape extract, citric acid, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, and a cosmetic basis. Unlike micellar water, gel after use must be flushed off. Substance is already applied to the wet skin of the face, pre-slightly foaming.

Massage movements of the gel should be distributed all over the face, especially affecting the lip and eye zone. Upon completion, the tool is washed off with warm water.

How to use?

Only cotton wheels will be required to use micellar water. It is worth considering several rules for use.

  • Removal of cosmetics begins with eye zone. For this, cotton discs must be wetted with a cosmetic, and then close to the eyes for 15-20 seconds. In order to get rid of carcasses, you will need to take widen disks from top to bottom and back. To purify the age, it is necessary to handle a cotton disk with a given area, moving from the inner to the external corners of the eye.
  • To further purify the face, another wadded mixture waters will be required. Processing occurs through massage lines, that is, the movements go from the neck to the temples, from the temples to the forehead, as well as from the nose to the ears.
  • Especially carefully handle forehead, wings of the nose and chin. Last but a cotton disk is being studied by cheekbones and neck.

Important! When cleaning the eye, it is important to move vertically, as horizontal and circular movements are able to damage the eyelashes. In addition, you should not rub your eyes or strongly press them.

Since morning Micellar water is quite capable of performing the role of the main means for washing. In order to clean the skin from the skin distinguished at night, it is enough to wipe the face with micellek, and then rinse it with cold water. Indispensable to this agent and for anhydrous cleansing.

Review reviews

Responses about micellar water brand Garnier are quite optimistic. You can start with the means enriched with argan butter. The product is designed in Germany, where he has been tested by local experts. It is produced in a bottle of 400 milliliters, which looks similar to other micellar waters of this brand. This tool is stated as a two-phase and characterized by the presence of a thickness of about 2 centimeters thick. Before use, fluid must be shaken.

According to buyers Micellar fluid perfectly copes with the demacid, and the oil present only simplifies this procedure. Waterproof cosmetics disappears quickly. To purify the skin, it does not have to make special efforts, and the process occurs almost twice as fast as usual. The only possible minus can be noted a thin oily film remaining on the face after the procedure, which, however, prevents all. The skin remains soft, fresh, rehabited and not attenuated.

In the summer, after the use of this micellek, do not even have to apply any additional leaving. This product consumption is quite economical. The buyers also note that the fragrance of the liquid is quite pleasant, resembling some kind of mixture of fruits and colors. Of course, pleases and low cost.

A large number of reviews are found about the base product Garnier – micellar water suitable for any skin type. The main advantages of this funds of the buyer are called low cost, large volume, high-quality cleansing and lack of irritation on centuries.

I like the absence of fragrance, as well as the condition of the fluid itself – it is neither sticky, nor fat. Micitaleka perfectly copes with the purification of the face from everyday makeup, and only 2-3 cosmetic disks are spent.

On the same age, other buyers wrote that their smell was annoyed, resembling something mean between chemical and alcohol. Cleaning properties of the product them, however, liked. It is even commenting that micellar water was very poorly coped with the task, washing off only lipsticks and shadows.

Neither the mascara nor the tonal funds or succumbed to it, or they also demanded the use of about 8-10 impregnated cotton disks. Some girls noticed that the tool dried their skin.

Interesting reviews are also about Michael Water Garnier with Vasilkova Water. The main minus can be called the fact that the product is very dried by the skin, giving the face the tired view. To the touch, the two-phrastructal fluid, which must be stabbed before use, a little oily, and after its use on the skin there is a unpleasant fatty film that requires flushing. The smell of the product, however, many like. With a standing cosmetics, this micellar water does not cope with absolutely, but ordinary makeup helps help.

Comparing this remedy with other micellar products of the brand, we can conclude that the cornflower liquid is much more pleasant than the oil argan. It is not only more pleasant to use, but also creates a much less fatty film after. but Micellar water for oily skin is even more like, as it is less drying the skin, and also does not distract the smells. Some girls said that the oil micellar water did not like at all, because he strongly pinned her eyes.

Others praised water with a cornflower component, but noted that the skin still remains fatty, and it has to rinse.

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